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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 11 Recap

The ancients alone broke through the attack of Qiongqi with an ancient emperor sword, blocked Mo Yu’s moves, took up the word Lord God, and withstood the worship of the gods, even the other three true gods were right. In the ancient times, the gift of God was performed. The attack by Mo Yu and Xueying was a tactic. Zhiyang asked how Xueying knew about the attack by Qiongqi.

Xueying only said that she had accidentally ran into it and came to report. She wanted to return to the realm of God. Zhi Yang only thought that she was a thousand years old and had sincerely regretted it, so he let Xueying return to the realm of God and continue to control the four seasons.

In the pilgrimage hall, the ancients told the other three true gods about their own affairs in Jiuyou. During these thousand years, she always felt that someone was protecting her in the dark, and she wanted to know if this person was Baiju. Bai Ju did not recognize the matter. He always kept a cold face. Because of his weak spiritual consciousness, Bai Ju did not stay for a long time. He only hoped that the ancients could take over the Yu Shen Ling as soon as possible. After hearing the ancient decision to take over Yu Shen Ling for half a month, Bai Jue got up and left, and returned to Changyuan Hall weakly.

The ancients had returned to the pilgrimage hall. She thanked Wuhuan for taking care of the pilgrimage hall for thousands of years, but Wuhuan’s spiritual power was still low, and she hoped that Wuhuan could practice diligently and improve his magical power. Wuhuan had a dream in these thousand years. After seeing the return from the ancient times, she realized that she was not the master of the pilgrimage hall, and after all, she could not stay in the pilgrimage hall forever.

The first thing Xueying did when he returned to the realm of God was to meet Bai Jue. Bai Jue met Xueying, so she told Xueying not to come to him again in the future. Yu Xueying had no intention of it. Seeing such a coldhearted Bai Jue in front of her, Xueying felt pain and sadness in her heart. She made great efforts to return to the realm of God, but Bai Jue still did not have her in her heart.

The antiquity organized Yuemi’s one hundred thousand birthday for Yuemi. Yuemi asked Wuhuan to greet the gods at the banquet, and he took the antiquity to Taoyuanlin. When she learned that the antiquity still had a heart for Baiju , Yue Mi told the ancients about Bai Jue’s situation for nearly a thousand years. In the past millennium, Bai Jue would only appear in formal occasions, and every time she met Bai Jue, Bai Jue always looked very bad.

Hearing this, the ancients knew that Bai Jue had been out of the body into Jiuyou to help her for thousands of years. The loss of divine consciousness was extremely great, but Bai Jue was willing to do this for her. Yuandian. Bai Jue was not in the temple. The ancients saw the kite that Bai Jue had repaired in the temple, and she also knew from Hongri what Bai Jue had done to her for nearly a thousand years.

Gu Xinxi returned to the pilgrimage hall, her face showed joy, ready to marry Bai Jue. After that, the ancients slipped into the lower realm. Three days later, Tuo Wuhuan came to give Yuemi Lingyu. Yuemi smiled after hearing this and decided to help the ancients complete the entrustment, so she slammed the lower realm of Baiju because of distress in the ancients. Bai Jue hurried to the lower realm, but saw the ancients collecting root carvings in the lower realm. The root carvings collected by the ancients were all given to Bai Jue.

She expressed her heart to Bai Jue and wanted to know whether Bai Jue would be her person. Now that the antiquity has become the power of chaos, she boldly confessed, and Bai Ju no longer has any worries. She only accepted the antiquity confession and traveled with her on Qiqiao Night. The two resolved all their misunderstandings and put down all their burdens to play on the streets, but Qiongqi came at this time. The ancients let the god of Sishui go to the gods to report the letter, and they joined hands with Baiju to kill Qiongqi. If today Let go of a Qiongqi, there will be many disasters in the future.

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