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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 21 Recap

Yun Xiu dressed up as a Dongyue man and came to see Mo Fengyang, but Mo Fengyang didn’t respond. Qu Xiaotan, Jing Xin, and Yu Hao watched from the side, and quickly pulled down the cherry blossoms from the tree to create a scene of falling flowers. Mo Liancheng was a little jealous when he watched it. Others’ love song Xiaotan was more concerned than himself.

Mo Fengyang returned the sword buckle to Yun Xiu, but Yun Xiu said that apologizing must follow their rules. The two were drinking and admiring the moon together, and Mo Fengyang was suddenly pulled into his arms by Yun Xiu before he realized that Yun Xiu’s unrestrained nature is the unrestrained nature, which is more moving than the elegance of Dongyue man. Mo Fengyang awoke hurriedly, after all, Yun Xiu was still Qu Xiaotan’s cohort. Mo Fengyang told Yun Xiu that boldness and uninhibitedness were more suitable for him, and then passed away drunk.

Mo Fengyang woke up to find Yun Xiu staying by his side all night, a little uncomfortable. Yun Xiu chased Mo Fengyang out and told her that the meaning of the sword buckle was not peace, but sincerity. Yun Xiu fell in love with Mo Fengyang as early as on the battlefield. Mo Fengyang angrily scolded him for being rebellious, Qu Xiaotan hurriedly came out and said that Yun Xiu was not attending the bed, but Mo Fengyang again thought they were acting and deeply misunderstood Yun Xiu. Mo Liancheng thought that at this time the heart should be compared, but Qu Xiaotan disagreed, and should use a little romantic means to keep the love fresh. As a result, the two quarreled again and left each angrily.

Yun Xiu and Mo Fengyang fall in love but they don’t know each other. They are both upset. Mo Fengyang begins to doubt herself. Is she really in love with Yun Xiu? Mo Jingxuan told Qu Xiaotan that Mo Fengyang would avoid the word cloud when he practiced poems without eating or drinking, and quickly asked Mo Jingxuan to make an appointment with her by the lake. When Yun Xiu arrived at the lake, he helped Mo Fengyang put away the kite together. The design of this kite was Mo Fengyang. Mo Fengyang was moved to tears. Yun Xiu hoped that she wouldn’t have to hide her fragility in front of her, as long as the two of them had one mind. , Anything can be crossed, Mo Fengyang said that it will take three days to think about it.

Qu Xiaotan was complaining that Mo Liancheng was not caring about her, and saw that there were a lot of bell notes under the peach blossom tree, which were full of reasons why Mo Liancheng was passionate about Qu Xiaotan, and promised that he would never let Qu Xiaotan be envious in the future. Other people’s love. Qu Xiaotan forgave Mo Liancheng immediately, no matter when, he was his own city. The emperor heard that Qu Xiaotan wanted to give up Yun Xiu and matched Yun Xiu and Mo Fengyang and was very angry, and even coughed up blood, she would not let Qu Xiaotan do what she wanted!

The emperor’s health became worse, so Xiao Zhen could only take her to the Lingyou Altar. The emperor used the Spiritual Power of the Soul Rejuvenation Orb to stabilize his mind, but he was suddenly backlashed by the Soul Rejuvenation Orb. Xiao Zhen saw that he was at a loss. At this time, someone had to control the Soul Rejuvenation Orb with him. Xiao Zhen understood that Qu Xiaotan was his only hope now.

Yun Xiu did not wait until Mo Fengyang’s reply was anxious, but Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng played chess calmly. Xiao Zhen arrived suddenly and said that the emperor let Qu Xiaotan enter the palace. Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan discussed temporarily. Mo Liancheng always had a strange feeling. He felt that the emperor wanted them to throw themselves into the trap. He could only tell Qu Xiaotan where to start the spirit world, hoping she would stick to it. The moment I came by myself. Qu Xiaotan and Xiao Zhen entered the palace, and Mo Liancheng went to find Mo Fengyang to find out the news. Mo Fengyang also decided to enter the palace to inquire. If Qu Xiaotan was really involved in the matter between her and Yun Xiu, she would definitely apologize.

Xiao Zhen took Qu Xiaotan to open the secret road leading to the Spirit You Altar, and Mo Liancheng also reminded her not to approach the Soul Calming Orb, she could only pretend to be dumb. Under the constant urging of Xiao Zhen, Qu Xiaotan entered the altar of spirits. When Mo Fengyang came to see the emperor, General Lu said that the emperor had not left the palace, and the palace suddenly changed defense. There are many doubts about this matter, and Mo Fengyang knows there must be something strange.

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