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The Day of Becoming You 变成你的那一天 Episode 1 Recap

Yu Shengsheng went to the mountains to find inspiration but could not find her. She wrote her story into the novel, and she could only find a tragic ending if she could not find inspiration. Yu Shengsheng went to Jiang Yi’s birthday signing event. Jiang Yi was a cold and lonely person who didn’t speak much. He read the preface of the new book. The host asked him if he had anything to say to fans who came to support him. He said He will work hard, the host continued to ask, he said that he actually didn’t like birthdays.

The host had no choice but to round the stage, and the atmosphere of the scene boiled again. The host invited the other two members of the Little Universe. When it came to the interactive session, the three members selected three from the fans on the scene for intimate interaction. The other two members and the fans were really intimately interacting, while Jiang Yi revealed one. The politeness is alienated. There is also a link called looking for you with the same birthday.

The staff counted the identity information of the fans present and found that there was a female fan who was born on the same year, the same month and the same day as Jiang Yi. This female fan is Yu Shengsheng. She happily ran to the stage. She excitedly introduced herself to Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi said that one of her wishes could be realized, and finally Yu Shengsheng got the chance to have a meal with Jiang Yi.

Yu Shengsheng called Tong Tong to tell the good news. It turned out that she was not a fan of Jiang Yi at all. Yu Shengsheng went back to celebrate her birthday with family and friends, and the few people had a good time. When the company was in a meeting, a colleague said that Yu Shengsheng and Tong Wei’s major entertainment detectives would not improve if they continued to do so. Yu Shengsheng stood up and said that they had arranged for Jiang Yi’s exclusive interview. Just tonight, the leader decided to let other teams work overtime to help them warm up the joint promotion and build momentum.

In the evening, Yu Shengsheng came to the restaurant agreed with Jiang Yi and waited, while Jiang Yi hadn’t practiced talking to himself, and waited for something to say to Jiang Yi. Yu Shengsheng waited for a long time, but Jiang Yi didn’t come. She called her friend to complain. After that, Yu Shengsheng sent a message to ask Jiang Yi’s agent. When the restaurant was closed, Jiang Yi hadn’t come yet, so she had to go back. After Jiang Yi’s agent saw the news, he hurried out to find Jiang Yi.

Jiang Yi’s agent went to Jiang Yi’s residence, but found that he was soaking his feet while panning walnuts. The agent asked him why he didn’t go tonight. Jiang Yi didn’t speak, his agent sat on the ground pretending to be aggrieved and chattering. Jiang Yi said that Yu Shengsheng was not his fan. It turned out that on the birthday party, he went out to answer the phone. He happened to hear Yu Shengsheng calling on the stairs and learned that she was not his fan but a reporter. The agent was also very annoyed when he heard that, so Jiang Yi continued to soak his feet, he went to deal with it, turned and went out.

The agent, Jiang Dachuan, called Yu Shengsheng and told Yu Shengsheng that Jiang Yi was sick. Yu Shengsheng proposed to eat instead of visiting the patient. Jiang Dachuan quickly refused. Yu Shengsheng asked him if he could continue to arrange meals. He Said that Jiang Yi’s schedule had been arranged long ago, and it was probably choking. Jiang Dachuan proposed to send Yu Shengsheng a few signed photos of Jiang Yi as compensation, but Yu Shengsheng refused unhappy and hung up the phone.

As soon as Yu Shengsheng and Tongwei came to the company, they saw their colleagues learning what they said that day and mocking them. As soon as they saw them, they scattered and returned to work. The editor-in-chief asked Yu Shengsheng to talk to Tongyu and asked them to chop their accounts and re-train. Yu Shengsheng and the others had been doing this official account for three years and were reluctant to give up easily. Tongyu asked the editor-in-chief to give them three months. Not tangled anymore. Jiang Yi’s release of the pigeons made headlines. Jiang Dachuan would call Yu Shengsheng to clarify at that time, let Yu Shengsheng remain silent, and promised to arrange an interview with Jiang Yi.

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