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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 3 Recap

The ancients were diligent in practicing swords. Now she has greatly increased her divine power and her character has also changed a lot. Bai Jue’s acclaimed general method no longer applies to the ancients. Afterwards, Bai Ju returned to the realm of the gods. Both Tianqi and Zhiyang told Bai Ju to treat the ancients well, and must not beat and scold the ancients. Bai Jue disagrees. He came this time to take four artifacts to the ancients, Phoenix Feather, The mysterious turtle shell, the strange dragon horn and the mysterious gold iron heard that Bai Ju had opened the divine veins for the ancients.

Tianqi and Zhiyang couldn’t help but feel a little surprised. Zhiyang gave Baiju three artifacts, but the mysterious gold iron is in Beihai, Baiju. You need to take a trip to Beihai by yourself. Before he left, Zhi Yang told Bai Jue that the ancient divine veins had been opened, and he was afraid that the first catastrophe would soon be ushered in. Bai Ju needed to be more careful about the ancients, and don’t be careless.

The ancients practiced swords in the bamboo forest. There is no enchantment guardian here, and Bai Jun is not by his side. The Mozu is focusing on the ancients, and the ancients only feel that their power has increased greatly. She ignored the red sun’s persuasion and went to fight the demon.

Just then, the ancient times ushered in the first thunder tribulation, and Bai Ju rushed back at this time. He stepped forward to block the thunder tribulation for the ancient times, and secretly marveled that the ancient divine veins would be extraordinary at the beginning of the robbery cloud, I’m afraid In the future, when the ancients inherit the throne of God, the sky will be shaken.

Bai Ju did not let the ancients know about the fact that he blocked the sky thunder for the ancients. The ancients mistakenly thought that he was a good fate. After blocking the sky thunder, Bai Ju used four artifacts to make a magical tool for the ancients, but because of his spirit Exhausted too much force and fainted.

Jiuyou, Xuanyi already knows that Bai Jue was the ancient god of tribulation and casting artifacts. He is very interesting. Tianqi has taught the ancients for 10,000 years, and the ancients has never been resuscitated. Bai Jue can only make the ancient gods within a few months. The pulse is wide open, but he wants to meet the Chaos Lord God who will make Bai Jue so attached.

Bai Jue fainted and Hong Sun was taking care of her. The ancients learned from Hong Sun that Bai Jue had blocked forty-nine sky thunders for her, and that Bai Jue’s primordial spirit cast her artifacts when she was seriously injured. Everything Bai Ju has done for the ancients is remembered in the heart of the ancients. Hong Ri wants to go to the God Realm and asks Zhi Yang to come and heal Bai Ju’s wounds, but the ancients stop Hong Ri. She asks Hong Ri to go out to strengthen the enchantment and prepare herself. Divine power to Bai Jue. The ancients crossed with divine power, but the divine power couldn’t enter Bai Jue’s body. The ancients had no choice but to go forward and kiss Bai Jue, allowing the divine power to flow into Bai Jue’s body.

The enchantment of Watching Mountain collapsed, and Xuan Yi knew that the origin of Bai Ju was damaged. He was going to Watch Mountain to meet Bai Ju and the ancients for a while. On the other hand, Bai Jue woke up, he mistakenly thought that Apocalypse had come to heal him. The ancients watched Bai Jue unscathed and felt happy in her heart. After this, she also truly worshipped Bai as the main god. Jue is a teacher, devoting himself to spiritual practice, and will walk with Bai Jue in the future.

The Mozu once again attacked the Watchtower Mountain. Baiju was led away by the Mozu, and the ancient was caught by the Mozu. She shouted for help. Baiju came to Jiuyou to save the ancients. The two saw the demon in Jiuyou. Zun Xuan Yi. Xuan Yi’s trip was intended for Bai Jue. He once again acted on Bai Jue, trapped Bai Jue, and took away the ancients. The ancients always remembered Bai Jue’s words, she did not look at Xuanyi’s eyes.

Xuanyi mentioned Bai Jue’s dedication to the ancients, thinking that Bai Jue was eager to deny Xuanyi’s words, she raised her head and stared at Xuanyi’s , Was hit by Xuan Yi’s illusion. Xuan Yi imagined a fake Bai Jue to confuse the ancients. The real Bai Ju came to the ancients at a critical moment. He defeated Xuan Yi’s illusion. Xuan Yi could see Bai Jue’s intentions for the ancients, even if he killed Bai Jue thousands of years ago. Bai Jue’s subordinate soldiers were not so angry.

Bai Ju wanted to take the ancients to leave Jiuyou, but now his spiritual power was damaged, and he only broke through the barrier to let the ancients leave first. When the ancients left, they saw the figures of Tianqi and Zhiyang. The two were not surprised by the fact that Bai Ju entered the Jiuyou. Only then did the ancients know that everything was already set by Bai Ju. The Jiuyou enchantment was damaged, Tianqi and Zhiyang came to help Bai Jue according to the original plan. The three activated the god-binding formation left by the ancestors and temporarily trapped Xuan Yi on the god-binding stage.

The ancients and Bai Yue were stunned. She thought that she was nothing more than a chess piece for Bai Ju. She originally thought that Bai Ju was sincere in protecting her from the sky and casting weapons, but it turned out that everything was in Bai Ju’s plan. On the other hand, Bai Jue’s move was in Xuanyi’s plan. This time, he forced the ancestors’ last defense against him. If the ancients wanted to practice the power of Chaos, he would definitely come to him again. He was not in a hurry for a while. .

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