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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 5 Recap

Yu Shengsheng told Jiang Yi that Xu Shuyi was a fishery manager, explained to him what he meant, and gave him the evidence one by one, but Jiang Yi just didn’t listen. After watching the show, Jiang Yi was not in a good mood. As soon as Le returned to the apartment, he saw Yu Shengsheng lying on the sofa unhappy, and he went to comfort him. Le Yi asked Yu Sheng Acoustics to hold back not to look at it. He couldn’t help but cut the trumpet and scolded him back. Le Yi cut the trumpet demonstratively and saw a black fan comment, and then went back.

Shen Boqing sent Jiang Yi home. He was about to go upstairs, so he was pulled by Shen Boqing to confess to him that Jiang Yi could not make a decision for Yu Shengsheng, and Shen Boqing said that he could wait. Yu Shengsheng turned on the phone and didn’t see Jiang Yi’s apology text. She was very angry and scolded Jiang Yi in the mirror. She changed her clothes dejectedly. After taking off her clothes, she saw Jiang Yi’s figure. She wanted to threaten him by not taking a nude photo. , But soon she calmed down.

Dad Jiang Yi called. Dad first asked about his body, and then said that they had something to do with him this time. They had something to do in the past few days. They wanted to send Momo to Jiang Yi to stay for a few days, and then he agreed. Up. Yu Shengsheng felt so tired. She searched the Internet for solutions to body swaps, but they were all unreliable.

Yu Shengsheng intends to relax and browse Weibo. This time she did not decide to build a trumpet like last time, but she didn’t expect Jiang Yi to have a trumpet. She got on Jiang Yi’s trumpet and found Jiang Yi’s only concern. It was Xu Shuyi who returned Xu Shuyi’s anti-crime, and she knew that he liked Xu Shuyi so much. Yu Shengsheng was homesick, she came downstairs, Jiang Yi came down, Jiang Yi reflected today, he apologized to Yu Sheng, and Yu Shengsheng also apologized to him.

At a company meeting, a colleague said bitterly that Tong Wei and Yu Shengsheng were the group. When they talked about whether Gao Xuan and Zhou Xizhe were together, Jiang Yi casually said that they were married, and everyone turned their heads to look at him in shock. Tongwei had no choice but to say that this was one of their topics for next week, and they wanted to keep it secret. After the meeting, Tong Wei asked Jiang Yi how he knew Gao Xuan and Zhou Xizhe were married, and if there is any evidence. Jiang Yi knew in his heart that it was because he was a follower, but he answered what a friend said. Tongwei asked Jiang Yi when he would go back to live with her, Jiang Yi said for two days, and then left in a hurry.

It started to rain heavily outside, Jiang Yi under the umbrella under the stairs, saw the sound of squatting there waiting for him. Jiang Yi stretched out his hand to pull the lingering sound, and the lingering leg numb saved Jiang Yi. The two came to the hotel where the accident happened, holding hands and taking the elevator, but neither of them felt anything. Jiang Yi analyzed other factors, such as weightlessness or fear of panic and excitement. After that, he remembered the kisses he found on the Internet before and decided to try it. Yu Shengsheng asked Jiang Yi for an umbrella, holding the umbrella to block the camera, the two kissed, and the two finally switched back.

Yu Shengsheng took Jiang Yi to a big meal to celebrate. The two chatted a lot and exchanged their feelings in life during this period of time, feeling that life is not easy. Jiang Yi said that the two will never meet again, but he can provide a week of after-sales service and cooperate with her to finish the topic of next week. Yu Shengsheng went home drunk and saw that her parents were very excited and enthusiastic. She was drunk, and her parents were a little uncomfortable with her drunk, so she washed and went to sleep.

Jiang Yi also returned to his apartment, soaking his feet quietly, his hands moved involuntarily, and then he remembered his walnuts. Jiang Yi got up to look for walnuts. Jiang Dachuan told him that the walnuts had been smashed by himself, and he laughed angrily.

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