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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 4 Recap

The ancients were having a temper with Bai Jue. Yue Mi was entrusted by the ancients to ask Bai Jue to return to the source of the ancient chaos. Hong Sun gave Bai Jue the source of the chaos that Bai Ju had already prepared to Yue Mi, and Yue Mi looked at the spirit. The source of such a strong force couldn’t help but be a little surprised, thinking that Bai Jue’s teaching was good, and she and Tianqi’s teachings for tens of thousands of years did not have this effect.

On the other side, the ancients sneaked into the Hall of Changyuan, just in time to see Bai Jue meditating into concentration. She stepped forward to get the source of chaos, but she could not find the way to take it out, remembering that she had sent the source into Bai Jue’s body. In that scene, the ancients blushed and prepared to kiss Bai Jue, trying to get back to the origin from Bai Jue’s mouth. Unexpectedly, Bai Jue woke up, and the ancients learned that Bai Jue had not settled. She was shy, shouting that she would break with Bai Jue and went back to her own temple.

Changyuan Palace became quiet again because of the disappearance of the ancients, but Bai Jue kept thinking about the ancients. He asked Hongri how to coax the ancients in the name of his friend. Hongri saw through the deep meaning of Bai Jue, but did not reveal it. Let Bai Jue go to apologize to Shanggu. After receiving Hongri’s answer, Bai Jue came to search for the ancients, but saw that the ancients was playing with a sieve in the temple.

She couldn’t help but reprimanded the antiquity’s playthings for loss of ambition. The ancients restored the arrogance of the Chaos Lord God. She ignored Bai Jue’s apology and good intentions, and only waved her hands. The ancient emperor sword is ready to see off the guests. The ancient emperor sword was made by Bai Jue himself. It did not harm Bai Jue. The ancients could not control the ancient emperor sword and left with great enthusiasm, leaving Bai Jue alone.

Bai Jue is depressed by the antiquity, Hong Ri has made a good plan for Bai Jue again. According to what the red sun said, Bai Ju came to the antiquity and read the words of praise to the antiquity according to the words given by the red sun. The ancient Ben was angry, but Bai Jue’s praise could be heard, and she couldn’t help showing joy, chasing Bai Jue out of the hall, leaving Tianqi and Yuemi alone. Seeing that the ancients were unusual to Bai Jue, Tianqi couldn’t help but feel a sense of crisis. He admired the ancients for many years, and he was unwilling to let Bai Jue cross his feet. Yuemi heard Tianqi’s words, and his heart was equally sour. Tianqi only knew to pursue the ancients. But I don’t know her admiration.

Apocalypse came to look for the God Lord Puhua, who was in charge of marriage, and asked Puhua to hold a marriage meeting, when most of the gods of the gods would attend. Later, Apocalypse’s entourage Zi Han came to Changyuan Hall to send invitations and invited Bai Jue to participate in the marriage meeting in Taoyuanlin.

He accidentally said that the ancient wounds had not healed, and Bai Jue heard him in his heart. Bai Jue took the initiative to deliver medicine to the ancients, but before he stepped into the temple, he heard the ancient Yinling-like laughter. Tianqi was telling stories to the ancients, and the two of them were a happy elephant. He heard the ancients talking about her most. The god he likes is the apocalypse, and Bai Jue couldn’t help but taste it in his heart.

In the Taoyuan forest, Tianqi put on a gorgeous purple dress, ready to shine in front of the ancients. Unexpectedly, Bai Ju, who has never participated in the banquet, also came to the marriage meeting. The goddess chased Bai Ju to show her hospitality, but Bai Ju came to the ancients. He gave the medicine to the ancients, and personally apologized to the ancients. He shouldn’t ignore the ancient feelings about Jiuyou. With Bai Jue’s apology and this intention, the ancients no longer care about Jiuyou.

She reconciles with Bai Jue and plans to go back to Changyuan Hall to learn art with Bai Jue tomorrow. The reconciliation of the two fell into Xueying’s eyes. Xueying was extremely uncomfortable. She deliberately spilled the ancient wine in the name of toasting. When Tianqi was about to get angry, Bai Jue relieved the siege for the ancient and Xueying. He cast a spell to put on a new plain white dress for the ancients. Both of them wore plain white colors, and the gods couldn’t help but joke about the match of the two.

Yuemi came to find Puhua, she took the marriage rope from Puhua, and planned to use the marriage rope on Tianqi. As anyone knows, Yuemi missed and wasted the marriage rope on the other two gods. On the other side, Xueying followed Bai Jue to the Hall of Changyuan. She mentioned the first acquaintance of the two in 30,000 years and wanted to be with Bai Jue, but Bai Jue refused Xueying and gave Xueying no chance.

Taoyuanlin is holding a marriage meeting. He was originally a good couple, but because the moon god and the sun god descended to the realm at the same time, the wind hit the sky and the sky turned black instantly, and the apocalypse was not good. He and Yuemi searched for the moon in the lower realm. God and Sun God, Bai Jue hurriedly came to the ancients, he wanted to take the ancients away, but Puhua mistaken Bai Jue for the apocalypse in the distance, he cast a spell to make the two fall into the dark room, creating a relationship opportunity.

Bai Ju was in the same dark room with the ancients, and the ancients had already known that Bai Ju had given her the first power of Pingding Demon Venerable. Coupled with Bai Ju’s apology, she had changed her attitude towards Bai Jue. The two people no longer get along with each other. Seeing the red star of the other gods in the dark room, Bai Ju also consciously changes in his heart. He can not help but meditate and stabilize his mind, while the ancients saw Bai Ju’s in the dark room. In the natal chart, she used her spiritual power to control the harshness that Bai Yue experienced when she was young, and she couldn’t help but feel distressed for the Bai Yue next to her.

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