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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 8 Recap

Yu Shengsheng returned to Jiang Yi’s apartment with his mobile phone and happened to see the scene where he sent his sister in the car. He heard their conversation, and the bug fell on Yu Shengsheng’s shoulder. She was shocked and discovered by Jiang Yi. Yu Shengsheng took the phone and tried to comfort Jiang Yi, but Jiang Yi didn’t want to talk to her to leave. Jiang Yi was lying on the sofa. He recalled that he was ill when he was a child. His mother was busy with work, while his father was the one sitting on the sofa to watch a football game. Jiang Yi was playing the piano. Jiang Dachuan comforted him when he saw that he was unhappy, and wanted to make him something delicious, but Jiang Yi said he was not hungry, Jiang Dachuan had to give up.

Yu Shengsheng was absent-minded at work and went to the bathroom during the meeting. The editor-in-chief asked Tongwei where she had gone and whether she had made any progress with the clues she had recently followed. Colleagues wanted to hear it, but Tong Wei said that it was confidential. A colleague who didn’t deal with them said it was obvious that he was out of trouble before urinating. Yu Shengsheng stunned her when he came in, took out his mobile phone and showed them Leyi’s photos, saying that he had gotten an interview with Cheng Leyi.

It turned out that when Yu Shengsheng went to Jiang Yi’s apartment before, Le Yi was upset and angry when she saw her black manuscript. She comforted Le Yi. Le had no choice but to help him with the black manuscript on the official account. Yu Shengsheng suggested to help him. After the meeting, Tongwei asked Yu Shengsheng about the interview with Cheng Leyi.

She said that she met Jiang Dachuan at the camping site and reminded him that he sold his personal affection to her, so she got an interview with Leyi. Yu Shengsheng sent a message suggesting that Jiang Yi can go to eat food when she is in a bad mood. She is usually in a bad mood. Jiang Yi smiled involuntarily at the news she sent, and he accepted it.

Jiang Yi wanted to eat the dishes Yu Shengsheng’s father cooked, so he went to eat at the restaurant where her father worked, and gave Yu Shengsheng a video call. When the waiter was serving the food, Jiang Yi just took off his mask to eat. He was seen by the fans sitting outside, swarming in, taking pictures and signing signatures. Yu Shengsheng’s father learned that Jiang Yi was the one who ordered the meal and was surrounded by fans, so he held the pot to cover Jiang Yi to leave. Uncle took Jiang Yi to their house for dinner tonight, and Shen Boqing came to pick up the rest of the sound and go home for dinner together.

Jiang Yi and Shen Boqing met, and Shen Boqing said that he was Yu Shengsheng’s boyfriend and he thanked Jiang Yi for Yu Shengsheng’s last elevator. Jiang Yi said that he was a good friend who Yu Shengsheng said nothing. The strange atmosphere surrounding them shaking hands, Yu Shengsheng interrupted and asked Shen Boqing to put things away.

Shen Boqing drove over at the dinner table and was worried about something to do with the hospital. Jiang Yi didn’t have so much worries. He and Uncle Yu both drank, and they chatted very well, and both were a little drunk. Yu Shengsheng sent Shen Poqing downstairs, but afterwards he didn’t see Jiang Yi and thought he was going back. Yu Shengsheng returned to his room to wash and sleep. Suddenly something fell off the bed. He turned around and saw a hand on the bed.

Yu Shengsheng tentatively called Dad, but she didn’t get back. She took the stool. I stood up and opened the quilt and saw Jiang Yi who was asleep. Yu Shengsheng woke up Jiang Yi, Jiang Yi also said that this was his room, Jiang Yi was drunk and refused to go home, Yu Shengsheng had to let Jiang Yi out of the room to sleep, and went to the living room to sleep.

Yu Shengsheng worked at home in the morning, and Jiang Yi asked him to wash up and eat breakfast when he got up. Yu Shengsheng had already had a lot of work. During this period of time, she was busy swapping and taking care of Jiang Yi’s sister. She didn’t have time to work. She did less and Tong Tong did more. She had to make it up quickly.

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