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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 24 Recap

Lin Nansheng left the French Concession and personally asked Wang Shian why he let Lan Xinjie perform such a dangerous task, and at the same time asked him about his next arrangements and when to send the other party out of Shanghai. However, Wang Shian turned back, not only accusing Lin Nansheng of sabotaging the plan, but even angry that Lan Xinjie’s poisoning plan failed, so that Chen Moqun woke up from the hospital that night.

Yosuke Imai went to visit Chen Moqun in person, but instead of expressing his concern, he complained about his inability to do things. Just as Chen Moqun was trying to explain the assassination of Uemura, but Yosuke Imai couldn’t hear anything and asked Chen Moqun to catch the fisherman, otherwise the committee would make other arrangements.

Chen Moqun understood what Imai Yosuke meant, and no longer cared about his physical condition, he immediately arranged to be discharged from the hospital. In the heavy rain that day, Hu Daoyi personally led people to intercept Lu Youming of the Telecommunications Division and brought him back to the 76th for interrogation. It seems that Chen Moqun moved with reason and affection, but in reality he threatened Lu Youming with his daughter’s life and confessed the specific location of the military ruled Shanghai area. However, Lu Youming always remembered that a gentleman would never forget his righteousness, and refused to cooperate in confessing.

After Hu Daoyi settled Lu Youming, he went to report to Chen Moqun about the fisherman’s radio station. Now he has located the approximate location, so he wants to find the radio station in the name of street sweeping. However, Chen Moqun thought that this would be a horror, so he thought of a better way, that is, thinking that the radio consumes a lot of power, Hu Daoyi suddenly realized that he used money to bribe the meter reader and took the meter record book to investigate one by one.

Gu Shenyan received Lin Nansheng and explained to him about the rape of Chen Moqun. Since the other party used public telephones throughout the process, he could only infer that this person was from Shanghai, and there was no other clues for the time being. Lin Nansheng thought that there were a total of four Xianzuo who were in charge of answering the phone in the military police headquarters, and it was not difficult to verify, so he arranged manpower to speed up the action.

Wang Shian convened an internal meeting to announce the new instructions issued by Chongqing, and notified all stations across the country to ask everyone to eliminate the traitor Chen Moqun as soon as possible, and the action code was to follow the plan. Lin Nansheng applied for the implementation of the career plan. Wang Shian was afraid that he would be soft-hearted to Chen Moqun, and instead of agreeing, he handed it over to the Nanhui Action Team.

After Zhao Jinglong settled Lan Xinjie’s mother and son, he also captured a Xianzuo of the Japanese military police headquarters, and found out that the man on duty that night was Song Licheng. Lin Nansheng learned of the situation and took people to arrest him and threatened him to tell him about the situation that night. At first, Song Licheng was still hiding something, but when he saw Lin Nansheng had a killing intent, he told the caller that his voice looked like Wang Shian.

Hearing Song Licheng’s confession, Lin Nansheng was furious and directly tied him back to confront Wang Shian. Unexpectedly, Song Licheng was greedy for life and fear of death, and lied that he was nonsense that Wang Shian took the opportunity to shoot the opponent to death in the name of getting rid of traitors and traitors, and then reminded Lin Nansheng that he should be silent.

Through this incident, Lin Nansheng regretted being too impulsive. Not only did he fail to catch the leaker, he reported the situation to Chongqing in time, and even lost the hard-won insider. Gu Shenyan believed that Song Licheng’s words were not enough to convince Chongqing, and he was relieved that Lin Nansheng had to look forward and must be cautious in his future affairs. On the contrary, Lin Nansheng did not understand why Wang Shian wanted to betray his colleagues when the enemy was at present.

The next morning, Wang Shian specially appointed him to meet with the Communist Party in order to appease Lin Nansheng, and indicated that he would find out the inner ghost himself. Hu Daoyi made an unannounced visit to a shop with a large electricity consumption, but was noticed by Ji Zhongyuan, so he urged Zhu Yizhen to go to see the military contact person, and he must be cautious.

Chen Moqun learned that Hu Daoyi had entered the shop without authorization, and directly reprimanded him. Such behavior was undoubtedly a horror, so he immediately took action. Ji Zhongyuan found many eyeliners near the shop and hurriedly closed the door and went upstairs to burn the documents. At the same time, Zhu Yizhen and Lin Nansheng met in a cafe. She saw a signal not far away and immediately realized that something was happening. Gu Buduo said, turned and left.

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