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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 8 Recap

When the god-killing flower blooms, it will release the power of chaos, and only the Lord God of the Three Realms can absorb it, which is extremely conducive to refining the strongest chaotic power in the world. Xuan Yi asked Bai Jun to give him the antiquity. Bai Jue is also a Chaos Lord. Bai Ju didn’t finish listening to Xuan Yi’s words. He came to the Universe Terrace and couldn’t help but remember the previous foreshadowing, knowing that only by letting the ancients become the main god of chaos can her established destiny be changed.

Bai Ju asked the ancients to visit the Hall of Changyuan. The ancients dressed up to attend the appointment. She put on the robes of Tianchori directly, and Bai Jue’s eyes flashed with surprise. Bai Ju let the ancients enjoy the food on the table. The ancients mistakenly thought that Bai Ju was going to express his heart to her today, but Bai Jue said that he had found a good strategy to enable the ancients to take charge of the Lord’s Order as soon as possible, and the ancients needed to go to Jiuyou No.1. The power of chaos has been cultivated for thousands of years.

The ancients were unwilling to leave Bai Ju, and Bai Ju would not be willing to accompany the ancients with him, but the ancients cultivated the power of chaos, and he could not accompany him. This time, the ancients must go alone. Bai Yue and Hongluan moved the stars. For the first time in more than 100,000 years, he moved his hidden heart, letting the red sun cross the spiritual power to Wuxi, helping Wuxi to become a human form early, and the two were separated for a thousand years, and it was still too bitter.

Natural Selection Day is the day when the God Realm selects its disciples, and the outstanding ones are the Twilight of the Golden Dragon clan and the ancient monarchs of the Jiaolong clan. Xueying heard that the ancient monarch was from the Dragon Clan, and she couldn’t help but ridicule. She was extremely disdainful of the identity of the ancient monarch. Except for the four true gods, the God Realm has always been regardless of respect and inferiority. He is a god realm that is dignified and relied on strength to enter the God Realm. How can she tolerate it. Xueying ridiculed and insulted the teacher, so Gu Jun stepped forward and argued with Xueying.

Gu Jun’s arrogance attracted the admiration of the ancients. The ancients accepted the ancient monarch as a disciple and entered into a war with Xueying. 3. After the month, if the strength of the ancient monarch cannot defeat Xueying, she is willing to take the initiative to practice in Jiuyou. If she does not have the power to take over the power of Chaos, she will not return to the gods for a day, but if Xueying loses, Xueying must abandon it. All the beauty of the gods, leave the gods.

Yuemi took Twilight as a disciple, while Gu Jun entered the pilgrimage hall. He saw Wu Huan in the temple. After talking with Wu Huan, he learned that both of them had practiced in the same place. As a low-level status, they couldn’t help but feel sorry for each other for a while. There are a total of four disciples sent from the lower realm to the god realm.

Twilight and Gu Jun both got a good return. The other two were rejected by Apocalypse due to their unbearable looks. The two of them were extremely unbalanced. This was heard by Xueying passing by. Yes, Xueying deliberately mentioned the poisonous Nine-clawed lotus in the east pond of the Changyuan Hall, hoping to win the bet with the ancients by the hands of the two.

Gu Jun is diligent in cultivating and wants to fight for the ancients, but two other disciples in the lower realm come to trouble the ancients. The two use the poisonous water of the Changyuan Temple to count against the ancients. When the ancients resisted, the two accidentally managed The poisonous water was poured on the passing Tianqi, and Gu Jun carried the black pot and was detained by Zihan. After the ancients learned the news, she came to look for Tianqi. Tianqi wanted to pretend to be seriously injured and seek the careful care of the ancients, so that the ancients can dispel the idea of ​​Jiuyou. For him, the three realms are not as important as the ancients.

The ancients saw through Tianqi’s pretense. She has accepted her mission and responsibility. Even if she used to be reckless, she now understands the importance of taking charge of the Lord’s Order. She will force herself to work hard and take charge of the Lord’s Order as soon as possible. feather. Looking at such a sensible antiquity, Tianqi felt distressed for a while, and made up his mind to protect the antiquity.

When Twilight passed by, he accidentally ran into Wuhuan. Wuhuan’s gentleness and kindness attracted Twilight’s attention. He looked at the back of Wuhuan who was going away, and he couldn’t help but get a little bit confused and confused. On the other hand, Tianqi and Antiquity tried the poisoned water case. Tianqi knew that the two in his door would be inextricably linked, so he fined them three thunder sentences each.

As for the ancient monarch, he was an ancient person, and he was naturally handed over to him. Deal with it in antiquity. The ancient times did not punish the ancient monarch. Tianqi secretly detected the natural cold veins of the ancient monarch, and his spiritual power was disordered. He frankly told the ancient times that the ancient monarch was only afraid to be promoted to the gods to compete with Xue, otherwise he would undoubtedly lose.

Twilight and Gu Jun have a very good relationship. He learned that Gu Jun had an accident, so he hurried to visit him, and decided to accompany him to practice together. In the Hall of Changyuan, Hongri found a nine-clawed lotus missing from the East Pool. The East Pool of the Hall of Changyuan Hall had been left to Xueying to take care of it all the time. This matter must have nothing to do with Xueying. After Bai Ju knew about this, he came to the Chaos Temple to find the ancients, ready to explain the matter to the ancients and apologize. The ancients liked Bai Ju, but now that Bai Ju took the initiative to look for her, he couldn’t help but smile.

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