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Fall in Love with Special Forces 爱上特种兵 Episode 23 Recap

Long Yi told Zhuo Ran that the bug was discovered, but Zhuo Ran only said indifferently. Long Yi wanted to evacuate, but Zhuo Ran said that he could not explain to the master when he went back empty-handed. The master called Zhuo Ran Long Yi and asked. The progress of Xia Guangyuan’s incident also made Zhuo Ran develop the market in China. Zhuo Ran was initially unwilling.

When he asked about his mother’s illness, the master hung up the phone. Zhuo Ran recalled what the old ghost said before he died, and suddenly understood The master wouldn’t really save his mother. Long Yi urged Zhuo Ran to make the next plan, and Zhuo Ran asked Long Yi to catch Xia Chu and he was responsible for the shipment.

When Long Yi went to catch the beginning of Xia, Zhuo Ran did not find the buyer to ship the goods as planned. Instead, he went to the Public Security Bureau and surrendered. Rao Feng was surprised and interrogated Zhuo Ran in the interrogation room. Zhuo Ran half-truthed out T4 and the master.

He admitted that it was a bug that he had installed, but his motivation was to go back to the beginning of Xia. He lied that the sleeping pill was changed by Long Yi because of the master’s cause. Zhuo Ran picked himself up and said he was Because the mother is in the hands of the master, he will do financial management for the master.

He has always avoided participating in other operations. He also said that he is a victim. He also provided clues to the police with the danger of being discovered by the master. He hoped He was able to cooperate with the police, bring the master to justice, and said that the master had already ordered Long Yixiang to start at the beginning of Xia. Liang Muze heard Zhuo Ran’s words outside the interrogation room and hurried home to check the situation.

At this time, Long Yi had arrived at the early Xia community. He cut off the electricity at Xia Chu’s home. He pretended that the person in the property told Xia Chu to go downstairs. After Xia Chu went out, he recalled that he had not registered with the property. Maybe call yourself Miss Xia, Xia Chu watched Long Yi walking towards him, quickly took the elevator back, and pressed a few more floors as Liang Muze said. Xia Chu rang the fire alarm and found a place to hide. After Liang Muze arrived, Xia Chu breathed a sigh of relief, and Long Yi had already taken advantage of the chaos and fled.

Liang Muze took the early Xia home. She was still scared and wanted to ask about Long Yi’s situation. However, Liang Muze said that he would keep it secret and refused to speak. Liang Muze was worried about the safety of early Xia and proposed to let Xia Chu live in the army guest house. Chu refused, saying that the emergency department was not staffed enough, and several patients she was responsible for had not yet been referred, and she had to continue to follow up. She said that she could protect her safety, and Liang Muze had to agree.

Rao Feng took Liang Shaoxue back to the police station to ask if she had seen anything in the Yunshan Tunnel. Liang Shaoxue was unwilling to answer. She also said that she has someone she likes. Rao Feng was eager to solve the case, but she just wanted to ask about the case. I chatted with Liang Shaoxue, but Liang Shaoxue didn’t say anything. She asked Rao Feng to quit her job and had a meal with her family in the United States. She could chat with him, but at the police station, she didn’t want to say a word.

The hospital leader Zhang Lifu came to inspect the work of the hospital. He met the leaders when he was desperately sending Lung Yuan in early Xia. The leaders appreciated Xia Chu very much. Zhang Yichi also said a few good things for Xia Chu. Go to the office to find yourself. When Xia Chu returned to her office, she found that Liang Muze was waiting for her. Liang Muze asked her to drive her car home at that time and asked Xia Chu to practice her hands. Xia Chu answered the question of Liang Muze’s change of business, but Liang Muze suddenly confessed to Xia Chu.

I also asked if Xia Chu would agree. Xia Chu said that she also likes Liang Muze, but Liang Muze is about to move. She does not want to be separated from Liang Muze. She needs to think about it and make sure that she has the courage to face this relationship, Liang Muze said I will wait for the beginning of Xia to think about it.

Xia Chu told Mi Gu about this matter. Mi Gu said that long-distance relationship is too difficult. It is not recommended that Xia Chu be with Liang Muze. Xia Chu asked about her and Zhuo Ran, and also asked Mi Gu if she had lived in Liang Muze’s house. Tell Zhuoran that Migu denied it, and Xia Chu was shocked, knowing that Zhuoran had lied to herself before. Xia Chu went to find Dr. Zhang outside his heart, but when he met colleagues who were gossips, he was valued by Dr. Zhang because of his good looks. Xia Chu showed up and met his colleagues and said that he did look good, but he could be recognized by Dr. Zhang. Because of high ability.

Liang Shaoxue went to the army to look for Liang Muze and said that she was here to see the parrot. On the way, Liang Shaoxue complained to Liang Muze about Rao Feng. Liang Muze was persuading Liang Shaoxue. Tian Yong parachuted off the direction because he helped the recruits to open the parachute. Falling in front of Liang Shaoxue and Liang Muze, Tian Yong fainted shortly after standing up. Liang Muze hurriedly sent Tian Yong to the health team.

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