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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 5 Recap

Because of her childhood experience, Bai Jue did not like to get along with others. The ancients held her hand tightly. She believed that people should not only be indifferent and harsh in getting along with each other. From now on, she will always accompany Bai Jue, and the two will be together. advance and retreat. Looking at the little girl holding him tightly in front of him, Bai Jue was already moving in red at this moment, and he couldn’t help but hugged the ancients, enjoying the warmth of the moment.

Apocalypse worries that Zhiyang will punish herself when he comes back. Yuemi is comforting Tianqi, but when he knows that Tianqi’s heart is only the ancient one, Yuemi can’t help but feel disappointed, and Sun God and Yue Ye are still entangled by the marriage god, even Tianqi. Yu Yueya is also rare to separate the two.

On the other side, Puhua came to the joy room. When he saw Bai Jue, he could not help but squeeze a sweat for himself, and truthfully told Bai Jue his purpose. He set up this banquet to promote the marriage between Tianqi and the ancients. But he mistakenly regarded Bai Jue as apocalypse. Bai Jue did not punish Puhua heavily, only to make Puhua no longer care about the marriage of the true gods, and today’s matter to Puhua can only be regarded as never happened, and he does not want to hear rumors about this matter.

Bai Jue returned to the temple with the ancients in his hands, but the ancients fell asleep all the way, and everyone didn’t know that Bai Jue holding the goddess was actually the ancients. At this time in the pilgrimage hall, Zhi Yang already knew about the fact that the sun and the night gods were in the realm at the same time. He publicly accountable for the two of them, and both of them are willing to take the fault for each other. Seeing that the two are truly affectionate, Yue Mi She stood up and spoke for the two of them, thinking that they were not at fault, and the rope of marriage yesterday was also wrongly thrown on them by her.

When the marriage rope matter was involved, Puhua also quickly admitted his mistake. Zhiyang knew that the marriage meeting was held by Tianqi, and it was not Puhua that was wrong. Instead, Yuemi was mischievous. Yuemi was held accountable, and Tianqi stood up for Yuemai at this time. Responsibility, he took everything on himself. Although Tianqi admitted everything, he believed that he was not at fault. It was just an ordinary rope. Seeing such a rebellious and self-willed Apocalypse, the Sun Qi didn’t hit the spot, and he punished Apocalypse on the spot and went to Mingtang to ban.

When the ancients woke up, she learned that Bai Jue had come back with her in her arms, and she couldn’t help being delighted, but the realm of God exploded because of the fact that Bai Jue was holding the goddess, and they were all speculating about Bai Jue’s favorite person, and only Xueying was the only one. I noticed the ancient dress and knew that the person Bai Jue was holding was actually the ancient.

The true gods are different from mortals, and their loneliness for thousands of years has left them ignorant of what they are. The ancient times had already moved, but she was still unsure of her heart. She came to ask Puhua, and Puhua informed him that after one or two he gave the ancient times a bottle of wine and sneaked away. After drinking a few sips of strong wine in the ancient times, she couldn’t help but think of Bai Ju when she looked at the stars in the sky, so she came to Changyuan Hall to look for Bai Ju, and Bai Ju asked her to take her to see the stars.

Bai Ju brought Antiquity to Qiankun Terrace, and Antiquity leaned on Bai Jue’s shoulder, leaning against Bai Jue, watching the stars in the sky with him. Bai Ju was always cold, but he couldn’t help but smile at this moment, but he saw the sign of the Qiankun Terrace not long after, indicating that the Middle Ages was in danger. Bai Jue was awakened. He was afraid of the ancients. He did not tell the ancients. Instead, he sought Zhizhi Yang, let Zhiyang block the Universe Terrace, and he alone can guard the Universe Terrace.

Tianqi was tortured by the true god of thunder. Yuemi came to see Tianqi. She mentioned the marriage rope. Tianqi did not understand Yuemi’s intentions and mistakenly believed that Yuemi was in love with other gods. Yuemi had to say that the rope was her helping Tianqi to chase after him. In antiquity, Tianqi was moved by the desire to become brothers with Yuemi, and Yuemi pushed Tianqi away and left Mingtang.

The ancients told Yuemi that they already admired people, and Yuemi guessed that the ancients liked Bai Jue. She helped the ancients and asked the ancients to do what they like to Bai Jue. In order to please Bai Jue in the ancient times, she made a phoenix kite with her own hands and set it up in the Hall of Changyuan with Bai Jue. Seeing the ancient smile, Bai Jue couldn’t help but smile. When the two of them were flying kites, Bai Jue promised that he would do everything he could to help the ancients take over the gods as soon as possible, and one day the place where the divine light shines will be the name of ancient chaos.

The ancient divine veins have been opened, and Bai Jue wrote Lingyu to Feng Yun, the elder of the Phoenix tribe, preparing to let the ancients go to the Phoenix tribe to choose the divine beasts. If the Phoenix Emperor can become the divine beast of the ancients, the Feng tribe must be the most loyal and powerful support of the ancients in the future.

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