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Love At Night 夜色暗涌时 Episode 14 Recap

Fang Qi had to go upstairs when he got home. Xu Wei spent a long time making a romantic place with colorful lanterns, but Fang Qi didn’t even see it. Fang Qi was a little uncomfortable after drinking too much, and Xu Wei grabbed a cold drink when he opened the refrigerator. . Xu Wei was verbose while heating up, and blamed Fang Qi for not taking care of his body. He didn’t notice any changes in the room when he went home, but when he turned around, he found that Fang Qi had already returned to the room.

Mo Lingze sent Xu Qingyou home and helped Xu Qingyou wipe her face and hands. Xu Qingyou thought it was a dream in a daze, stroked Mo Lingze’s face, and couldn’t help but praise Mo Lingze for her good-looking appearance. But she could only look far away and couldn’t get along. She would never be with Mo Lingze in this life. Mo Lingze was a little sad, but Xu Qingyou had fallen asleep.

Fang Qi woke up early in the morning and was much better. Xu Wei was ready to learn about wine and tea. He also reminded Fang Qi that he must pay attention to his health in the future, and he could not drink too much. He also said a lot of things that girls can’t eat. Fang Qi nodded and agreed while drinking, but just didn’t remember it to his heart.

When Xu Qingyou woke up, she found herself sleeping in Mo Lingze’s house, messing around with clothes on a sofa, but there were delicate breakfasts on the table. Xu Qingyou condensed her eyebrows and thought about what happened yesterday. I really admire the embarrassment of myself after being drunk, the embarrassment and the mess in the house were seen by Mo Lingze who sent her back.

Xu Qingyou met Yves’ music producer when he was at work. Yves is now signing a contract with Shangge, so he has much contact with Xu Qingyou’s live broadcast. The producer first came to thank the company for cultivating Yves and actively invited Xu Qing. You have dinner together at night. Xu Qingyou readily agreed, and even offered her a treat, but Mo Lingze did not expect to hear it.

After get off work, the producer and Xu Qingyou were going to have a meal together. Mo Lingze drove over and used company rules and regulations to suppress Xu Qingyou. He pointed out that company image and personal hygiene were important, and asked Xu Qingyou to go back to the messed up room. Clean up. The producer naturally did not dare to take Xu Qingyou to eat.

When I went back to clean up the room, Mo Lingze had already found the cleaning and it was almost done. Mo Lingze just wanted to find a chance to talk to Xu Qingyou alone and ask what Xu Qingyou thinks. Xu Qingyou said that he Will not be with Mo Lingze. Since it has never started, it will be completely over now. The cleaning fee Xu Qingyou also said that he would transfer the money to Mo Lingze.

Xu Wei made a hot pot and shared it with Fang Qi, persuading Fang Qi to forget Qu Kai, otherwise he would never accept the newcomer, and there would be no happy life. Fang Qi was angry and Xu Wei should not talk nonsense. In fact, he also said that he was on his mind, Fang Qi After accidentally getting hot pot chili into his eyes to rinse, Xu Wei stood up to help Fang Qi pull up his hair, and Fang Qi looked back at Xu Wei without saying a word.

Fan Yunxi’s mother was ill and was hospitalized. After learning about the situation, Xu Qingyou went to the hospital to see her. Fan’s mother was also very happy. Fan Yunxi hoped that Xu Qingyou would give the two a chance to be together again, and vowed that he would treat Xu Qingyou well.

Lin Siyu dressed as Marilyn Monroe and came to see Mo Lingze. Mo Lingze ignored it, but Lin Siyu accidentally stepped on the steps and scratched her leg. Mo Lingze had to send her to the hospital, but she happened to meet the plan. Xu Qingyou who left. Lin Siyu took Mo Lingze’s arm to promote sovereignty, deliberately saying that she scratched her leg when she was dating Mo Lingze, and Mo Lingze was worried.

Fan Yunxi also told the news that he was going to marry Xu Qingyou. Xu Qingyou didn’t know what his mentality was, so he didn’t explain a word. This made Mo Lingze a little angry and left, and Lin Siyu had to hurriedly chase after Mo Lingze. Lin Siyu asked Wang Ji to discuss how to pursue Mo Lingze faster. Wang Ji naturally spared no effort to express his opinions, making Lin Siyu smile.

Xu Wei watched a student draw past things, past tapes and past walkmans. Xu Wei asked the students what they thought. The students compared this thing to an era, and an object only belongs to that era, just like feelings. Save the price paid for some people in the past, and also represent their own youth. Xu Wei thought about Fang Qi’s attitude, and felt that it was difficult for her to get out of her past feelings because the past feelings belonged to her.

Xu Qingyou repeatedly thought about the scene where the hospital saw Mo Lingze and Lin Siyu today, and suddenly walked out the door a little annoyed, reminding herself not to mix with them, it has nothing to do with Mo Lingze, let alone joining Lin Siyu, she didn’t want it. What do you think about it. Lin Siyu thought about it and ran into Mo Lingze who came back. When Mo Lingze asked Xu Qingyou what he was going to do, Xu Qingyou casually replied to throw out the garbage, but in fact he was empty-handed.

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