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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 26 Recap

Mo Fengyang and Yun Xiu were worried about Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng, so they found an excuse to enter the palace. Mo Jingxuan was also there, and Qu Xiaotan asked Jing Xin to prepare a few good wines and dishes for everyone to gather together. Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng told them the truth, she came from another Dongyue, where she was Qu Xiaotan, not Qu Tan’er. Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng talked to them about the ins and outs of the matter.

Several people thought that they were not alone in the past, but they did not blame them. Qu Xiaotan said that she had met Qu Tan’er and they were good friends. Jing Xin comforted Qu Xiaotan, she was as important as the previous princess. Even though Yun Xiu and Mo Fengyang found the words just now unbelievable, they are all good friends, and they are very grateful for their frankness.

At night, Xiao Zhen suddenly broke into the East Palace. After Mo Liancheng found out, he captured him and told him to go back and tell the emperor. He would naturally do what he promised and what he wanted to protect would naturally be preserved. Mo Liancheng never thought of getting rid of Xiao Zhen, after all, he had saved the emperor. Xiao Zhen found that the Mo family had moved in the frontier, and the emperor immediately ordered Mo Fengyang to stay in the frontier.

Father Mo was very worried, and wanted to discuss with Mo Fengyang to get the emperor’s order back, but Mo Fengyang said that his future lies in the frontier, on the battlefield, and not in the chaos planned by the Sunglasses. Mo Fengyang had a dispute with Father Mo, and she had to say take care and leave. Yun Xiu decided to leave with Mo Fengyang. He had long wanted to go to the battlefield with Mo Fengyang.

The next day, everyone came together to say goodbye to Mo Fengyang. Mo Liancheng was sorry for dragging down Mo Fengyang and Yun Xiu, but Mo Fengyang felt that this was a blessing in disguise, otherwise he would not be able to defend his country at the border. Mo Jingxuan took out the wound medicine Mo Yanchen had given, but Mo Yanchen could only hide and send her away, hoping that Mo Fengyang would be able to do what he wanted and would not return to this chaotic quagmire. Emperor Ling Yin Ling gave the emperor to General Lu for safekeeping. She understood that Mo Fengyang was different from those people, so she planned to let her make a living, and she would not be envious if she could be willful once.

Mo Liancheng hoped that the emperor could forget the past. Young Master Liancheng was dead, but the emperor was very angry. She thought that Mo Liancheng just regarded Qu Xiaotan as herself, and he would understand one day. The emperor’s body couldn’t hold it anymore, since Mo Liancheng said that no matter who Qu Xiaotan is, she would love her, then she would complete Mo Liancheng. The emperor called Qu Meier and said that Qu Xiaotan’s taste had changed a lot. Qu Meier took the opportunity to say that Qu Xiaotan seemed to have changed.

The emperor believed that Qu Meier was eager to compete since childhood and would not miss this opportunity. Qu Xiaotan was swinging carefree in the mansion when he was suddenly called by the emperor to discuss matters in the Imperial Study Room. Qu Meier sued Qu Xiaotan to pretend to be Qu Tan’er, claiming that she had a very different relationship with her before, and her behavior was very different.

Qu Xiaotan retorted, saying that she wanted to change her way of life since she accidentally fell into the water and did not want to be bullied. Qu Xiaotan’s change occurred after he fell into the water, and she suggested that the emperor should investigate it from the moment he fell into the water. The emperor decided to let Qu Mei’er be responsible for a thorough investigation of the matter, and sent Qu Xiaotan to the jail for further disposal.

Mo Liancheng was very worried about Qu Xiaotan, but Qu Xiaotan comforted him not to worry, she just went and returned. In the prison, Qu Xiaotan was at ease eating the dull food. The emperor came suddenly, and Qu Xiaotan knew it was her handwriting. The emperor couldn’t understand who she was and what was the relationship with Mo Liancheng. Qu Xiaotan said that she came from Dongyue founded by Mo Yifeng, and it was also another Qu Xiangtan, but the emperor didn’t believe it. She let Qu Xiaotan stay here, otherwise Mo Liancheng’s life would not be guaranteed.

Mo Yanchen was surprised to hear that Qu Meier had identified Qu Xiaotan. He refused to believe that Qu Xiaotan was not his Qu Taner, and even asked Qu Meier about the specific circumstances of her falling into the water. Qumeier denied it.

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