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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 6 Recap

The ancients came to look for Bai Ju in a plain dress. Bai Ju was not in the temple, so she had to take a kite and prepare to go out to play. Unexpectedly, Xueying also came to look for Baijue. She smashed the ancient kite and uttered wild words to the ancients, saying that the ancients were nothing more than taking advantage of the identity of the Chaos Lord. Otherwise, how can she be based on her behavior? Bai Jue had to take a look. Xue Yingxiao’s ancient spiritual power was low, and she was not worthy of being the Lord of the Three Realms. She wanted to compete with the ancients and convince them to lose.

Bai Ju watched the match between the two not far away. The ancient moves were above Xueying, but Xueying temporarily used spells and luckily won the ancient one. The ancients did not expect that Xueying would use his hands and feet to use maneuvers. When she was angry, she resorted to the ancient emperor sword. Before the competition, Xueying had promised not to use the ancient emperor sword. Bai Jue had the heart to protect the ancients. He stood up and stopped the incident, claiming that Xueying was only winning by hands and feet, not upright, and dismissed everyone.

After that, Bai Jue also rebuked the ancients, thinking that the most important thing to cultivate in the ancients was her character. She shouldered the important task of the world, so how could she be fooling around here because of the words of Xueying and the gods, and Xueying collided. A bad kite is nothing but a kite. Hearing Bai Jue’s words, the antiquity looked lost and left. To her, the kite was not a simple kite.

Xueying stopped Bai Jue in the Hall of Changyuan. She pretended to be willing to do everything to let the ancients calm down. Bai Jue saw Xueying’s behavior, and only followed Xueying’s words and smoked Xueying for a thousand years. Force to show punishment, and warned Xueying not to step into the Hall of Changyuan. Bai Yue ordered people to send Xueying’s spiritual power to the ancients for a thousand years, but the ancients were unwilling to accept this apology. She was very angry with Bai Jue, but she was worried that she was not perfect in Bai Jue’s heart because of her love for Bai Jue.

Bai Jue repaired the kite in the Changyuan Hall. He let the red sun put it away, so that he would never use it again. Tomorrow he will change his practice to the emperor’s mind. Although he knows that the ancients have been wronged by today’s things, the ancients are also diligent enough. But if he is soft-hearted for a while, the ancients will be extremely dangerous in the future. Bai Ju has been inviting the ancients to attend classes in the Hall of Changyuan for many days. When he came to Zhiyang, he encountered the ancients. Zhiyang knew that the two were still awkward, so he asked the ancients to come and sit together, so Bai Yue pumped.

Xueying told the ancient times about the spiritual power of a thousand years. After the ancient times learned about it, he immediately became rejoiced and no longer became angry with Baijun. Zhi Yang mentioned the matter of choosing the beasts from the ancient Wutong Forest. Tianqi wanted to accompany the ancients, but was rejected by the ancients. The ancients only wanted to go with Bai Ju. Bai Ju rejected the ancients on the grounds that he had something to do. He couldn’t do anything. Everything accompanies the ancients. Choosing a beast is a big event in the ancients, and it is also an opportunity for her to grow up.

Feng Yun came to the God Realm to see Bai Jue, claiming that Feng Yan was stolen when he was reborn from Nirvana. Phoenix Emperor Nirvana three times in his life, he needs to be the strongest person among the beasts after he is born and born with all seven emotions, and every time he rebirth, he will lose all his previous memories and emotions. This time the person who stole the original spirit is Wu Xi, He and Feng Yan, their childhood sweethearts, were originally the ancestors of the phoenix trees and guarded the Feng clan for tens of thousands of years.

They have always been loyal to the Feng clan, but because of a love letter, they committed such a rebellious thing. Wu Xi made this big mistake. After Bai Ju was about to retrieve Fengyan Yuanshen, he punished his Yuanshen according to the rules of God, but Wu Xi now hides his breath and enters the land of the immortal clan. It is extremely difficult to find its trace, and the ancients smiled wittily. , Said she has a way to find Wu Xi’s trail.

The ancients and Bai Ju entered the land of the immortal clan together. Before the ancients came, they asked for the portraits of Fengyan and Wuxi, and planned to use Xunxianling to find Wuxi’s trace. On the other side of this moment, Wu Xi restored Feng Yan’s soul, and the two talked about each other’s affection. Feng Yan fell in love, and she was ready to go desperately with Wu Xi to the end of the world and no longer be reborn from Nirvana. The two hugged each other tightly. Wu Xi heard Xunxianling’s ringtone not far away. He went out alone to draw away Bai Jue and the ancients, leaving a sycamore leaf with the same root for Fengyan. This sycamore leaf will attract Find him with Feng Yan.

Bai Jue and Tang Gu came to the restaurant, Wu Xi attracted the attention of the two people and prepared to adjust the tiger to leave. Bai Ju went out to chase Wu Xi, but Tang Gu stayed in the restaurant. After thinking about it for a while, she guessed that Feng Yan Yuanshen was still in the restaurant. , So it was easy to find Feng Yan.

The ancients did not reveal their real identity, but instead gained Feng Yan’s trust in the name of passing by Xiaoxian, and they drank at the same table with Feng Yan. After some conversation, the ancients learned that Feng Yan was trapped by love, and Feng Yan also recognized the ancients, but the ancients still let Feng Yan go by his own way, and were unwilling to dismantle a pair of lovers.

Feng Yan went to rendezvous with Wu Xi. The ancients were drunk in the restaurant. Bai Jue came to the ancients, and the ancients kissed Bai Ju by the wine. When Bai Jue was upset, he cast spells on the ancients, allowing the ancients to rest well. At this time, the Three Realms already knew about Feng Yan, and the people of the second demons and Nanhai City were thinking about Feng Yan’s primordial spirit. Feng Yan and Wu Xi were in danger, and he had to find them as soon as possible.

Wu Xi found the land of a paradise for the first time, preparing to stay with Feng Yan for a lifetime, but the people who didn’t want Nanhai City had found the two of them. They broke the barrier and wanted to get Fengyan Yuanshen.

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