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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 26 Recap

The task of assassinating Chen Moqun ended in failure again, especially when Chen Moqun passed this matter, he was bound to be more cautious, and it would be difficult to find opportunities to start again in the future. Wang Shian was furious because of Lin Nansheng’s unauthorized actions, and felt that he had deliberately let Chen Moqun away, which led to this result. Gu Shenyan took the initiative to speak for Lin Nansheng, but Wang Shian in turn accused Gu Shenyan of not reporting in advance.

Zhu Yizhen couldn’t refuse the invitation from the landlord, Mrs. Fukuyama, so she had to sit at her house for a while, but she didn’t expect that the other party would use chat to keep inquiring about her origin. Fortunately, Zhu Yizhen was prepared for a long time, and was able to answer every question decently, which did not arouse Mrs. Fukuyama’s suspicion.

As the previous assassinations had already provoked the counterattack of the Japanese and puppets, Chen Moqun, at the strong request of Imai Yosuke, had to lead a team to clear the military control station. First, he had to let people control all the nearby fixed outposts and then surrounded the military control building. Seeing that the headquarters was surrounded by the gendarmerie regiments, Wang Shian knew that the moment was about to survive, and he urgently called on the army to fight to the death.

Lin Nansheng organized a counterattack while cutting open the wall, arranging everyone to evacuate first, and he was responsible for the break. However, Wang Shian escaped smoothly and sealed the escape route when he left, completely ignoring the life and death of other people. After Lin Nansheng settled the Japanese army on the roof, he discovered Wang Shian’s behavior. He couldn’t help but questioned angrily, but he was helpless.

Wang Shian asked all personnel in the station to disperse and flee, first go to the nearby Zhongyi National Salvation Army station to hide, and wait for instructions to evacuate Shanghai. Gu Shenyan and Lin Nansheng stayed behind to drag the enemy, and finally let Wang Shian lead the core backbone to leave and go to the refuge prepared in advance. Gu and Lin took cover for each other, fighting and retreating. Finally, they hid in the homes of ordinary people. With the help of each other, they pretended to go around the trail and successfully escaped the Japanese hunt.

Seeing that Chen Moqun had only captured useless military united fighters, Yosuke Imai was furious on the spot, and sent someone to call Chongqing to invite Dai Li from the Military Control Bureau to Shanghai to discuss peace matters. Chen Moqun tried to find clues on the documents that were not completely burned, but still found nothing, and was very disappointed.

When he arrived at Gu Shenyan’s secret location, Wang Shian was very annoyed and sent a telegram to Chongqing in time to explain the situation in Shanghai. Chongqing called back and ordered them to evacuate and rebuild as soon as possible. According to this opportunity, Wang Shian suggested that everyone evacuate to Anhui and other places in batches, and at the same time conduct investigations on the transferred personnel one by one to prevent anyone from providing information.

After seeing Lin Nansheng coming back for a long time, Zhu Yizhen had to lie to the public that he had gone on a business trip, but when passing by the newsstand, she saw the Japanese newspaper statement and learned that Lin Nansheng and others had died in the bombing. Just because Zhu Yizhen didn’t know the truth, she mistakenly thought that Lin Nansheng was killed, sat in the room with grief, and cried loudly.

At this time, Lin Nansheng was looking for personnel from various sites in Shanghai, and accidentally ran into Zhao Jinglong, only to realize that he had escaped by chance. Now that Zhao Jinglong had settled down in his family overnight, he dared to show up to find someone. Lin Nansheng and him agreed on the next action, and the two went separately.

The Japanese side deliberately disrupted the audiovisual, nothing more than to cause panic among the military personnel, and some people took the initiative to surrender to the enemy. Zhu Yizhen was uneasy at home, and coupled with the close patrol outside, there was really no way to go out to inquire about the news. Gu Shenyan came to the newspaper to publish a missing person notice and tried to get in touch with Zhu Yizhen. As for Zhu Yizhen, she heard the radio in Mrs. Fukuyama’s room, so she pretended to ask her about embroidery and listened to the radio content.

Lin Nansheng notified the military commanders at various stations and went to find Lan Xinjie in private, reminding her to pack her things as soon as possible and prepare to take the transfer ship to Chongqing. Lan Xinjie was so excited when she heard the words, she kept thanking him, and she didn’t know when to see you again when she left. It was inevitable that she would be a little bit sad. After bidding farewell to Lan Xinjie, Lin Nansheng came to the Japanese-occupied area in disguise, and was about to see Zhu Yizhen, only to find that the Japanese were heavily controlling them.

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