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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 25 Recap

With the sound of the piano, Mo Liancheng remembered what happened when he was in Xuanling Continent. That day, Lord Liancheng went to the mountain to collect medicine and accidentally rescued the injured Queen Qu Xiangtan. The emperor wanted to kill Lord Liancheng for revenge, but at that time he was weak and unable to start. Under Lord Liancheng’s care, the emperor’s health gradually improved. He also taught the emperor a song. At that time, Lord Liancheng learned her name, Qu Xiangtan.

The emperor walked out slowly from behind the screen, and Mo Liancheng blurted out that she was actually Quxiang Tan. Qu Xiaotan was depressed in the Imperial Study Room. Thinking of the relationship between the Xuanling Continent and this place, Qu Xiaotan gradually understood that the emperor should correspond to Mo Yifeng in the original world, and she is also Qu Xiangtan.

When Lord Liancheng died under the sword of the emperor, he didn’t want to watch his best friends and loved ones kill each other. The emperor suddenly took Mo Liancheng’s hand, but Mo Liancheng suddenly realized that something was wrong. If she was Qu Xiangtan, Qu Xiaotan would not marry him for no reason. Mo Liancheng quickly put away his hand, and the emperor became emotional. She begged Mo Liancheng to save herself again, just like before.

Qu Xiaotan thought that the emperor might be Qu Xiangtan, and started looking for something in the imperial study room. She wanted to know the name of the emperor. Remembering that Lord Qu was the emperor’s only relative, Qu Xiaotan decided to go out, but at this time learned that the emperor and Mo Liancheng were playing the piano in the Imperial Garden, and couldn’t wait to go. Unexpectedly, Qu Xiaotan happened to see Mo Liancheng holding the emperor. Mo Liancheng hurriedly explained that it was not what she thought.

The emperor asked him to chase after him, but he still asked him to meet here tomorrow. Qu Xiaotan was discouraged. The emperor was Qu Xiangtan. Mo Liancheng himself had just learned about it, and he was only healing the emperor. Qu Xiaotan always thought that they were destined, but the cause of this fate was indispensable to her connection with Qu Xiangtan. Mo Liancheng quickly said that he loves Qu Xiaotan. As for the emperor, he didn’t know what was going on. Maybe he could get back to the original world by figuring out them. Qu Xiaotan was very sad, she was tired, she missed Yuer and wanted to go home.

The next day, Mo Liancheng asked the emperor why her illness started and why she appeared in Dongyue. She was seriously injured back then and woke up to find that Xiao Zhen had rescued her and was already in Dongyue. The emperor ascended to the throne and proclaimed the emperor for the sake of the spirit of the altar and to live, so that he could wait for Mo Lian City. The emperor’s injury would get worse once he was emotional, so she lived in such a painful life. Mo Liancheng said that he would definitely help the emperor cure her illness, but the emperor said that if he was cured, Mo Liancheng would leave.

She would rather be ill. Mo Liancheng said that the previous Eighth Son was indeed not him, but he didn’t know where the previous Eighth Son had gone and why he was here. The emperor asked Mo Liancheng that he was sincere to himself when he was in the Profound Spirit Continent. Mo Liancheng replied that it was the sincerity of Young Master Liancheng, and he was now Mo Liancheng.

Qu Xiaotan made a table of food for Mo Liancheng, and then began to inquire about Mo Liancheng and the emperor. Mo Liancheng said that he was only recounting the past, and he deliberately said that he had reviewed the things he had done before. Qu Xiaotan was immediately anxious. . Mo Liancheng quickly calmed Qu Xiaotan, perhaps the emotional entanglement between him and the emperor was the key to returning to the original world.

Mo Liancheng said that it is not easy for the emperor to heal, but since he agreed, he must do it. The emperor listened to the Lihunxiao falling asleep, and asked Xiao Zhen to leave the Lihunxiao when she left. She would use it tomorrow. Xiao Zhen’s heart is very painful. For him, this Lihunxiao is not a memory between them.

The next day Mo Liancheng healed the emperor, and Xiao Zhen brought Qu Xiaotan a list of books, saying that it was the emperor’s list. The emperor took out the Lihunxiao and played with Mo Liancheng, Qu Xiaotan was surprised when he heard the voice. When Mo Liancheng saw Qu Xiaotan leave, he accidentally broke the string, and then hurriedly retreated and left. Qu Xiaotan blurted out Lihunxiao to Xiao Zhen just now, but after the encounter with Mo Liancheng, Qu Xiaotan was a descendant of the Qu clan in their world, and the emperor was Qu Xiangtan in the parallel world.

She is in love with the son of Liancheng in the parallel world, not him. In theory, Mo Liancheng had nothing to do with the emperor, but he had done everything he did in the parallel world, so he and the emperor could not escape. The emperor learned that Qu Xiaotan knew Lihunxiao and asked Xiao Zhen to find out who she was.

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