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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 9 Recap

Bai Ju apologized to the ancients because of the nine-clawed lotus. He was willing to borrow the realm of the dark abyss to help the ancients cultivate and overcome the catastrophe, and he also refined an elixir that could help the ancients break through the cold veins. Seeing Bai Jue’s intentions, Tianqi couldn’t help but become anxious.

He made Xianggu to reject Bai Jue, but the antiquity was full of joy for Bai Jue’s dedication to her. She mentioned her bet with Xueying, wondering if she won the bet. , Will Bai Jue cancel the idea of ​​letting her go to Jiuyou alone, but when she saw Bai Jue’s lips pressed tightly, the ancients still laughed at herself, and after all, she was still asking her to be boring.

Wuhuan accompanied Gu Jun to practice in the hall. She admired him very much. Twilight came to look for the two of them. He loved Wuhuan, so he especially sent the hot spring water of the Golden Dragon clan to Wuhuan, although Wuhuan accepted it. The hot spring water is still on Gu Jun. On the other side, Tianqi set off fireworks to make the ancients happy. He boldly expressed his intentions to the ancients, but the ancients rejected Tianqi. She only regarded Tianqi as her brother from beginning to end. Apocalypse was disappointed in his heart, but still reluctantly held up a smile, willing to be the elder brother of the ancients, silently guarding the ancients.

Bai Jue knew that the issue of the nine-clawed lotus was inseparable from Xueying. He asked Xueying to ask herself to leave the world after the game, but Xueying was unwilling. She was obviously infatuated with Bai Jue, but Bai Jue was cold-hearted towards her. So far. Stepping out of the hall, Tianqi stopped Bai Jue. He was about to have a drink with Bai Jue. Seeing Tianqi’s drunken appearance, Bai Jue couldn’t help but let Tianqi sober up. Tianqi poked Bai Jue likes ancient things, but he looked at Bai Jue. Jue looks awe-inspiring not to be trapped by his children’s personal relationships. He only feels that Bai Jue is pitiful and selfish.

Bai Jue had an appointment with the ancients to send Gu Jun into the Dark Abyss when he was a child. The group was waiting for Bai Jue, and Wu Huan gave the sachet made by himself to him, wishing the ancient Jun a success. Bai Ju was missed by the apocalypse. Seeing that Bai Ju was late, the ancients came to Changyuan Hall to find Bai Ju. Bai Ju gave the key to the dark abyss to the ancients. He promised the ancients that if the ancients can win the game, There is no need to go to Jiuyou for the ancients, and there is a joyful expression on the face of the ancients.

The ancients opened the realm of the dark abyss, and the ancients practiced in the secret realm to cross the catastrophe. It is not easy to cross the thunder catastrophe. The ancients assisted the ancient master, but the ancient master could not resist the fierceness of the thunder catastrophe. Jun blocked the thunder robbery. Even though the ancient times had opened the divine veins, and the spiritual power was not low, it was still very difficult to block a few thunder tribulations for the ancient monarch, hurting the origin. It is only now that the ancients understand how much Bai Jue paid for her when she first survived the thundering catastrophe. After resisting the thunder, the ancients was shrouded by a divine light, and he officially rose to the rank of god.

Yuemi frowned. After the ancient times asked, she knew that there was always the death of a god in the lower realm. It was not without reason that Bai Jue asked her to go to Jiuyou to refine the power of chaos. Now that the power of Chaos is dissipated everywhere, and there is not much spiritual veins left, the only hope of the Three Realms rests on the ancients, and only the ancients take control of the Lord Shenyu Order as soon as possible to solve this situation.

Time flies and it’s the day of the game. Gu Jun and Xueying competed in the palace. Xueying used tactics, but Gu Jun’s ability was played out bit by bit by himself. Now Xueying is no longer his opponent, he can easily make it public. Won the snow welcome. Although Xueying lost, the ancients did not want to care about her, but Hong Ri publicly revealed that Xueying, Zhong Li and Xia Hui had jointly partnered with nine-clawed lotus to hurt others. Bai Jue punished Xueying and expelled Xueying from the realm of God. ,

Exiled Jiuyou guarding the enchantment, Zhong Li and Xia Hui were expelled from the God Realm together, and could not re-enter. After Xueying was expelled, Antiquity also announced her decision in public. Knowing that she could not afford the position of the Lord of Chaos, she decided to go to Jiuyou to practice today. If she does not become the power of Chaos, she will not return for a day. Spirit world.

The ancients went to Jiuyou to experience and practice alone. She knew the reason why Bai Ju let her enter Jiuyou, so she came to see Xuan Yi directly and asked Xuan Yi to help her build a barrier around her that could not even be broken by gods. She was afraid that she would have Rihui could not hold on, greedy the comfort of the gods, and left Jiuyou.

Xuan Yi agreed to the ancients, but this enchantment, if the ancients were not refined into the power of chaos, it would be inseparable from Jiuyou, he would not let the demons be merciful to the ancients, and at the same time, he would often come to bind the gods from the ancients. Chat with him to relieve the boredom, the ancient times did not expect anyone to shelter her in Jiuyou, and Xuan Yi’s conditions were not excessive, she agreed to Xuan Yi without hesitation.

Apocalypse wants to forcefully break into Jiuyou to bring out the ancients, Bai Jue and Zhiyang stop the apocalypse, hoping that the apocalypse can respect the choice of the ancients. In the Hall of Changyuan, Bai Jue used the technique of detaching the soul from the body. He ignored this technique would damage his life, and if one accidentally would be wiped out, he only wished to protect the ancients safely.

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