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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 7 Recap

Bai Ju rescued Feng Yan and Wu Xi from the people in Nanhai City. Wu Xi made a big mistake. Just as Bai Ju was about to kill Wu Xi, the antiquity stopped them in time. She hoped that Bai Ju would let them go. Bai Jue was strict in law enforcement and refused to let them go. Feng Yan was willing to bear all the blame to save Wuxi, and her soul was willing to follow the two to return to the Feng clan.

Because of Feng Yan’s initiative and Gu’s plea, Bai Jue was willing to spare Wu Xi, but Wu Xi had lost his sense at this time. He tried everything to regain Feng Yan, but he accidentally injured the ancients and fell into a coma. Before asking Bai Jue not to kill Wuxi, Bai Jue had no choice but to give up, taking the ancient Huifeng tribe with him.

The strength of Ember Fire in the ancient times was seriously injured, and even Bai Ju couldn’t heal the trauma of the ancient times, so he planned to go to the gods to get water and beads. At this time, Wu Huan, the maid of the Feng clan, asked herself to take care of the ancients. Seeing that the ancients were suffering unbearable, Bai Jue granted Wu Huan’s request. The condensed bead is Xueying’s object. Bai Jue borrowed beads from Xueying for the sake of ancient times. Xueying wanted to enter the Changyuan Hall and become Bai Jue’s disciple.

Although Bai Jue didn’t wait to see Xueying, she had nothing else for the sake of ancient times. In other ways, he had to answer Xueying’s request and borrowed water drops. Healing the water beads needs to take off the ancient clothes, and Bai Ju covers his eyes with gauze to heal the wounds of the ancients. He has nothing to ask for. The only hope is that the ancients can be safe.

When the ancients woke up, she learned that Bai Jue hadn’t killed Wu Xi, and she was very happy. Wu Xi also relaxed, allowing the ancients to choose other Feng clan people to be the beasts. The Feng clan has always judged high and low based on birth, and the ancients decided to promote Wuhuan, a low-level Feng clan who served her, as a divine beast, so that the people of the Feng clan would know that birth was not important. According to what the ancients said, in order for the ancients to subdue the hearts of the people and the loyalty of the Feng clan, he also thought of a way for the ancients. The ancients rejoiced and nestled sweetly beside Bai Jue.

The ancients returned the Feng Yan Yuan divine object to the original owner and put it under the care of Feng Yun, waiting for the return of the Phoenix Emperor for a thousand years. During this thousand years, she also chose Wu Huan as her divine beast. I only hope that the Feng Clan will no longer be regarded as her origin in the future. High and low. The matter comes to an end here. The ancients only hope that after a thousand years, everyone will not find that Feng Yan’s soul is fake, and this true soul is placed on flowers. The body of Wuxi is a phoenix tree. The two continue to wait, and the two will have a chance to meet.

The ancients took Wuhuan back to the pilgrimage hall. She was shocked when she heard that Bai Jue received Xueying as an apprentice. She did not believe that she came to Changyuan Hall to stop Xueying, but Xueying relied on herself to enter Changyuan Hall. Aggressive, provoking the ancients with words, so angry that the ancients used the pilgrim sword to face Xueying. When the ancients were angry, they exuded huge divine power. Bai Jue came to stop the ancients who had almost demolished the Changyuan Temple. He frankly told the ancients that Xuexueying became a disciple because of the condensation of water. In the future, Xueying will practice together with her, watching The figure of Bai Ju left the ancients with anger.

The next day, the ancient times changed from yesterday’s anger. She was clever and ghost, and brought a lot of ancient books to the Hall of Changyuan. She wanted to let Xueying retreat in the face of difficulties, and went back to read the ancient books, but Xueying said that it was already a long time ago. After reading a lot of ancient books, she mentioned the novelty of the ancient books, and ridiculed the ignorance of the ancients. Bai Ju couldn’t see the ancients being bullied, he secretly relieved the ancients, and he deliberately turned to the ancients in the class. The ancients was so happy and happy, Xueying was full of anger and hated the ancients.

Antiquity returned to the pilgrimage hall and told Yuemi about the class. Yuemi saw that the antiquity had really fallen into it. She gave the marriage rope to the antiquity, and the antiquity sneaked under the marriage tree and tied the marriage rope to Baiju’s card. , Bai Ju looked at everything the ancients did, and couldn’t help but smile, letting the ancients do. Afterwards, Bai Jue was called by Zhi Yang. Zhi Yang said that the power of chaos in the lower realm was severely broken. Although he sent someone to repair the enchantment, he decided to choose one person to become the ancient apprentice to help the ancients learn the art of chaos as early as possible. Lord God.

Bai Jun came to the Jiuyou Bound God Platform. He noticed the abnormality here, and he was shocked secretly in his heart. He didn’t expect that the God Killing Flower would release a chaotic aura.

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