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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 15 Recap

When Fang Qi returned home, Xu Wei was already lying on the sofa and fell asleep. On the table were the food prepared for Fang Qi, and there were post-it notes everywhere. Fang Qi picked it up and found that it was Xu Wei. From what she knew, Fang Qi wrapped herself like a cactus with thorns all over her body. He wanted to help Fang Qi pull out, but he was afraid of hurting Fang Qi, so he could only wrap her with soft rushes. Fang Qi looked at Xu Wei sleeping soundly, but when he saw Xu Wei wake up, he was so scared that Fang Qi hurriedly went back to the room, did not eat any food, and was restless lying on the bed.

Xu Qingyou came to the rooftop by himself and found a cat climbing to a high place. Xu Qingyou climbed up to rescue the cat, but when he came down, it was a bit difficult. It happened that Mo Lingze came to help Xu Qingyou rescue the little cat. cat. Mo Lingze didn’t even bother to talk to Xu Qingyou. He heard Fan Yunxi’s phone call and proposed to take a family portrait with Xu Qingyou. Mother felt relieved, Xu Qingyou agreed, and when she looked back, she had disappeared from Mo Lingze.

The next day, Mo Lingze came out after talking about the matter. When he looked up, he found Xu Qingyou who was dressed in the wedding photography studio and was ready to take pictures. Xu Qingyou also saw Mo Lingze. Obviously, Mo Lingze was injured and left without a word. .

Fang Qi insisted on going to work with a fever. When Xu Wei found out, he was escorted to the hospital for an examination. After returning, Xu Wei cooked porridge for Fang Qi and wanted Fang Qi to rest, but Fang Qi worked with a computer. Xu Wei who came back cooking porridge did not say anything. Putting away Fang Qi’s computer, Fang Qi scolded Xu Wei in anger, but Xu Wei was very happy, and being scolded by Fang Qi showed that she was fine.

Xu Qingyou’s live broadcast was very popular, and the military order he made was completed ahead of schedule. Zhai was very happy to celebrate Xu Qingyou and the others. Offer to give them team building to express gratitude to Mo Lingze.

Xu Qingyou came to Mo Lingze to express his gratitude, and invited Mo Lingze to team building in the name of President Zhai, but Mo Lingze said that he was not interested. In fact, he hoped that Xu Qingyou could invite him to team building. Xu Qingyou called Fang Qi to complain, mocking that Mo Lingze was a steel wire ball. He didn’t expect to knock Mo Lingze down again when he turned around. Mo Lingze naturally knew that he was talking about him.

Xu Wei has never been able to get Fang Qi’s heart, so he looked for four eyes to learn from him, and the four eyes persuaded Xu Wei not to always walk around Fang Qi, do things seriously, men are the most handsome when they do things, and don’t always be warm. Look like a man, otherwise you will only get a good person card sooner or later. Don’t trust a woman’s mouth. When a woman says she doesn’t want it, she might just want it. Xu Wei who went back deliberately painted seriously, and she succeeded in attracting Fang Qi’s attention. Fang Qi really felt that Xu Wei’s serious appearance was very handsome.

Qu Kai and his wife invited Fang Qi to dinner. Fang Qi knew that the visitor was planning to take Xu Wei with him, so he bought a piece of clothing worth more than four thousand for Xu Wei in advance and gave it to him. Xu Wei said it was the common property of the two. Fang Qi reprimanded Xu Wei for taking advantage, knowing that joint property can only be used by couples.

Xu Qingyou came to Tuanjian’s place and wore a sexy skirt, but she really didn’t have the courage to wear it. He could only take pictures on the balcony and feel it. But the hairband fell off accidentally. Xu Qingyou was busy picking up the hairband. When I met Mo Lingze, Mo Lingze lied that he was here to investigate the business. Xu Qingyou satirically lied to Mo Lingze that their company didn’t have any business here, and teased that Mo Lingze was not interested in following up.

Mo Lingze asked why Xu Qingyou suddenly changed. Xu Qingyou accused Mo Lingze of having too many roster. She was just a small white-collar worker, and she was not worth mentioning here. Mo Lingze smiled at the corner of his mouth. He didn’t expect Xu Qingyou to be angry because of the roster, indicating that Xu Qingyou was jealous. Suddenly, he heard Lin Siyu yelling for help.

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