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The Secret of Love 不能恋爱的秘密 Episode 2 Recap

Grandpa Li Yaohui was very angry, saying that Li Jia has no plan yet, what better? It was like a child playing house, it was really nonsense, and he left angrily after speaking. Li Jiashang stood up and said to Su Yi congratulations on her getting the right to cooperate, and asked Editor Sun to give Su Yi the leadership of the big show in the future. The assistant said that Su Yi just went to the company and didn’t understand a lot of things, and told Li Jiashang not to do that. But Li Jiashang said that after all, Su Yi came up with creativity, and only she can do it.

After that, Li Jiashang asked someone to investigate Su Yi’s background. He didn’t expect to see Su Yi in the underground garage and stood in front of him. Li Jiashang didn’t want to talk to Su Yi and wanted to drive Su Yi directly to scare Su Yi away, but Su Yi stood The front didn’t move, Li Jiashang had to brake and asked Su Yi what he wanted to do? Su Yi apologized to Li Jiashang for what happened before. Li Jiashang should not use routines to deceive him, but Li Jiashang said that once he was deceived, he blamed himself, and one after another was even more to blame.

However, Su Yi said that many of the previous plans were above the market level. Li Jiashang just failed to pass, stating that Mingxiu should become the victim of Li’s corporate internal fighting. For Li Jiashang, Mingxiu may be just a bargaining chip, but for the employees of Mingxiu it is career and pursuit. Regardless of whether Li Jiashang is willing to forgive her, he must say sorry.

After Su Yi went to work, Film went to congratulate her on her winning the top spot. Film asked Su Yi’s deliberate crystallization of Li Jiashang because the plan failed? Su Yi told Fei Lin that she didn’t want to fail like that while watching a famous star, and she had no other idea.

After that, Su Yi went to Li Jiashang to discuss the plan, and Li Jiashang said that the shoes Su Yi had stolen must not fit properly, but Su Yi told Li Jiashang that he would continue to wear it even if it was bleeding. But I really didn’t expect that the shoes Su Yi wore really rubbed his feet, and he really smashed his heels. So Li Jiashang warmly helped Su Yi put his shoes on paper towels, which made Su Yi feel that Li Jiashang was still a gentleman.

After that, Suy made careful arrangements at the press conference site. In the absence of a model, Suy did not get confused. Suy had arranged candidates to be the substitute in advance. At this time, Film and the others did not expect it. So Editor-in-Chief Sun asked the substitute to try on the clothes, but he didn’t expect that the clothes would be damaged. So Su Yi took it and took a look. After Su Yi’s modification, he changed a piece of the damaged clothes.

After Suy solved the key problem, he didn’t expect Film to deliberately fall over Su Yi’s body while holding coffee, but Su Yi asked his assistant to take care of other clothes not to let people approach him, and then took off his dress and went to the dressing room to cut paper. Film on the side saw it and thought it was really good enough, she was also very helpless, there was no way to take Su Yi. After that, Li Jiashang watched Su Yi change her long dress into a short one, afraid that she would take off her coat and put it on Su Yi’s lap.

Later on the curtain call, Mr. Zhang said that this success was due to Su Yi, while Li Jiashang said that it was Mr. Zhang’s credit. After all, he had worked hard for his entire life in Li’s enterprise, and this was his last perfect curtain call. The people at the scene and Mr. Zhang were very surprised when this sentence was released. In the background, Film found Su Yi’s water cup and wanted to secretly put poison in it. Su Yi appeared at this moment and asked Film about what he wanted to add to it. Ferry was so scared that he quickly said no.

After that, Su Yi went to tell Li Jiashang that he would wash his coat and return it to Li Jiashang, and Li Jiashang also thanked Su Yi for giving him the USB flash drive, which contained evidence about Mr. Zhang’s kickback for so many years, and gave it to Su Yi before. Put on Su Yi’s necklace again and told Su Yi that the things he sent out would not be taken back. The scene in front of them was captured by a camera not far away.

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