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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 25 Recap

When Zhu Yizhen saw the potted plants that Ji Zhongyuan had placed on the balcony, she knew something had happened. When she was about to rush to the frame shop, she was caught by Lin Nansheng. The two hid in the car and watched Chen Moqun deploying control around. On the contrary, Ji Zhongyuan was controlled by Hu Daoyi and others. He did not reveal the whereabouts of the others throughout the process, and kept looking at the wardrobe.

Upon seeing this, Hu Daoyi immediately opened the closet and found that there was a radio station inside. Just as he was about to take the radio station away, he didn’t know that a bomb had been placed at the bottom, and it would detonate if he pulled it. As the explosion sounded loudly, Ji Zhongyuan was buried in the mounting shop. Lin Nansheng took away Zhu Yizhen, who was emotionally out of control, without knowing that Hu Daoyi had a fluke.

Chen Moqun was very angry about this, and in order to be able to explain to the Japanese, he could only look for clues from other aspects. Hu Daoyi painted a portrait of Zhu Yizhen based on the description of the owner of a nearby shop and proved that she was the second owner of the framed shop. Gu Shenyan heard of an explosion at the mounting shop and rushed to check the situation. When he saw Hu Daoyi holding a portrait of Zhu Yizhen to see Chen Moqun, he knew that Ji Zhongyuan had been killed and came to the place where the two often met to cherish each other’s memory.

Lin Nansheng took Zhu Yizhen back to the house in the concession, and saw her sitting next to her crying and she didn’t know how to comfort her. After Zhu Yizhen calmed down, she took the initiative to thank Lin Nansheng for her life-saving grace. However, Ji Zhongyuan was dead, and she was unable to contact the party organization, and her heart was very confused and sad.

Since the Communist Party’s liaison station has been destroyed, Wang Shi’an is worried that the next target on the 76th will be aimed at the military reunification, so he ordered people to prepare early, first transfer important documents, and then benefit the patrol, and ask them to come forward to protect the site’s safety. Nowadays, the bombing has caused conflicts between the French Concession and the Japanese army, which led to a fierce negotiation to discuss the issue of the Japanese army’s order to stop in the French Concession. Unexpectedly, Imai Yosuke’s attitude was extraordinarily tough, and even threatened that the cleaning activities must proceed as usual, and if necessary, he would let the army enter the French Concession.

At the same time, Lin Nansheng went to the department store to buy supplies for Zhu Yizhen, and suddenly saw the patrolman looking for people in the street with a portrait of Zhu Yizhen. Taking into account Zhu Yizhen’s safety issues, Lin Nansheng had to arrange a transfer immediately and take her to her residence in the Japanese-occupied area, and she should be regarded as a husband and wife to avoid suspicion.

The united front of the army decided to carry out a hoeing operation against Chen Moqun. Gu Shenyan carefully sorted out his travel rules, took Lin Nansheng to a secret warehouse, provided him with guns that could penetrate bullet-proof glass, and worked out specific matters for the assassination. . To reassure Gu Shenyan, Lin Nansheng would not be soft when he took the initiative to express his position.

The next morning, Lin Nansheng set up an ambush on the necessary road ahead of time, and set up a sniper rifle in front of the second-floor window and aimed it outside. Zhao Jinglong dressed up, rode a bicycle and passed by, and then threw a grenade to the bottom of the car. Seeing that the car was bombed and unable to drive, Lin Nansheng fired two bullets at the window, all of which were avoided by Chen Moqun, and even wanted to take the opportunity to escape.

Lin Nansheng drove the truck and crashed into Chen Moqun’s car until he squeezed the car out of motion. Then he jumped up and stood in front of the car, drawing his gun and asking why Chen Moqun wanted to be a traitor. The angry and sad emotions almost overwhelmed his reason. . Because the pistol bullet could not penetrate the car window, Lin Nansheng was unable to injure Chen Moqun.

At the last moment, a large number of military police came one after another, and Lin Nansheng had to choose to evacuate. Chen Moqun was sent to the hospital to clean the wound. Just after bandaging the wound, he saw Hu Daoyi hurriedly enter the house, saying that Yosuke Imai had mastered the detailed position of the military commander in the French Concession, and asked Chen Moqun to immediately prepare and destroy it in one fell swoop.

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