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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 22 Recap

After entering the Lingyou Altar, Qu Xiaotan was shocked to see the emperor fainted, and then realized that Xiao Zhen had been deceived. Mo Liancheng guessed that the emperor had noticed the relationship between Qu Xiaotan and Lingyou Altar. At this time, Mo Liancheng recovered his memory. This matter is very serious. Mo Liancheng didn’t want to involve Mo Fengyang and Yun Xiu, but Mo Fengyang was unwilling to ask.

In desperation, Mo Liancheng still told them that the orb in the Lingyou Altar and Qu Xiaotan are inextricably related, and perhaps the emperor hopes to use this to practice. Mo Fengyang was very angry when she heard that she would not stand with Mo Liancheng against Gangchang, but Mo Liancheng believed that Mo Fengyang’s reaction would be different this time. Qu Xiaotan also guessed the seven or eight, but she did not leave the soul flute now.

Mo Liancheng and Yun Xiu sneaked into the palace, and Mo Fengyang did not disappoint them. She had already figured it out. She decided to enter with them and tried her best to convince the emperor, but could not make any detrimental actions to the emperor. Qu Xiaotan said that all that Xiao Zhen did was to push her and the emperor into a deeper abyss, but Xiao Zhen insisted on taking her blood. When Mo Liancheng saw this scene, he realized that Xiao Zhen wanted to use Qu Xiaotan to wake up the emperor, and Mo Fengyang accused him of falsely spreading the imperial decree.

Xiao Zhen led his men to besiege Mo Liancheng and Mo Fengyang and Yun Xiu. Mo Fengyang and Yun Xiu fought side by side, and Mo Liancheng hurried to rescue Qu Xiaotan. Qu Xiaotan was seriously injured and asked Mo Liancheng to go back and protect Yu’er, but it was impossible for Mo Liancheng to leave her and go to a world without her.

Yun Xiu used his body to resist the attack for Mo Fengyang, and Mo Liancheng even resisted the spiritual power of the Soul Calming Orb for Qu Xiaotan, and then fainted. The traces of the emperor’s backlash disappeared, Xiao Zhen asked them to leave as soon as possible, and he would explain everything when the emperor woke up.

Mo Liancheng knew that his big dream was about to wake up, and the person in the dream was afraid that he would have gone forever. The memories of the Three Lives and Three Worlds came to his mind, and Mo Liancheng fell into a dream. Qu Xiaotan was very worried when Mo Liancheng was still awake for three full days. After Mo Liancheng woke up, he looked at Qu Xiaotan in front of him. The memory of having the Three Lives III was really different, and the image of Qu Xiaotan in his heart was also very different.

Mo Liancheng pretended that he hadn’t recovered his memory, and found an excuse to ask Qu Xiaotan to accompany him to the garden to take advantage of the opportunity to make him affectionate. Both life and death have changed a lot during this experience, and Mo Liancheng was interrupted by Qu Xiaotan just as he wanted to tell the truth.

Qu Xiaotan found the clue and decided to test Mo Liancheng first. Qu Xiaotan helped Mo Liancheng back to the room, and found that he did not have memory loss, and Mo Liancheng couldn’t hold on anymore. Mo Liancheng held Qu Xiaotan for an experiment. Although Qu Xiaotan didn’t want him to lose his memory again, he still greeted him. After the kiss, Mo Liancheng still had no memory loss, and said that he would never be unconscious again, Qu Xiaotan was very happy.

Mo Liancheng recalled carefully. He came to this world a few months earlier than Qu Xiaotan. Without memory, he constantly tried Qu Xiaotan and didn’t believe her. Now he can finally embrace Qu Xiaotan in his arms. in. Jing Xin saw that Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng were making each other, and quickly prevented Mo Jingxuan from entering the house. Qu Xiaotan said that they have a three-life three-life love, and this description of love is really romantic. Mo Jingxuan suddenly took Jing Xin’s hand, stuffed a rose into her hand, and ran away shyly. Mo Fengyang had already given Yun Xiu an answer. The two were together. Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng asked them to come to the mansion tomorrow, saying that there was a small ceremony.

Qu Xiaotan didn’t understand why the Soul Rejuvenation Orb stopped because of Mo Liancheng. Mo Liancheng explained that the Soul Rejuvenation Orb stopped because of Qu Xiaotan, but he did not want Qu Xiaotan to take any risks in the future. The emperor may be the host of the Soul Calming Orb in this world, and the method for them to return may be in the hands of the emperor and Xiao Zhen. Qu Xiaotan hadn’t seen Yu’er for half a year, and really missed him, Mo Liancheng comforted her, they would definitely be able to go back.

Xiao Zhen took care of the emperor carefully. This time he put the emperor in such a dangerous position. How much he wanted to suffer for the emperor. After the emperor woke up, Xiao Zhen quickly pleaded guilty, and it was not her that Mo Liancheng rescued, but Qu Xiaotan. The emperor was furious, and no longer had expectations of Mo Liancheng, and determined to speed up the implementation of the plan, but Qu Xiaotan would eventually sacrifice.

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