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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 33 Recap

Xiao Mo vented boxing in the boxing room alone. Du Wei was very worried about Wu Di, so he came to Xiao Mo to talk a few words. She persuaded Xiao Mo that as long as two people are in love, many difficulties can be overcome. Since he doesn’t want to make Wu Di sad, he can talk to her. Xiao Mo got up and refused because he had an exam in the afternoon. In the afternoon simulator test, Xiao Mo chose the thunder cloud mode. Even if He Jun said it was unnecessary, Xiao Mo insisted on choosing thunder cloud. During the flight of the simulator, Xiao Mo couldn’t help but think of what Wu Di said to him, and his eyes gradually became red.

Fortunately, Xiao Mo passed through the thunder cloud this time, but the last time Kang Kang, he did not choose to pass through the thunder cloud because of concerns. At this moment, his mood is mixed. In the evening, Xiao Mo had dinner with Hua Hin and Ren Yuan. Hua Hin asked about Wu Di. Xiao Mo said that he had broken up with Wu Di. Afterwards, Ren Yuan said that he was not surprised at all, because Xiao Mo and Wu Di both have strong personalities, and there will be a lot of friction between the two. He has already seen these details from his work. Lu Qiwen flew with Xia Yu and others, and a passenger on the plane had bleeding in the abdomen.

As the bleeding of female passengers increased, Lu Qiwen and Xia Yu had to choose the nearest airport in Helsinki, Finland. Because the aircraft had too much fuel to meet the landing requirements, Xia Yu suggested that 36 tons of fuel should be discharged so that it could land safely, which took about 30 minutes. Lu Qiwen agreed, and Xia Yu immediately went to inform the rear cabin to prepare. Fortunately, the female passenger received timely assistance. When they returned from get off work, Xia Yu received a notice saying that the female passenger was out of danger. When Du Wei returned home, Wu Di lay on the sofa alone.

Du Wei felt distressed, but there was nothing he could do. There was a flight attendant complaining to Yu Jie, and Mr. Lin kindly reminded Yu Jie, but he said that he would not punish her this time and hope she can think about it. Luo Dong hadn’t reconciled with Yu Jie, he tried every means to find a reason to get close to Yu Jie, and finally said a few words to her by helping her hold the sunglasses. He offered to reconcile, but Yu Jie said that he was the one who had been making trouble from beginning to end. Luo Dong was depressed because of this, Xia Yu gave him an idea and asked him to give Yu Jie a big surprise at the birthday party next month. Although it is still more than half a year before Luo Dong’s birthday, he still agrees with this method.

Gao Kai told Xia Hang about the dispute between Wu Di and Xiao Mo in the cockpit again. He suggested that the dispatch room should adjust their schedules in the future, but this is a temporary solution, Xia Hang said. He will solve it. At the birthday party, Luo Dong confessed to Yu Jie in public, and the other students turned to play with Han Liwei. After teasing Han Liwei, he teased Wu Di and Xiao Mo. The two were a little embarrassed. Xiao Mo said that they had broken up, and there was silence all around. He never expected that the person who had worked so hard to be together at the beginning came to the resolution of the breakup. Xia Yu asked Du Wei alone to ask why Wu Dixiaomo broke up.

After Xia Yu listened, he pondered. Du Wei wondered if he wanted to have a chance. Xia Yu said he was not that kind of person. The next day, Wu Di submitted a letter of resignation to President Lin. President Lin kept her letter of resignation first, hoping she could think about it again. Looking at Captain Xiong who Kang Kang left her, Wu Di remembered what Xia Hang said to her today. For Xiao Mo and her consideration, Xia Hang suggested that Wu Di be transferred from her current position. Wu Di also knew that perhaps her character was really not suitable for being a pilot.

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