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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 2 Recap

Yu Shengsheng went to interview Jiang Yi. At the beginning, Jiang Yi didn’t cooperate very much, saying that she made up nonsense, and Yu Shengsheng compiled it for him. Jiang Yi warned Yu Shengsheng not to write indiscriminately. Yu Shengsheng asked him to cooperate with her in the interview. Jiang Yi had to cooperate in order not to let Yu Shengsheng write indiscriminately.

After the interview was over, it started to rain heavily outside. Yu Shengsheng packed up his things and was about to say thank you to Jiang Yi. When he looked up, he found that Jiang Yi was missing. Jiang Yi entered the elevator and was closing the door, the remaining sound ran over to let him wait, the door was still closed, and the remaining sound was really not a gentleman.

After a while, the elevator door opened again, and the remaining sound slapped his face. The two entered the same elevator and were silent. Suddenly the elevator malfunctioned, and Jiang Yi’s thigh was hugged tightly by the remaining sound. Jiang Yi calmly pressed the button to let someone come over for repairs. The elevator malfunctioned seriously, and the repairer had not yet arrived and quickly descended again. The two fell into the elevator, and then carried an ambulance to the hospital.

The two woke up to find that they had exchanged bodies, and they were at a loss to face each other’s family and friends. Jiang Yi went into the bathroom and saw the person in the mirror. He was struck by thunder in an instant, and the person in the mirror was a lingering sound. Jiang Yi asked the doctor what happened to the person who came with him, and then ran out to look for her. The reporters outside could no longer stop them. Jiang Dachuan passed through the reporter fan crowd with the remaining sound. Jiang Yi saw this scene outside the crowd, and was about to stop her, but Jiang Dachuan got the remaining sound into the car. .

After Jiang Yi returned to Yu Shengsheng’s house, his father cooked him delicious dishes, but he saw that the dishes on the table were full of high-calorie foods. He didn’t eat them, and his parents were very worried about him. Tongyu came to look for Yu Shengsheng, and in the face of Tong Yu Jiangyi, he only occasionally replies to her. Tongyu came to find his interview recorder, but Jiang Yi didn’t know where it was. Tong Yu looked through Yu Shengsheng’s bag and could not find it.

Yu Shengsheng returned to Jiang Yi’s residence and couldn’t even find the room where Jiang Yi lived. Finally, he followed Jiang Dachuan to find the room. Jiang Dachuan looked at Jiang Yi’s abnormal behavior, really wondering if the doctor had made a wrong diagnosis. After Jiang Dachuan left, Jiang Yi called Yu Shengsheng. Yu Shengsheng was very excited. Jiang Yi asked Yu Shengsheng to finish filming the magazine in the afternoon, and then taught her how to tell Jiang Dachuan after filming the magazine.

Yu Shengsheng was about to change her clothes, so she specifically called Jiang Yi to tell Jiang Yi that she took off her clothes as soon as she closed her eyes, and looked at the person in the mirror to appreciate her figure for a while. Yu Shengsheng came to the place where she was filming the magazine. The makeup artist painted her makeup, and the staff gave her snacks. She was very happy to eat.

When the shooting time came, Yu Shengsheng made a lot of actions that Jiang Yi could not do before. She performed a lot of usual photographic actions and laughed. Everyone was shocked and very happy. After filming for a while, I can rest. She was urinating urgency. She wandered outside the men’s and women’s toilets, and finally went into the men’s toilet to experience a boy’s use of the toilet.

Jiang Yi was in Yu Shengsheng’s body. Yu Shengsheng was not an artist, so naturally he didn’t have to go on a diet. Yu Shengsheng’s father made him a table of medicated meals. Jiang Yi took a bite as if he found the delicacy in the world, and opened his mouth to eat. Finished the entire table of meals. Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Dachuan asked to see “Yu Shengsheng”. Jiang Dachuan remembered the person she had pretended to be a fan last time and said that she had a character problem. Yu Shengsheng quickly defended herself and said a lot of good things for herself. In the evening, Jiang Dachuan took Yu Shengsheng to see “Yu Shengsheng”, Yu Shengsheng and Jiang Yi took the opportunity to enter the room and talk alone.

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