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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 12 Recap

The Eidolon participated in the battle between the two sides, and fought with Xiaobao. Xiaobao slashed through the bag and slipped out the private salt with white flowers inside. It turned out to be a private salt dealer. No wonder the martial arts were so high, Xiaobao and the thieves escaped. .

The only thing left to fight with Wang Biao was Ere Ling Xia and Xiao Wanzi secretly followed and helped with a slingshot, but Wang Biao discovered that a poisonous dart stabbed Xiao Wanzi. After hearing Xiao Wanzi’s voice, Era Duck hurried forward. Wang Biao proudly said behind his darts that his darts were poisonous, and if he wanted the cure, he had to kneel down.

Looking at Xiao Wanzi’s frown, he resolutely threw down his sword and knelt in front of Wang Biao. Wang Biao’s men rushed up, punching and kicking at the Ere Spirit, Xiao Wanzi was distressed, and kept begging everyone’s assistants. Wang Biao stepped forward and wanted to take off the mask of the night spirit man. The night spirit man couldn’t help but grabbed the antidote. After feeding the small balls, he fought back with a knife and drove away Wang Biao. A group of people.

This battle consumed a lot of physical strength for Mei Shiqing. Xiaowanzi barely carried Mei Shiqing to a cave to rest. Xiaowanzi apologized to Mei Shiqing very guiltily, and the two had to be wronged in the cave for one night.

Xiaobao returned to the cottage with a car of private salt. Nanxiang helped Xiaobao take credit in front of Nan Batian. Nan Batian mistakenly thought that Xiaobao had finally changed his mind and he could dominate Xiaowanzi. So happily continue to celebrate the wine.

When the fire rose, Xiao Maruko couldn’t help but ask about Mei Shiqing’s true purpose in becoming the Night Spirit Man. Mei Shiqing said that she was for the mother who was killed by the gangster and wanted to punish the evil. Xiaowanzi was very moved after hearing this, and wanted to go on a heroic fight with Mei Shiqing.

During the conversation, Xiao Wanzi couldn’t help but began to spy on Mei Shiqing and A Rou’s relationship. Seeing Xiao Wanzi had a lump in his heart, Mei Shiqing simply explained all of this clearly, which eliminated Xiao Wanzi’s worries. An Xin lay in Mei Shiqing’s arms. The two fell asleep, and Mei Shiqing was awakened by the nightmare again. The mother in the dream was captured by thieves and repeatedly beaten. Xiaowanzi was awakened, and when she turned to see Mei Shiqing’s pale face, she felt distressed and promised that Mei Shiqing would help find the murderer together.

The Shanzhai celebration dinner drank a group of people. He Yizhi saw that everyone was drunk, so he wanted to take Lu Yingyao to escape. Unexpectedly, Xiaobao was holding on to his drunken consciousness and deliberately knocked on Lu Yingyao’s room door. Speaking of not killing anyone alone this time, remember the agreement with Lu Yingyao.

Seeing Xiao Bao drunk at the door, Lu Yingyao placed him on the bed worriedly, and reluctantly said goodbye to Xiao Bao. Before He Yizhi and Lu Yingyao took two steps, they happened to hear that Wu Ye tried to steal two bags of goods and sent them to Xiaobao’s room, and blamed him on Xiaobao. Lu Yingyao really didn’t want to watch Xiaobao being framed, so she decided to give up this opportunity to escape, and He Yizhi really couldn’t go back empty-handed, so she had to give up this opportunity too.

Lu Yingyao and He Yizhi went back to the room to remind Little Treasure that it was only then that Little Treasure woke up and quickly went back to find his subordinates. Sure enough, two strange goods appeared in the room. The two boxes of goods were repacked and returned.

Xiao Wanzi and Mei Shiqing continued on their journey. Si Heng rode a horse and finally found them. He quickly picked up Mei Shiqing and Mei Shiqing. On the other side, Wu Ye gave a small report to Nan Ba ​​Tian, ​​Nan Ba ​​Tian asked Xiao Bao personally, Xiao Bao and Wu Ye quarreled, Nan Ba ​​Tian decided to search for it himself. Sure enough, Nan Batian’s men did not find anything in Xiaobao’s room.

Xiaobao caught the opportunity and asked for a thorough investigation. Under the witness of all the cottage people, Wu Ye’s men were arrested, Nan Batian He began to question Wu Ye. By this time, Wu Ye was still stubborn, and Nan Batian watched Wu Ye’s men lower their heads, and fiercely let Wu Ye make a choice…

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