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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 32 Recap

After Duo Duo skipped this topic, Han Liwei didn’t ask any more, he didn’t notice the unnatural expression on Duo Duo’s face. The two flight attendants who had just got off the plane were unacquainted with Yu Jie. Luo Dong, who was on the side, called Yu Jie when he heard them, but they couldn’t get through. Aunt Kangkang called Wu Di and said that she had found the bone marrow that matched Kangkang. Tomorrow, she will fly to GP for six, two, three. Xia Yu happened to be flying on this shift. Wu Di offered to skip the shift with him, and Xia Yu readily agreed. The next day, Wu Di flew with Xia Yu, Ren Yuan, and Xiao Mo instead. She promised that her emotions would not affect her work this time, and Ren Yuan acquiesced to let her shift shifts.

Wu Di’s parents happened to go to Beijing too, Xiao Mo and Wu Di ate with them. When we met again this time, Ling Li felt that Xiao Mo had changed a lot. He was not as stubborn as before, and he also knew how to care about people. Wu Di’s father also agreed and said that he could see that Xiao Mo was accommodating Wu Di in everything. But Wu Di’s father thought the feeling between Wu Di and Xiao Mo was weird. In order not to worry him, Wu Di explained that they are fine now. Wu Di asked a very strange question, what should she do if she stopped flying, so that her parents mistakenly thought that she wanted to marry Xiao Mo, so the idea of ​​not flying was born.

On the plane from Beijing back to Shenzhen, Wu Di missed Kangkang, so he and Ren Yuan applied for a five-minute call. On the phone, Wu Di encouraged Kangkang to hold on, and she quickly took the doctor to perform the operation for him. Beijing flew to Shenzhen, and the landing airport was affected by thunderstorms. The ground wind section warned that it was not suitable to land. The tower asked them to hover in the sky and wait. At this time, Kangkang’s condition deteriorated, and the doctor promptly pushed the child into the operating room. He could only wait while the operation was on, hoping that Kangkang could survive the bone marrow. The thunderstorm still did not abate, and finally Ren Yuan chose to divert to Guangzhou.

Wu Di disagrees. Kang Kang is still waiting for the bone marrow to save his life. It will take a lot of time to rush from Guangzhou to Shenzhen. Xiao Mo had to remind her severely that they were responsible for the safety of hundreds of people on the plane, not just Kang Kang. Xia Yu and Luo Dong first came to accompany Kang Kang’s aunt. He said that it would take at least an hour for Wu Di to come here. The fate is so unexpected. On the way to the hospital, Wu Di and Xiao Mo, the doctor has announced Kang Kang’s death. The doctor failed to rescue Kang Kang due to the failure of his organs.

Xia Yu and the three of them were in the corridor of the hospital, all with their heads down. Here was the silence like death, and a life that hadn’t bloomed just fell away. When Wu Di and Xiao Mo brought the doctor to the hospital, they only got the bad news that Kang Kang had died. The sad Wu Di and Xiao Mo had a quarrel. She was irrational at this time, which was the opposite of Xiao Mo’s calmness. What Wu Di said was heavy, Xiao Mo left the hospital silently instead of arguing with her. The rain was violent outside, and Xiao Mo’s mind reverberated with Wu Di’s words just now, heartache and regret, all kinds of emotions intertwined, and it was extremely uncomfortable.

The aunt handed Kang Kang’s ashes to Wu Di, and Wu Di and Xiao Mo took Kang Kang on the plane. Back on the ground, Wu Di and Xiao Mo said a lot. There are only rules in his life, and Wu Di needs feelings, and the two of them have different personalities. Wu Di cried, Xiao Mo said in a hoarse voice that he would change. Wu Di hugged him and said with tears that he couldn’t change it. Let’s break up. Wu Di didn’t change her clothes, and sat on the sofa in a daze. Du Wei knew that Wu Di was uncomfortable and hugged her, hoping to comfort her hurt heart at the moment.

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