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The Rebel 叛逆者 Episode 23 Recap

As Uemura was killed suddenly, the entire Gendarmerie Department was defending martial law, but he failed to catch the perpetrator, but let the opponent slip under his nose. Chibei Takahashi was furious about this, and at the same time he doubted Chen Moqun’s loyalty. After all, he was a veteran military agent, and his mind was unpredictable.

After the incident, the dispatching army headquarters issued an order to remove Takahashi Chibei from the post and handed over to Imai Yosuke to take over. However, when Yosuke Imai took office, he deliberately reminded Chibei Takahashi’s incompetence that he should kill himself. Chen Moqun went to meet this person in person, but he did not expect that the other party was far more difficult than Takahashi Chibei. As soon as he met, he put pressure on him and asked him not to waste too much time. He should catch the fisherman as soon as possible and prove to Japan with practical actions. Sincerity.

Gu Shenyan believes that the betrayal of his compatriots is intolerable, so he needs to be investigated as soon as possible, especially starting from the betrayal of Chen Moqun, the internal situation of the military police must first be investigated. Privately, Gu Shenyan handed over to Ji Zhongyuan the latest deployment of the Loyalty Salvation Army’s attack on the New Fourth Army, and also stated that Yosuke Imai had cracked the party’s multiple liaison stations in Beiping and Tianjin, and his arrival would increase the pressure on the 76th. , The situation in Shanghai and even the French Concession is far worse than ever.

Seeing that Lan Xinjie hadn’t acted for a long time, Wang Shi’an couldn’t sit still anymore. That night, he took out a bottle of poison and explained that Lan Xinjie approached Chen Moqun alone and took the opportunity to poison her. When the mission is over, she will be arranged to leave Shanghai. . Although Lan Xinjie was reluctant, she had no other choice. Her only hope was to go to Chongqing to reunite with her son.

The next morning, Ji Zhongyuan sent a report to his superiors in the French Concession, and it happened that a Japanese detective car was passing by for detection. Fortunately, Ji Zhongyuan took cover in time, and set a time to stop the report in advance to avoid the other party from continuing to investigate, and finally escaped. Robbery.

Zhao Jinglong was appointed by Lin Nansheng and found that Lan Xinjie was close to him frequently while following Chen Moqun. Lin Nansheng discovered this detail through the photos, so he went to Lan Xinjie specifically to remind her that it is best to stay away from Chen Moqun. However, Lan Xinjie ignored Lin Nansheng’s advice. Instead, she dressed and dressed in front of the mirror, claiming to have dinner with Chen Moqun.

Hu Daoyi drove downstairs, Lan Xinjie hid him behind the cabinet, pretending to open the door casually to welcome Hu Daoyi, dispelling the other’s suspicion. When Hu Daoyi saw Lin Nansheng’s car when he went out, he subconsciously asked Lan Xinjie, only to be prevaricated by her casually.

Coming to the dining room, Lan Xinjie took advantage of Hu Daoyi to go out to pick up Chen Moqun, and quietly spilled the poison on the table, until he saw Chen Moqun wiping his face while eating, and became more nervous. Lin Nansheng was worried about Lan Xinjie’s safety, so when she left, she drove to the door of the restaurant, but she didn’t expect someone else to be watching.

Lan Xinjie was very flustered, and immediately ran to the bathroom to get rid of the poison by wetting her clothes and skirts with wine. Just as Lan Xinjie was about to return to the box, Lin Nansheng suddenly appeared, and the two fled the restaurant together. Lin Nansheng reprimanded Lan Xinjie for not taking this task, and indicated that the poison would produce a poisoning reaction within half a minute. Even if the poisoner failed to clean it up in time, there might still be danger.

But at this time, Lan Xinjie ignored her own safety and only thought about how to take her son away. Lin Nansheng couldn’t bear it when she saw it, and simply asked her to go to the French Concession and wait for herself. Lin Nansheng discovered in Lan Xinjie’s house that the couple who was guarding the child was actually sent by the military commander to monitor the mother and child, and then drew a gun to force each other to hand over the child.

When Lin Nansheng had just left, Hu Daoyi and others rushed over. Chen Moqun was seriously poisoned and was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, leaving his life in danger. In the house in the French Concession, Lin Nansheng learned that Lan Xinjie was going to Chongqing, so he was forced to help Wang Shian to poison Chen Moqun. Considering that Lan Xinjie would never be spared on the 76th, Lin Nansheng urged her to hide in the French Concession first, and when the time was right, she and her children would leave as soon as possible.

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