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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 7 Recap

Tong Wei called and told Yu Shengsheng that Shen Boqing had sent her flowers. Zhang knew that someone had seen Jiang Yi at the Moon Island camping ground, and his colleague told Tong Wei. Jiang Yi dreamed that his parents were arguing and woke up in his dream. Tongwei called Yu Shengsheng and told her that someone had seen Jiang Yi at the Moon Island camping ground. Zhang knew that the reporter he was cooperating with had already rushed over. It happened that she was also asking her to remind her to sell her personal affection. Jiang Yi hurried over to drive, Yu Shengsheng was busy packing up his things and preparing to leave.

Momo had vomiting, diarrhea and a little fever after returning, and she called Shen Boqing, and Shen Boqing asked her to take the children to the hospital for examination. It is not convenient for Jiang Yi to go to the hospital, and Yu Shengsheng intends to take Momo to the hospital by himself. Seeing the car coming, Shen Boqing hurriedly came out and took Momo into the hospital, and asked Yu Shengsheng what Momo had eaten today. The result of the examination revealed that the acute gastroenteritis was not serious but he needed to be hospitalized for observation.

Yu Shengsheng thought that Jiang Yi had agreed to Shen Boqing’s confession for her, so he told Shen Boqing that they were trying to be together. Jiang Yi also sneaked into the hospital and saw Yu Shengsheng and Shen Boqing getting along and turned and left. Jiang Yi went to pick Yu Shengsheng and Momo home, and when Yu Shengsheng and Momo went in, they saw Jiang Dachuan Leyi and Jia Shu looking at them dumbfounded. Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng wanted them to explain clearly, Momo was afraid to hide behind Yu Shengsheng when they saw them. When Jiang Dachuan learned that Yu Shengsheng was a fan of Jiashu, he was even more worried.

Yu Shengsheng saw that Jiang Dachuan treated her as a dangerous person, sent Momo back to the room to sleep, and was about to leave. She asked Jiang Yi to find an aunt to take care of Momo, but Jiang Yi was not at ease. Jiang Yiji, Yu Shengsheng, her idol is still here, she just wanted to leave, and it doesn’t seem to be true love, Yu Shengsheng retorted and asked Jiang Yi for an autographed photo for Tongyu and also asked Jiang Yi to go to Jiashu for an autographed photo. give her.

Yu Shengsheng went out and saw Jia Shu, happily shook hands with him and chatted with him. Jiang Yi was speechless when he heard from the sidelines, looking at Jia Shu idiotically. Le Yi also came down, he curiously asked Yu Shengsheng how she usually squatted in the news, Yu Shengsheng explained that she is not a paparazzi.

Xu Shuyi also came. As soon as she came in, she slapped Jia Shu very familiarly, and then she saw the sound of the sound and said she was a paparazzi. Yu Shengsheng planned to take the initiative, and Jiang Yi interrupted the two after a while. Xu Shuyi took out what she had made, and several people came around happily. Only the remaining voices were not very happy. Xu Shuyi’s tea and tea talks, and the remaining voices could not be used. Xu Shuyi was still telling Jia Shu about her thoughts about Yu Shengsheng behind her back, but she didn’t expect to be heard by Yu Shengsheng and didn’t give her a good face.

Yu Shengsheng went back to the room to write in a bad mood, but couldn’t write a word. Jiang Yi came over and asked Yu Shengsheng if she could play cards. She said no, and he left. Yu Shengsheng complained that they couldn’t see that they were isolating her, and asked her to go out to play cards. After a while, Jiang Yi came back again and brought a box of snacks that she liked. He came to comfort her.

Yu Shengsheng watched Jiang Yi’s creation and serious work alone, took pictures secretly, and watched silently for a while. Yu Shengsheng was about to leave in the morning. Momo gave her her phone number and asked her to call her in the future. She still wanted to hang out with them. Jiang Yi’s father came to pick Momo home. Momo was very happy. Jiang Yi told his father that Momo had acute gastroenteritis and gave him the request. Jiang Yi looked at his father’s concern for Momo, a little sad, his eyes flushed a little.

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