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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 23 Recap

Bai Ruoxue came to see Qi Xiangqian and Qi Jianshe, holding the steamed buns of Qi’s mother, Qi Xiangqian angered and said not to eat, Bai Ruoxue gave the steamed stuffed buns to Qi Jianshe, and sarcastically moved forward with Shengjie. Zhao Yonggang came to send Qi Xiangqian the pot meat back. Shengjie said that it was not good for the wound and confiscated it. Bai Ruoxue took Zhao Yonggang to sit down and eat steamed buns. Kong Shiju handed in the inspection. This matter was spread all over the factory. Director Ma said that he could not be destroyed by Cao Dehe’s hands. All women had long hair and short knowledge. Kong Shiju ignored it.

Qiu Shi went to pick up Somerset and met Bai Ruoxue to give Qi Xiangqian and Qi Jianshe bone soup, and the two left together. Qiushi found that Bai Ruoxue had something wrong recently. Bai Ruoxue confessed that there have been a lot of things in the game recently. The new members, they are all excellent, and Bai Ruoxue also has a sense of crisis. Qiushi sighs that Bai Ruoxue and Qi Qiangqian are not in the same way of thinking, but their combination is the most perfect in his opinion. Although he knows Bai Ruoxue better than Qi Qiangqian, they may not get along well when they live together. . Qiushi persuaded Bai Ruoxue to look at this matter from a higher level. After all, there are talented people from generation to generation.

Qi Xiangqian and Qi Jianshe went for a walk, and did not forget to teach him that he should look at his home and learn more from himself. Whether it is building a locomotive or fighting a war, he rushed forward, saying that the masters should do something. Bloody things. Qi Jianshe didn’t listen any more. Bai Ruoxue said that Qi Xiangqian didn’t care about it, he would behave as soon as he managed it, but Qi Xiangqian was wronged, feeling that their worldview was too different. Qi Qiangqian asked Bai Ruoxue to ask when he could be discharged from the hospital. He didn’t want to see her old society face. Bai Ruoxue said that he made it up for himself. The nurse told Qi Xiangqian to return to the ward to rest, but he ran over as soon as he heard the news of the workshop honor roll. Zhao Duofu said that there was no him on it, and asked Qi Qiang to go back.

He was ridiculed by Yu Deshui, so angry that he almost tore off the picture of Yu Deshui. Cao Dehe asked Kong Weixin to deliver chicken soup to Qi Xiangqian, but Qi Xiangqian refused to drink it. Zhao Duofu comforted Kong Weixin not to be angry. Even so, Kong Weixin still didn’t hate Qi forward, and said that he wanted to be a hero like Gagarin. He wanted to go to space, Qi Fendou admired Kong Weixin very much, and wanted to read a book with him, but Kong Weixin felt that Qi Xiangqian didn’t want them to play together. The two agreed to learn spy connection, and Qi Xiangqian was not allowed to find out.

Qi Xiangqian took the children on the playground. Qi Jianshe heard that Kong Weixin began to read when he was one year old, and he began to teach Qi struggle to read. Qi Jianshe said that when he grows up, he will make a lot of money to buy things for his family. Qi Mu said that he should spend more time on his studies. Wang Sulan ran to find Qi Xiangqian to complain and said that Qi Xiangqian was running all over the street. Qi’s mom was about to find and met Cao Dehe cursingly and came back with chicken soup. Qi’s mom quickly apologized for Qi Xiangqian. Qi Xiangqian took the children to climb the mountains and across the grass, and also told stories about when they fought themselves.

The first modern play in the theater, Bai Ruoxue asked Shi Min to be the leading actress, and she cooperated with Shi Min’s rehearsal. Shi Min hoped that Bai Ruoxue would teach herself again. She really wanted to worship her as a teacher. Bai Ruoxue said that she was not a professional teacher. At this time, Bai Ruoxue received a letter, all in foreign languages. Bai Ruoxue hurriedly took the letter back to the office, because her brother had never been able to join the party, so she burned the letter after reading it. Shi Min broke in and saw Bai Ruoxue burning something, and was shocked.

During the meal, Wang Sulan saw that the two children had not yet come back, and called Zhao Duofu to look for them. Qi Xiangqian was still telling stories with them. Zhao Duofu scolded Qi Xiangqian. He took the children to the family area and fry them. Qi Xiangqian let the children go home for dinner. Zhao Duofu sighed that these children are really happy. Their generation has finished fighting, and the children can live happily and happily. Their ideals and beliefs are glory that will never be forgotten in a lifetime.

Yu Caifeng and Yu Chenglong went to school. Liu Guiqin cried sobbing and lamented that her life was hard. If she is educated, she doesn’t need to be blind at home. Bai Ruoxue did not take the stage this time, lamenting that she had to gradually adapt to the work behind the scenes. Director Li thought the role of A Qingsao suits her well. He Feng was captured by several rebels, Qi Xiangqian frowned. When Bai Ruoxue was rehearsing, suddenly a bunch of people came to inform her that the role of A Qingsao had changed. Because she had contact with foreign countries, she burned the letter and the organization wanted to stop all Bai Ruoxue’s performances.

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