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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 23 Recap

Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng invited Mo Fengyang to discuss Wuyi. Unexpectedly, Yun Xiu took out a ring and knelt down on one knee to propose to Mo Fengyang. After Mo Fengyang agreed, the three of them were relieved. Yun Xiu helped Mo Fengyang put on the ring. Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng were very pleased to see this scene. Being proposed is a matter of the past in every woman’s heart. Mo Liancheng realized that he did owe Qu Xiaotan a proposal. The emperor fulfilled Mo Fengyang and Yun Xiu, and if Father Mo did anything, Xiyue couldn’t get rid of the relationship.

The emperor wanted to know all the truth, so he ordered Mo Liancheng to enter the palace to practice. Qu Xiaotan was very unwilling. If her identity was revealed, she was afraid that Mo Liancheng would be in danger. Mo Liancheng said that he must be careful and could also take the opportunity to investigate. Mo Liancheng entered the palace, and the emperor often asked him to accompany him. She said that Mo Liancheng resembled the old person she mentioned. He was a medical practitioner, and the two met on his way to gather medicine.

Mo Liancheng found that the emperor said that the portrait of the son of Liancheng was extremely good. Did the emperor know Qu Xiangtan? The emperor determined that Mo Liancheng had just remembered something, but he was indeed not Lord Liancheng. The emperor decided to release Mo Liancheng back to his hometown tomorrow, but Mo Liancheng sneaked into the emperor’s palace again tonight, and found that they needed not only Soul Calming Orbs to go back, but also the time when they needed to guard their hearts.

When Qu Xiaotan was depressed, he discovered that Mo Liancheng had returned. He arranged this place very romantically, and put a big love on the ground with flowers. Qu Xiaotan ran over happily. Although their family had been married three times, Mo Liancheng still made a formal proposal from Qianqu Xiaotan. Qu Xiaotan can’t wait to say I am willing, and I am willing to marry him thousands of times. Qu Xiaotan lamented that as long as she loves the right person, every day is Valentine’s Day.

She wants to be with Mo Liancheng every day. Mo Liancheng told Qu Xiaotan what he had discovered in the palace, and they needed to figure out the days of Yingzhuo Shouxin, otherwise they might really not be able to go back. Mo Liancheng has not yet determined that the emperor is related to Qu Xiangtan, so he did not tell Qu Xiaotan.

Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng saw Yu Hao teaching his servants when they got up early in the morning. It turned out that the house affairs had been messed up since Mo Yanchen left. Of course Qu Xiaotan couldn’t do it, and Mo Liancheng didn’t understand. The emperor sent me some memorials early in the morning, saying that Qu Xiaotan would learn to govern the country. Mo Liancheng believed that the emperor’s move was not simple.

Qu Xiaotan asked Mo Liancheng to learn how to handle the housework, but Mo Liancheng just refused. Qu Xiaotan had to look at the memorial sadly, and Mo Liancheng had to agree to handle the housework. Mo Liancheng took people to the streets to buy them. Qu Xiaotan saw that the memorials were going to be big, and Mo Liancheng had spent the money lavishly. Only then did he realize that there was so much knowledge to buy things.

Back in Fuzhong, Qu Xiaotan was already lying on the bed and was asleep, and when he woke up, he dreamed of a high school math teacher. Qu Xiaotan’s Zhezi donkey’s head is not right. In order not to cause trouble, Mo Liancheng decides to help Qu Xiaotan criticize Zhezi, but Qu Xiaotan has to take care of his internal affairs. The work of the two was reversed, and Qu Xiaotan decided to reverse the work of men and women in the whole government.

The next day Qu Xiaotan announced the news. Jing Xin and other women were in a mess in the kitchen, and Yu Hao and others became guards. Jing Xin ran to find Qu Xiaotan to spit out, saying that they should let the female guards dance knives and guns. Qu Xiaotan sighed, it seems that the complete exchange of men and women will not work.

Mo Liancheng had already finished the paperwork handily, but Qu Xiaotan’s work was not going well. Mo Liancheng believed that the division of labor was not determined by gender, and that real equality between men and women should be achieved. Qu Meier was puzzled when she learned that the emperor asked Qu Xiaotan to deal with government affairs, and she could not relax anything before Li Chu.

Qu Xiaotan re-divided the staff of the house and became just orderly. However, the emperor was furious after seeing Qu Xiaotan’s memorial.

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