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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 25 Recap

Kong Shiju was sweeping the street, and Liu Guiqin saw it and praised him that he was right, don’t always listen to obsessive voices at home. Liu Guiqin saw several older sisters chatting, but when they saw her, they broke up. When Yu Caifeng and Yu Chenglong came back, they were pleasantly surprised to see Liu Guiqin as the director of the Revolutionary Committee. The children said they wanted to eat sauerkraut stewed vermicelli. Liu Guiqin said that she still had a job and asked them to eat at Wang Sulan’s house. During this period of time Liu Guiqin had been living in Wang Sulan’s house. Zhao Duofu felt that staying in this way was not an option.

Since Liu Guiqin became the director of the Revolutionary Committee, few people have been willing to take care of her. Wang Sulan was naturally directed towards Liu Guiqin and directly exposed Zhao Duofu’s shortcomings. Zhao Duofu suddenly showed off, and Wang Sulan was even more aggrieved. If she hadn’t taken care of the Zhao family, the children in her belly would not be lost! Zhao Duofu quickly admitted his mistake.

Yu Deshui cooked food for the children. Speaking of Liu Guiqin, the children persuaded Yu Deshui not to treat Liu Guiqin like this. It is a good thing to have ideals. But Yu Deshui’s attitude was very firm. He felt that he could not step on the arms of others to fulfill his ideals. He also said that if Liu Guiqin wanted to come back, he had to resign the director of the Revolutionary Committee. Qi Fendou took Qi’s mother’s buns and sent them to Liu Guiqin, and asked her to eat them while it was hot. At this time, someone was willing to give her something to eat. Liu Guiqin shed two lines of tears.

Somerset came to consult and persuaded Yu Deshui to take Liu Guiqin home, but Yu Deshui asked about Qi Xiangqian’s situation. Although he despised this apprentice, he was also very worried about him. People from the combat team were injured and came to Somerset. Somerset heard that they were injured in the fight and sent them to the hospital.

This was not in her control, and the other party was very angry. Qi Fendou hurriedly told Qi Mu that Shengjie had been taken away by those people, and Qiushi had gone to see Liu Guiqin. Mother Qi hurried to take Qiu Jian home. He cried very sad because he missed his mother, but he was soon coaxed by Qi mother and the children.

Qiushi went to Liu Guiqin to intercede, and Liu Guiqin reluctantly agreed to let Somerset conduct a review, but Qiushi understood that Somerset could not take the initiative to conduct a review, and Liu Guiqin was helpless. Qi Xiangqian brought the shoes made by Qi’s mother to He Feng. He Feng remembered the first time he wore the shoes made by Qi’s mother many years ago.

He felt that the common people were helping them, and there was nothing wrong with these grievances. Somerset’s incident caused rumors in the factory, saying that Somerset and Qi forward might be revived together, and Qiushi angrily threw the pen in his hand. Qiushi will also be sent to the study class, but it won’t be long.

The children miss their parents so much, Qi’s mother can only try her best to make them happy. Qiu Shi came with Qiu Jian, Qi’s mother realized when he saw him with the luggage, and he was relieved by holding Qiu Jian. Qiushi is not a contradiction between the enemy and us, so he was not sent with Qi Xiangqian and Shengjie.

Before leaving, Qiushi gave Qi’s mother the money and food stamps. She needed this to take care of the children. Qi’s mother assured him that when he and Shengjie came back, she was sure to hand over a big fat boy to them. Qiushi suddenly knelt down and thanked Qi mother. At this moment, she was able to help, but they didn’t expect it to be rewarded. Qi’s mother became the patriarch of this living area and took care of these children. Even after they left, the children still regarded her as their closest grandmother and the warmest person.

Qi Xiangqian and He Feng met Shengjie while working. It is not surprising to meet Shengjie Qi Xiangqian here, because she is also a person who can’t hide things. Qiushi was sent to Bai Ruoxue’s study class. After the two met, they were not surprised. They even read some poems optimistically to encourage each other and persevere together. Qi’s mother advised Liu Guiqin not to hold on to the stand, knowing that she could not be on the shelf, because the family was not a family and the child was not a child.

Liu Guiqin was actually worried about the family, but she still reluctant to bear the director of the Revolutionary Committee. Trusted by her superiors, she became the director of the Revolutionary Committee. She was unwilling to give up. Qi’s mother said that it doesn’t matter to make a living, but the most important thing is to do. Cao Dehe was tortured by Li Xingong and fell ill. He yelled in bed and asked Kong Shiju to give Liu Guiqin the old ginseng left by her father. She is now the person on the scene. Cao Dehe wants her to be with the department store.

Talk about transferring her to the clothing counter, anyway, just stay away from Li Xingong. Kong Shiju felt that it was a pity to give such an important Laoshan ginseng to Liu Guiqin, but it was also because of Kong Weixin’s future plans, so he agreed. Qiushi also brought to Bai Ruoxue what Qi’s mother had brought him, and now in this situation, all Qi’s mother is carrying it. Bai Ruoxue looked at those things and missed his family, Qi Qianqian couldn’t fall asleep either, looking at the family portrait over and over.

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