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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 3 Recap

Yu Shengsheng complained to Jiang Yi that she was working hard outside to run the bulletin for him to shoot magazines, but he was happy to enjoy life at home and take a shower. Yu Shengsheng suddenly thought of something, covering his mouth and asking Jiang Yi if he changed his underwear. Jiang Yi shook his head, and after a sigh of relief, Jiang Yi said he didn’t wear it, and the remaining voice was frantic.

Yu Shengsheng picked Jiang Yi’s underwear, Jiang Yi threw away the underwear on his hand, Yu Shengsheng had to threaten him if he didn’t wear underwear, she would use his body to run naked outside, when he was going to be on the hot search, Jiang Yi could only agree. Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi talked about it, so she would continue to run the notice to him, and he had to go to work for him.

Jiang Yi and Yu Shengsheng came out of the room. Jiang Dachuan proposed to take a photo together. Yu Shengsheng agreed, and Yu Shengsheng Jiang Yi took a photo with his parents. On the way back, Jiang Dachuan wondered why Jiang Yi knew where the slippers in Yu Shengsheng’s house were. Yu Shengsheng carefully answered Jiang Dachuan’s several questions, and muttered psychologically that he was almost exposed.

Yu Shengsheng returned to the apartment. Le Yi asked her to eat supper. Seeing the supper between the two, the contrast was obvious. Le Yi’s was very rich, and his was simply eating grass. When Yu Shengsheng heard Jiang Dachuan talk about work tomorrow, Yu Shengsheng quickly pretended to be sick, but when she heard that it was a show with Jiashu, she instantly became energetic and said that she would be fine tomorrow.

Yu Shengsheng called and told Jiang Yi that he had failed to pretend to be ill. Jiang Yi could see through her at a glance that it was because of Pei Jiashu at all. Jiang Yi explained that he would go to work for her tomorrow. Because I was going to see the male god the next day, Yu Shengsheng was very happy and excited. Yu Shengsheng came early in the morning to pick up clothes to meet the male god, but Xiaopang told him to change sportswear first. Jiang Yi got on the bus and went to work. He finally waited for a seat on the crowded bus. As soon as he sat on the love seat, he reluctantly gave up his seat to an old man under the reminder of others.

Jiang Yi met all the colleagues in the company based on Yu Shengsheng’s introduction, and also learned about their personalities, etc., and then successfully found his job. Yu Shengsheng met Xu Shuyi in the dressing room. Xu Shuyi asked Yu Shengsheng for her signature. Yu Shengsheng searched for Jiang Yi’s signature on the Internet and imitated her. Then Pei Jiashu arrived, and Yu Shengsheng looked at him excitedly and happily. The show began to record the remaining sound, watching Jia Shu blush involuntarily, and had no choice but to take a sip of water to calm down. In the show, the star needs PK to play badminton. Yu Shengsheng and Jiashu have not won for a long time, and she is very discouraged.

When Xu Shuyi and Jia Shu fought, Jia Shu let Xu Shuyi let Yu Sheng hate that he was using someone else’s body now. Yu Shengsheng went out and was surprised to see Xu Shuyi wiping sweat with Jia Shu’s towel. Seeing their interaction and words, she was in a bad mood. Seeing that Jiang Yi couldn’t find the recording pen for the interview, Tongwei could only let Jiang Yi reorganize the manuscript based on his memory.

Tongwei also didn’t expect Yu Shengsheng to interview Jiang Yi, the dull gourd, to make so many words. Jiang Yi asked Tiefen Tongyu why he was a boring gourd and liked him. She said that the man with the story was the most handsome, and it was too late for him to give up Pei Jiashu and switch to her camp. Jiang Yi refused and said that he was too shallow.

Yu Shengsheng and others moved to the hot pot restaurant. Xu Shuyi poured drinks for them. Yu Shengsheng was very happy that he finally stopped eating grass today. Yu Shengsheng ordered the lamb. Xu Shuyi asked her if she didn’t eat lamb, so she had to say that it was for them. Xu Shuyi talked about the demo tape that Jiang Yi sent her last time. She said that every sentence of the lyrics was very good to her. Jia Shu asked him why he didn’t listen to the demo tape. Xu Shuyi came out and ended the scene. Xu Shuyi asked them to eat more, but Jia Shu said that Yu Shengsheng was on a diet recently, so he had to eat green vegetables again.

Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi chatted on their mobile phones for a while, and talked about today’s life and future plans. Yu Shengsheng returned to the apartment and was so hungry that he could only look at the photos of the dishes. He found snacks in the room, but all he found were medicinal materials for health. Yu Shengsheng turned his head and found Jiang Yi’s walnuts. He opened the walnuts and found that there is no Ren. Hearing the sound of Leyi and Jiang Dachuan came up to have a look. Seeing this scene, he was surprised that Jiang Yi actually played with him 600,000. That’s how the walnuts opened, and the sound of the lingering sound instantly thundered.

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