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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 34 Recap

Wu Di watched the previous promotional video in the conference room himself, Xiao Mo walked in and said a few words to her. Before leaving the meeting room, she wished Xiao Mo that he would definitely become a very powerful captain. Luo Dong and Tong Yuan were talking about Luo Dong’s gossip, and Yu Jie felt a little uncomfortable after hearing them. After a while, Luo Dong came over and introduced Yu Jie as his girlfriend in front of the other stewardess. Yu Jie’s haze disappeared, but she was a little embarrassed instead. Gao Kai handed Wu Di’s resignation letter to Xia Yu. Xia Yu was shocked when he learned that Wu Di was going to resign. He immediately disagreed with Wu Di’s resignation.

Gao Kai reminded him that perhaps Wu Di’s departure would make the relationship between him, Xiao Mo and Wu Di easier. Gao Kai made a point. Xia Yu called Luo Dong and asked him to make an appointment with Yu Jie to go golfing together. Then Xia Yu went to Wu Di and asked her to play golf together, but Wu Di directly refused. Xia Yu used Yujie and Luo Dong as an excuse, but Wu Di had to agree. As a result, as soon as they came out of the golf course, they encountered Li Teng who deliberately provoked Xia Yu. Before Li Teng spoke to slander Wu Di, Xia Yu first punched him in the corner of his mouth.

Those brothers of Li Teng surrounded Xia Yu and beat Xia Yu. Fortunately, Yu Jie and Luo Dong arrived, and Li Teng’s gang gave up. Lei Chen reminded Xia Yu about this, but Xia Yu refuted it. On the board of directors, Lei Chen once again raised the issue of opening up new routes, and Xia Yu ruthlessly exposed that he was so anxious to open new routes because of his travel projects there, and Lei Chen said that he could not get off the table on the spot. Wu Di and Xia Yu were talking on the rooftop. She said that she didn’t plan to tell Xiao Mo about her resignation. Although Xia Yu did not persuade her to stay, he hoped that Wu Di could complete Ai Feimeng’s plan before leaving. Wu Di nodded and agreed.

Du Taotao met Han Liwei at the company and heard from him that he came to the chairman to sign. Du Taotao asked Duo Duo about his affairs. Seeing that his expression was not right, he knew that Duo Duo was angry. Du Taotao analyzed the reasons for Duo Duo’s anger, and then suggested that he apologize to Duo Duo first. Before he finished speaking, Du Taotao rushed over to hook up with his colleague. Later, Han Liwei apologized to Duo Duo. She said that she was not angry, but she hadn’t thought about going abroad yet. In the following time, when there is no work, they will teach flying knowledge and aircraft knowledge to the children of Aifeimeng.

Ren Yuan was surprised when he learned that Wu Di had resigned from Xiaotong in the dispatch room. Yu Jie told Xiao Mo about Wu Di’s resignation, and she felt it necessary to tell it. He sent a message to Wu Di, and Wu Di took a look and got into Xia Yu’s car. She saw Xiao Mo in the rearview mirror, but still told Xia Yu to drive away. Ren Yuan pulled in and asked Xiao Mo to contact Donghai Airlines’ senior brother, Xiao Mo told him not to tell Wu Di about this. The next day, Xiao Mo told Xia Hang that he was going to leave Midsummer Airlines. Besides sighing, Xiao Mo couldn’t force Xiao Mo.

When Xia Yu met Xiao Mo, he said something heartfelt to him. Hua Hin met Wu Di in the elevator and also told Wu Di that Xiao Mo actually paid a lot for her. In the last flight before Wu Di’s resignation, Xia Yu took the initiative to change his shift and applied to fly with Wu Di. The host was Lu Qiwen. Xia Yu gave this opportunity to take off to Wu Di, and Lu Qiwen readily agreed. This time I flew to Paris, where Xia Yu and Wu Di met for the first time. He revisited the previous meeting this time and did not know where to get a scooter.

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