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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 12 Recap

Bai Ju and the ancients killed Qiong Qi together in the lower realm. Bai Ju is now weak in origin. After a fight, she has exhausted a lot of Bai Ju’s spiritual power. The ancients gave her spiritual power to Bai Ju on the spot. She is no longer what she needed a thousand years ago. The little girl Bai Ju was protecting, now she can also protect Bai Ju.

Tianqi and Zhiyang learned about Qiongqi and Chaos. The Demon Realm is the territory of Apocalypse. Therefore, Tianqi went to the Demon Realm to inspect it, but unexpectedly discovered Xuan Yi’s plan. Xuan Yi deliberately asked the ancients to take over the Lord’s Order and become the true God of Chaos. Stop the robbery for him. The antiquity is the love in Xuan Yi’s heart. For the sake of antiquity, Xuan Yi is willing to rebel against sentient beings in the Three Realms and bear infamy, even if he is in a state of immortality.

The next day, the God Realm held a grand event, and the ancients was about to take over the Lord Shen Lingyu. Bai Ju came to wake the ancients to wake up early in the morning. He prepared a rare brocade for the ancients, just to be worthy of the identity of the ancient Chaos Lord God. On the other side, Zihan sneaked into the hidden pavilion and stole Ziyu whip on the order of Apocalypse. Mo Yu, who was hiding in the gods, also slipped into the hidden pavilion. He killed the gatekeeper and blamed the matter on Tianqi. .

On the stage of Universe, the gods all witnessed the scene of the ancient times becoming the main god of chaos, waiting for the ancient times to take over the main god Lingyu, but Tianqi stepped up to snatch the main god Lingyu at a critical moment. The main god Lingyu represented the jade seal of the gods, and the people made the apocalypse impossible.

Hu Lai, the Apocalypse was hard to tell, so he had to steal Ling Yu and escape. The ancients catch up with Tianqi, she hopes Tianqi will not continue to mess around, she does not believe that Tianqi will covet the position of the Lord God, Tianqi mentions his current situation, if he goes back with the ancients, he will undoubtedly die, he begs the ancients to let him go, and wait for him to return. , Will definitely return the Lord God Ling Yu.

The ancients regarded Tianqi as her own brother. She couldn’t watch Tianqi suffer, but she let go of Tianqi with relentlessness, and everyone knew about the hidden pavilion. Everyone mistakenly thought that Zihan killed the gatekeeper of the hidden pavilion. Zihan had a mouthful. The explanation is unclear, but the trust of the apocalypse is still tied to him, and he took the purple jade whip in his hand and escaped from the gods.

The gods are in chaos. Xueying returned to the gods thanks to the help of the demon clan, and she became a pawn of the demon clan. Today’s grand meeting she acted as Xuan Yi’s eyes, allowing Xuan Yi to see everything that happened in the gods. . Xuan Yi reprimanded Mo Yu for his lack of work. The Apocalypse had ruined his overall plan. Now the God Realm would not show the Apocalypse. He asked Mo Yu to find a way to stir up the God Realm and disturb the peace phenomenon in the God Realm.

Both Tianqi and Zihan have left the realm of the gods. Bai Jue used his source because he tried to stop Zihan. He is now weak and injured. He must be cured by the medicine of the sycamore tree heart and the chaotic source. The ancients decided to go to Feng Family trip. Looking at Bai Jue who fainted in her arms, the antiquity felt distressed. She knew that Bai Jue was affectionate to her. She only hoped that once the matter was over, she would never miss her with Bai Jue again.

Xueying obeyed Mo Yu’s instructions. She came to find Wuhuan and explained that the ancients were going to the Feng Clan. The thousand years have passed. Fenghuang is about to rebirth from Nirvana, and Wuhuan will be just an inferior Caifeng. Today’s scenery is again. Although Wu Huan repeatedly claimed that he would not be instigated by Xueying, Xueying’s words fell in her heart, and she couldn’t help but listen to the conversation between Yuemi and the ancients in secret. The ancients told Yuemi that she was going to the Phoenix Clan to find the heart of the phoenix tree. Yuemi mentioned the arrogance and domineering of Wuhuan in recent years, and that Fenghuang is the real beast of the ancients.

She hopes that the ancients will bring the Fenghuang back by the way. Huan was still unable to take up the heavy responsibilities. Fenghuang Yuanshen was a fake, and he would not be reborn from Nirvana in a thousand years. But now things are complicated. The ancients didn’t tell Yuemi about the matter, and he hurriedly left after discussing the matter in the future. Looking at the back of the ancients leaving, Wu Huan’s heart tightened, hating the Feng Clan, Feng Huang and Yue Mi very much.

Xueying and the gods attacked the sun and demanded that the sun punish the apocalypse. Zhiyang and Tianqi are good brothers who share adversity, how can he believe that Tianqi has rebelled against the gods, facing the suffering of everyone, Zhiyang publicly promised that he will take all the punishments on behalf of Tianqi, and this blocked Yoyo All the mouths, so that everyone is willing to wait for the return of the ancient capture the Apocalypse.

In ancient times, the Feng Clan took the heart of the phoenix tree. At the same time, she also told Feng Yun of her plan. She wanted Wu Huan to follow her. Since she chose Wu Huan back then, she would not abandon her because of her low spiritual power. , She is willing to wait for the day when Wuhuan is completed. Listening to what the ancients said, Feng Yun also agreed to the requirements of the ancients and let Wu Huan follow the ancients forever.

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