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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 4 Recap

Su Yi saw Ding Hang and a woman discussing in the underground garage. When Li Jiashang went to the garage, she asked the woman to hug Li Jiashang, and then took the initiative to kiss him and then Ding Hang began to take pictures. Su Yi then went over and said that they were very destined. Was it because film instigated him? He did that because he liked film, but the film was like Li Jiashang. Ding Hang said that he wanted to frame Li Jiashang just because he wanted to make film give up.

Yes, Su Yi heard it really strange logic, but told Ding Hang that if he didn’t want Ferryn to know what happened today, he would do what Su Yi said. At this time, a group of people walked into the basement with clubs. Sui thought that Ding Hang had arranged it and went over and said to those people that when Li Jiashang went down, he would chase after him, but don’t make the move too heavy.

On the other hand, Ding Hang called the arranged people and learned that they had not arrived yet, but the group of people looked at Su Yi and thought she was insane, and was originally going to beat people. Whoever listened to her arrangements would go up and hit them. Su Yi was so scared that Su Yi hurriedly hugged his head, when Li Jiashang appeared and kicked them and told Su Yi to leave quickly.

So Li Jiashang started a fight against five or six people alone, while Ding Hang took Su Yi and ran quickly, hiding aside and saying that the person he arranged was in the wrong place. Now the people really want to fight Li Jiashang, and Su Yi’s name is Ding. Hang hurry to call the police. Just then Li Jiashang was knocked down, and Su Yi stepped forward to rescue Li Jiashang. Unexpectedly, the yellow-haired man smashed towards Su Yi with a stick. Li Jiashang instinctively blocked the front. At this time, Zheng He and the police also rushed there. At the scene, the group of people ran away in fright.

After Li Jiashang went back and thanked Su Yi for rescuing herself, Su Yi looked at the scars on Li Jiashang’s face and wanted to put medicated wine on him. Just then, Li Jiashang looked at Su Yi in front of him and remembered Mu Xiao back then, so he asked. Was she Mu Xiao back then, and Su Yi asked Li Jia who was Mu Xiao? Li Jiashang turned around and left.

Su Yi saw many pictures of Mu Xiao in Li Jiashang’s box. Later, I told Xia Xiyang that Mu Xiao and Li Jiashang must be related, but I didn’t know who she was, and now that Li Jiashang didn’t know whether it was an enemy or a friend. And Xia Xiyang said that if Li Jiashang knew Mu Xiao, it would definitely help Su Yi to retrieve the memories of that year.

After that, Su Yi went to Ding Hang and asked him to get the old magazine of Nian Mingxiu, otherwise he would tell Feilin about his secret photo of Li Jiashang, and Ding Hang had no choice but to do it.

Li Jiashang took Su Yi to the previous school, told Su Yi’s previous classroom, and recalled the time when the two were together. After that, Li Jiashang and Su Yi said that they had a girl when they were in college, and that girl was just like Su Yi now. After speaking, Su Yi almost fainted when he didn’t do the blood supply when he got up to leave. So Li Jiashang held Su Yi in his arms, but Su Yi quickly recovered and pushed Li Jiashang away. Both felt a little embarrassed. Later, Li Jiashang took Su Yi to eat and sent her home, and when Su Yi got off the car, he sent pictures of the people who beat them in the basement to Li Jiashang.

Su Xiangtai appeared just after Su Yi had gone. Tell Li Jiashang not to pester your sister in the future, otherwise you will be rude to Li Jiashang. And Li Jiashang said that they were elder brothers and sisters, why did they talk like that, and Su Xiangtai told Li Jiashang that they were not real siblings. On the way back, Li Jiashang asked someone to investigate all the people around Su Yi, including his neighbors.

After Su Xiangtai goes back, he asks Su Yi not to contact men, because men know men best, and Su Yi asks Su Xiangtai not to worry, I hope he can bring back a girlfriend sooner.

After Li Jiashang went back, he showed the photo to his grandfather Li Yaohui, saying that Mr. Zhang arranged for someone to retaliate against them. After Li Jiashang called his grandfather, he could not interfere with his decision in Li’s enterprise.

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