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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 24 Recap

Liang Shaoxue guarded Tian Yong’s awakening in the health team. As soon as Tian Yong woke up, Liang Shaoxue confessed to him that he wanted to fall in love with Tian Yong. Tian Yong was very nervous, put on his shoes and ran to the training ground. Liang Shaoxue followed him closely. Behind. Liang Muze was reporting to Dong Zhigang about Long Yi’s injury to the beginning of Xia. The two saw Liang Shaoxue chasing Tian Yong. Liang Muze hurriedly stopped Liang Shaoxue.

Liang Shaoxue also asked Dong Zhigang to persuade Tian Yong to fall in love with him. Tian Yong saw Liang Shaoxue persist in such a relationship. Asked Dong Zhigang for half an hour off, saying that he would take Liang Shaoxue to the Martyrs Cemetery. Tian Yong wanted Liang Shaoxue to retreat and stop pursuing herself, but Liang Shaoxue insisted, saying that death could not stop feelings, and Tian Yong could see her fragility.

This is more than anything else. Tian Yong put his own Tang poems Three hundred poems were given to Liang Shaoxue, saying that after Liang Shaoxue had memorized the three hundred poems of Tang Dynasty, she understood her spiritual world before deciding whether to like him or not, Liang Shaoxue agreed.

After Liang Muze knew about this, she went to talk to Liang Shaoxue to persuade her not to fall in love with Tian Yong. She said that Liang Shaoxue was always hot for three minutes when she did things. She didn’t believe how long she could like Tian Yong, and Tian Yong is an active soldier. If the two are together, wait for Liang Shaoxue to return.

After the United States, the two are about to have a foreign relationship. It is simply unrealistic to fall in love together. Liang Shaoxue accused Liang Muze of preaching and said that he was jealous of his courage and determination to go with Tian Yong Tianya, but his early Xia Focusing on the medical career, Liang Muze was stabbed at the center of the matter and left with anger. Liang Muze called and told Rao Feng that Liang Shaoxue was in the army.

Rao Feng said that he knew that he had installed a tracking system in Liang Shaoxue’s phone. Liang Muze was a little moved and wanted to install one in his phone in early summer. Rao Feng and Liang Muze do not believe that Zoran is innocent, nor do they believe that Long Yi wants to kidnap Xia Chu, but they also know that T4 is currently splitting. Although Zoran is using the police, the police can also use him in turn.

The leader, Zhang Yichi, is actually Zhang Yichi’s father. After he inspected the work, Zhang Yichi wanted to accompany him to dinner, but it happened that Li Juan came to deliver food to them. Hearing Zhang Yichi said that he now has a person he likes, he frustrated him to bring him and his parents When we met, Zhang Yichi had a headache. He didn’t want to tell his family about Chen Mengzhen so early.

When he was hesitating to call Chen Mengzhen, Xia Chu called and said that Liu Ran’s condition was not very good, so Zhang Yichi rushed over to take a look. . Zhang Yichi and others tried their best to rescue Liu Ran, but Liu Ran still failed to survive. At the last moment of her life, she called Xia Chu and told Xia Chu that there was a letter written to her under her pillow. You must remember to read it, Liu. After saying one last thank you to Xia Chu, he closed his eyes forever.

The master bought a group of villagers to transport drugs on the Chinese border and told Zoran that the trading place was in Heifenglin. He also bought the soldier Songpashan who had trained with Liang Muze as a mercenary to transport drugs, and it happened that Liang Muze’s Thunder team received it. The task is to go to the border to catch drug dealers.

Zhuo Ran asked Rao Feng to let him go and return to T4 as an undercover agent. He cooperated with the police in arresting the master. Although Rao Feng did not believe that Zhuo Ran was innocent, he felt that Zhuo Ran must be in conflict with the master. This is a good opportunity to attack T4. He asked the Secretary to agree to Zoran’s request.

Liang Muze led the Thunder Squad to fight with mercenaries such as Songpashan at the border. Liang Muze shot Songpashan and found out that it was Songpashan after pulling off his mask. He wanted to call medical soldiers to treat Songpashan, but Songpashan Shan shook his head, and died in a short time. Liang Muze caught Long Yi and handed Long Yi to the police.

Zhuo Ran returned to Willick and pointed the finger at Liang Muze in front of the master. He wanted the master to tie Liang Shaoxue to him, but the master remembered that in the beginning of Xia, he wanted someone to take Xia. Tie up for the first time, not only can teach Liang Muze, but also threaten Xia Guangyuan.

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