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New Horizon 壮志高飞 Episode 31 Recap

Xia Yu “dated” with Xiao Mo. Although Xiao Mo felt that some of the practices were speechless and naive, he still followed them one by one. After Xia Yu returned to the company after a day of tiredness, even Luo Dong looked like a low air pressure. Xia Yu accompanied him to the boxing room to vent, and learned that he was angry because Yu Jie went to dinner with other men. Xia Yu asked if he had told others that Yu Jie was his girlfriend. Luo Dong didn’t answer, obviously Xia Yu’s question hit the nail on the head. Xiao Mo transferred classes and rested with Wu Di. In the evening, he bought some things for Du Wei to give to Wu Di, hoping that he could help him spread the word.

Back home, Xiao Mo sent a message to Wu Di and asked her to watch a movie together tomorrow. The next day, Xiao Mo drove downstairs and waited. Thinking of Xia Yu’s words, he tried to adjust his mentality so that he could face Wu Di in the most relaxed and peaceful state. When he arrived at the cinema and was about to buy movie tickets, Xiao Mo found that those movies were boring, and he couldn’t help but remember what Xia Yu had said to him, and tried to persuade himself to buy a comedy. When watching a movie, Xiao Mo wronged himself to watch it with Wu Di. He didn’t feel anything funny about the movie, so he fell asleep directly.

After watching the movie, the two went to eat. Xiao Mo had no idea of ​​his own. He said he would eat whatever Wu Di wanted. Wu Di knew that Xiao Mo was accommodating himself, and felt a little inexplicable sadness in his heart. The next day, Xiao Mo went to have breakfast in Blossom’s shop alone. Han Liwei could see that Xiao Mo was very worried, so he persuaded him not to get along with Wu Di deliberately. Wu Di applied to transfer all the classes that flew with Xiao Mo. When Xiaotong in the dispatch room told Xiao Mo about the incident, he was surprised. Soon after, he asked Wu Di to meet on the rooftop. Wu Di bluntly said that he did not want him to deliberately change for himself.

The two reconciled after they talked about it. Xiao Mo hugged Wu Di and felt sincerely at ease. Luo Dong flew with Ren Yuan and Lu Qiwen. Lu Qiwen relied on Luo Dong to be a rookie, so he asked Luo Dong to get him a drink. Ren Yuan just smiled. When Luo Dong got out of the cockpit, Ren Yuan pointed out that he was not asking the rookie to do so. it is good. Luo Dong also knew that Lu Qiwen was calling himself, he reluctantly spit out a few words with Hua Hin. He knew he didn’t have the talent of Xiao Mo, and he didn’t have Wu Di’s hard work, and Xia Yu was not smart, so what he can do is be cautious and try not to refuse the captain’s instructions to him.

While talking, the plane vibrated violently, and Luo Dong quickly returned to the cockpit. Yu Jie on the ground was very worried and asked the dispatch room about the situation of GP 623. She saw on the news that the largest hail in the history of sudden landings, but Xiaotong said that GP 623 did not make a standby landing and did not return. Still hovering in the sky. Later, because one of the passengers on the plane had a heart attack, Ren Yuan and Lu Qiwen decided to land blindly. When Yu Jie was worried for them, the good news finally came, and GP 623 successfully landed in Istanbul. Xiao Mo hurriedly left after receiving a call.

Kangkang’s condition deteriorated and he needed a bone marrow transplant. Xiao Mo went to the hospital to see Kangkang. As soon as Wu Di landed, she received a call and learned that Kangkang’s condition had deteriorated and rushed to the hospital. The next day, Gao Kai took everyone to congratulate Ren Yuan on their successful blind landing. Han Liwei saw the overseas training manual in Duoduo’s cabinet and thought she wanted to go abroad, so she bought her English learning books on her own initiative and asked her not to worry about money. Duo Duo always said that she just looked at it casually and quickly skipped this topic.

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