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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 4 Recap

After Yu Shengsheng opened Jiang Yi’s walnuts, she was not in a good mood. Jiang Dachuan thought she was under too much work pressure and let her rest for two days. Yu Shengsheng was in a daze. Jiang Yi called to ask her whether she was successful in pretending to be dead. After hearing the affirmative answer, Jiang Yi decided to ask for leave tomorrow.

The two met and went to the hotel where the accident happened to see the same conditions. Under the circumstances, can you find a way to change it back. Yu Shengsheng was about to hang up, Jiang Yi stopped her and asked her to bring the walnuts on the tray with him tomorrow. Yu Shengsheng looked at the walnut shell in front of her, holding back her emotions and agreed. After hanging up the phone, she sat on the ground with her mouth covered.

The next day, Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi came to the hotel where they were meeting. Yu Shengsheng sat down and greeted Jiang Yi to eat together. But it didn’t happen that Jiang Yi asked Yusheng for walnuts when she came. She had to give him the walnuts she had prepared long ago, but he knew at a glance that it was not his walnuts. Bring 600,000 walnuts for fear of being stolen.

After eating, Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi took the elevator over and over again, trying various postures, but they were all unsuccessful. The two thought about the necessary conditions. Yu Shengsheng suggested that in the TV series, they were all exchanged after being hit by a car and electric. Jiang Yi checked the weather forecast on his mobile phone. Three days later, there were thunderstorms when the weather was right and the place was right. They came again. Try it. Yu Shengsheng complained that it was annoying for three days, but turned his face away and laughed and there were still three days to get along with her Kashu.

Yu Shengsheng bought a lot of walnuts back to the apartment, Leyi patted her from behind, she was so frightened that the walnuts were scattered on the ground. Leyi asked Yu Shengsheng why he bought so many walnuts, and Yu Shengsheng hesitated about it. Le Yi also helped find the two walnuts similar to Jiang Yi’s previous ones, and the two looked for them together.

After Yu Shengsheng was idle, he checked Jiashu on Weibo, and saw that someone said bad things about Jiashu and used Jiang Yi’s account to reply. After he reacted, he deleted it in seconds, and calmed down. Po Qing came to see Yu Shengsheng’s house early in the morning to see him. It happened that Jiang Yi was having breakfast with Yu Shengsheng’s parents, so they sat down for breakfast together. Bo Qing gave Jiang Yi a ticket to the show that turned the sky over the weekend, and Jiang Yi took it and put it in his pocket.

Sure enough, the comments posted by Jiang Yi’s account were in hot search. Some people said it was hype, some people said they had a good relationship, but Yu Shengsheng squatted on the sofa and was stunned. Jiang Dachuan saw that the hot search public opinion direction was quite good and the fans rose, and he was very happy. Yu Shengsheng was very upset.

After Jiang Dachuan left, Jiang Yi called. Yu Shengsheng apologized to Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi read a few Weibo comments to her. The comments all said that Yishu CP is so sweet, and Yu Shengsheng felt that he and Jiashu Group CP were not at a loss. Looking at Yu Shengsheng, Jiang Yi still didn’t realize the seriousness of this matter. Jiang Yi walked to the memorial of Jia Shu collected by Yu Shengsheng.

Yu Shengsheng repeatedly apologized for keeping Jiang Yi from moving her things. Jiang Yi returned and sat down and talked about Shen Boqing’s arrival today. He thought her parents liked Shen Boqing and deliberately matched them. Yu Shengsheng said that she was purely a friend without feeling for Shen Boqing. Jiang Yi felt that Shen Boqing seemed to be interested in Yu Shengsheng. Since Yu Shengsheng didn’t mind making trouble for him, he didn’t mind dating that doctor. Yu Shengsheng hurriedly stopped, saying that he would not dare anymore.

Yu Shengsheng went downstairs and saw Jia Shu drinking water. He took out the phone and took a picture. Jia Shu found out. Jia Shu asked her about what happened last night. Yu Shengsheng couldn’t explain it clearly, and apologized. Jia Shu asked Yu Shengsheng to get his consent for future matters about him, and then went upstairs.

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