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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 24 Recap

Bai Ruoxue returned home and sat downstairs to relax. Qi mother sat with her for a while when she saw the situation. She saw that there was something in Bai Ruoxue’s heart, so she comforted that there was no smooth road in the world without any hurdles. Qi Xiangqian came, Bai Ruoxue said that she was very scared, maybe he made a mistake in choosing herself at the beginning.

She was afraid that she would affect Qi Xiangqian’s future, but Qi Xiangqian said that he did three things right in his life, the first one. The thing is to fight, the second thing is to change from a war-only person to a working class, and the third thing is to marry someone you like. Qi Xiangqian held Bai Ruoxue and promised that she would never leave Bai Ruoxue until she died, leaving his white handkerchief.

Kong Weixin and Qi Fendou were suddenly found fault, saying that everyone was wearing Jiefang shoes, but he was wearing leather shoes, and asked him to keep the shoes. Kong Weixin threw away his shoes and went away. He was still in a good state of mind and read a line from a Soviet movie. Qi Fendou took off his shoes and walked with Kong Weixin.

Cao Dehe discussed Qi Xiangqian with Liu Guiqin and Wang Sulan. Now everyone is hiding from He Feng, so he rushes up. Cao Dehe handed over the books to Li Xingong, and the convenience store has not been in her charge ever since. Director Ma established the Red Heart Xiangyang Fighting Team. He said that the fighting team fell in love with Liu Guiqin and asked her to come over at night. He secretly said that this was the best opportunity.

Kong Weixin said that he lost his shoes and said to Cao Dehe that he didn’t want to wear leather shoes anymore. Bai Ruoxue handed over the account book in the regiment, Shi Min proudly said that her superiors asked her to attend the study class tomorrow. Qi Xiangqian, why Feng spoke, was also told to attend the study class. Somerset and Qiushi sighed that it takes courage to sail against the current. Few people in Dabei Factory dared to do this. Qi Qiangqian has always been brave, upright, and clear-cut in love and hatred.

Qi’s mother told Qi Qiangqian that he was not afraid of the shadow leaning, even if he suffered a bit, he would not regret it in the future. But Qi Xiangqian felt a little bit sorry, making Qi’s mother so old even frightened. This time, Qi Xiangqian went to study for a long time. Qi’s mother asked him to wear his shoes. If he saw He Feng, she would give it to him. Bai Ruoxue came back and bought hairtail for dinner. Bai Ruoxue asked Qi Xiangqian how long it would take to study. Qi Xiangqian felt that she was suffering, and the whole family had to take care of her. Unexpectedly, Bai Ruoxue said that she would also enter the study class tomorrow, but she didn’t know how long she would go. Qi Xiangqian was very worried about Bai Ruoxue and blamed himself more.

Yu Deshui heard that Liu Guiqin went to Director Ma and asked her why she was there when she came back, but Liu Guiqin scolded him and told him not to interact with Qi Xiangqian, Kong Shiju, Cao Dehe, and Kong Shiju in the future. To make peace with Cao De, Yu Deshui scolded her for short-sightedness. Liu Guiqin said that she will be the captain of the street loyalty dance team from tomorrow, and the days of Yu Deshui riding her on her head are over!

Yu Deshui drove Liu Guiqin out in anger. At night, the children slept, but Qi mother was still making dumplings. Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue got up early the next morning and found that Qi’s mother and the children were not at home. There were two hot plates of dumplings on the table. It was estimated that they wanted them to have breakfast in peace. Bai Ruoxue was very sad, and Qi Xiangqian was also sad, but still smiled and comforted her.

Mother Qi took the children outside. She told the children that their father was going straight and walking straight. From a distance, the two saw Qi Xiangqian and Bai Ruoxue saying goodbye. This was the first time they had been separated for so long. The two danced a dance, reluctantly instructed each other to take care of themselves, and left each. Liu Guiqin became the director of the Revolutionary Committee and didn’t know what to do for a while. Director Ma said that all the people in the street were under her control, and there was a secretary. When everyone saw Liu Guiqin say good things, Cao Dehe sighed.

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