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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 6 Recap

After Jiang Yi dismissed Jiang Dachuan, he quickly called Yu Shengsheng and asked her for walnuts. Jiang Yi saw the walnuts that had been in the market for seven years and asked her how to pay for it. Yu Shengsheng quickly apologized, and she also left a note in the small box. Yu Shengsheng asked Jiang Yi why he was guarding her in this way.

He sent a message on WeChat and deleted one. At any rate, he downloaded the photos of Jiashu. Jiang Yi said who knows what they did for taking these photos for illegitimate meals. Yu Shengsheng was also very angry. He didn’t explain at all, and asked him how he planned to make her pay. Jiang Yi hadn’t thought of it, but he told her when he thought about it, and then hung up the phone.

Jiang Yi’s father sent Momo to Jiang Yi’s place. Jiang Yi called and asked Yu Shengsheng to explain what was going on. Yu Shengsheng told him that his dad would let him take care of his sister for a few days, and his father could not take care of him if he had to go out. Yu Shengsheng asked Jiang Yi why Shen Boqing always sent her some inexplicable sour words. Jiang Yi told her that Shen Boqing had confessed to her, let them be together and wish them happiness.

When Yu Shengsheng had breakfast, she found that her father had made braised pork for her, saying that she wanted to eat it. Mother also said that Yu Shengsheng had shouted to lose weight every day before. She didn’t eat this or the other, but now she seems to have really restrained it. Yu Shengsheng squeezed the meat he was on alone, and ran back to the room to weigh it. Seeing the number on the scale, he couldn’t believe it and weighed it twice. Yu Shengsheng came to the company and interacted with colleagues on a daily basis. Tong Wei bought potato chips for her. Tong Wei found that Yu Shengsheng was different from the previous two days. Yu Shengsheng told Tong Wei the fact, but she didn’t believe it.

Shen Boqing gave Yu Shengsheng a bunch of strawberry bouquets to the company. The colleagues in the company were all booing too sweet. Tong Wei also teased Yu Shengsheng, and she had no choice but to agree with it perfunctorily. Tongwei gave Yu Shengsheng two days to write Gao Xuan’s and Zhou Xizhe’s manuscripts, but Yu Shengsheng didn’t know what to write.

The younger sister was sitting on the sofa. Jiang Yi called Jiang Dachuan for help. Jiang Dachuan Leyi and Jia Shu couldn’t come back after going out to work, so he asked his assistant to take care of him first, and let him take care of his sister first. Jiang Yi called the remaining voice, and cooperated with each other for after-sales service.

My sister was silent and didn’t speak much, Yu Shengsheng cooked for them. Yu Shengsheng got along with her sister very well, and stayed with her all day long. Yu Shengsheng helped Momo get wet in the bath and asked Jiang Yi to borrow the clothes. Yu Shengsheng wanted to change clothes in Jiang Yi’s room, and she signaled Jiang Yi to go out. Jiang Yi emphasized that he was not interested in Yu Shengsheng’s body. After all, he watched everything that should or shouldn’t be seen, and Yu Shengsheng echoed her.

Yu Shengsheng told Momo a bedtime story to coax Momo to sleep. Yu Shengsheng just wanted to leave, but Momo sat up crying. She couldn’t coax her anymore, so she just called Jiang Yi to come over. Momo stopped crying when he saw that Jiang Yi had come, and obediently said that he wanted to go to bed. Jiang Yi watched Momo fell asleep and went back. But as soon as Jiang Yi left, Momo cried again. Momo offered to go out for a picnic. Momo saw that she hesitated and was about to cry again. Yu Shengsheng had to agree, and Momo went to bed obediently.

In the morning, Yu Shengsheng called Tongwei to ask for leave, and then told Jiang Yi about taking Momo out for a picnic today. The three of them went out for a picnic together. Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi were sitting and chatting, while Momo was playing on the side. Momo suddenly saw someone eating ice cream and she wanted to eat it too. She wanted Yu Shengsheng to buy it, and Yu Shengsheng asked her to seek Jiang Yi’s consent. Jiang Yi helpless, Yu Shengsheng took Momo to buy ice cream to eat.

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