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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 24 Recap

The emperor was furious, and Qu Xiaotan understood that these words could not have come from Mo Liancheng’s hands, so she could only think of another way. She said that these words were not her original intention, and after re-sentencing the sentence, she explained her original intention, Qu Xiaotan Also escaped the catastrophe.

Master Sun believed that Qu Xiaotan’s punctuation marks were very good, and suggested that Qu Xiaotan should be used to popularize punctuation marks for civilian officials. The emperor also agreed. Mo Liancheng heard that this incident must have been done by someone, Qu Xiaotan knew that it was Qumeier without even thinking about it.

From the next day, Qu Xiaotan entered the palace to teach civil officials, popularizing the usage of punctuation. Qu Mei’er was very angry, she couldn’t just watch Qu Xiaotan sit on the seat of prince. Qu Xiaotan didn’t want to be a prince at all, but the Soul Calming Pearl and Li Soul Xiao were in the hands of the emperor, and they couldn’t lose a chance to get close to her. Mo Liancheng believed that the most recent candidate for the prince was Qu Xiaotan, and no matter what happened, he would definitely protect Qu Xiaotan.

Mo Liancheng took Qu Xiaotan to the lake to talk about love. It has been a long time for the two of them to quiet down alone like they do now. Xiao Zhen felt bitter when he saw this. Xiao Zhen told the emperor that Mo Liancheng would play Fuqin, and it was a piece unique to the Xuanling Continent, and it was also the piece played for her by Lord Liancheng back then.

The emperor’s mind became more and more unstable, and Xiao Zhen hurriedly played Lihunxiao. The emperor thought that Mo Liancheng must be her son of Liancheng, she was his incense sandalwood, but Mo Liancheng did not recognize her anymore. The emperor’s body became weaker and weaker, and now it was time for Qu Xiaotan to take the throne, she only hoped to get acquainted with Mo Liancheng in her original form.

Tomorrow is Qu Xiaotan’s canonization ceremony, Qu Meier lost, but she was not reconciled, and even arranged for an assassin. Mo Yanchen believed that it was absolutely impossible, otherwise Qumeier would be implicated, and the emperor had no intention of abdicating. Qu Xiaotan was canonized as a prince, and when she returned to the mansion, she began to shout tired. She never dreamed that she would be a prince.

Qu Xiaotan felt that the East Palace was not as good as the snow courtyard, so he gave bad reviews. Tomorrow Qu Xiaotan is going to learn to handle government affairs, and Mo Liancheng is going to teach piano art to the nobles in the harem, Qu Xiaotan is even more dissatisfied. Mo Liancheng thought it might be a good thing to move into the palace. After all, the way to go back was in the palace, and it might be a blessing in disguise. Mo Liancheng wanted to go out of the palace at night. Liu Baishui once said that he was proficient in astrology, so it would be fine to ask. Qu Xiaotan could only tell Mo Liancheng to go and return early.

Mo Liancheng went to find Liu Baishui during the night. Liu Baishui said that Yinghuo Shouxin was about to live. Mo Liancheng was very excited, and quickly asked Liu Baishui to figure out the time and location of Yinghuo Shouxin. Liu Baishui was more excited than him, because finally someone could believe him. Liu Baishui took out a treasure, saying that the exact time of appearance is uncertain, and the nearest location is in the palace.

Liu Baishui also said that some people will be worried about their lives. Qu Xiaotan couldn’t sleep, saying that he always felt flustered in his heart. Mo Liancheng said that maybe they could see Yu’er in half a month. Qu Xiaotan was very happy. Mo Liancheng always felt that all this was too coincidental, maybe the emperor was Quxiang Tan.

The next day, Mo Liancheng went to teach piano music, but did not say a word behind the screen, but played a piece of music. Mo Liancheng was shocked.

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