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Ancient Love Poetry 千古玦尘 Episode 2 Recap

The ancients accepted the gift from the goddess and brought a group of goddesses into the Changyuan Hall. All the goddesses used all their strength to please Bai Jue’s heart, and Bai Jue was only angry. The next day was the birthday of the ancients. Bai Jue came to tell the ancients to understand. He ordered the goddess to not enter the Hall of Changyuan for half a step, and he had already decided on the lower realm. He never expected that the Lord of Chaos would actually do it for The vulgar betrayed him.

Bai Ju’s violent outburst made the ancients stunned, and Tianqi learned of Bai Ju’s cursing against the ancients. He came to Bai Ju to settle accounts. Bai Ju learned that the ancient goddess was not a greedy gift for bringing the goddess into the temple. Instead, they collected the most sincere joy of the goddesses, moved the tiger demon in the blood forest, and made the tiger demon smile.

Bai Jue misunderstood the ancients, and Tianqi asked Bai Jue to carve a bracelet by himself and apologize to the ancients. Now that the rain is pouring outside, and the antiquity is sealed with spiritual power, Bai Jue is still reluctant to go out to find the antiquity. Now that the ancients are no more than mortals, he puts on the robe for the ancients, saying that the test questions he set are just to let the ancients understand his mission, and only the ancients can make the Three Realms stable and happy.

In order to apologize, Bai Ju sent a string of ancient bracelets and made a swing for the ancients. In order to vent his anger, Bai Ju made Bai Ju self-appointed as a god. Bai Ju readily agreed. The ancients originally thought of hurting Bai Ju with a palm, but she still underestimated it. Bai Ju’s ability, even though Bai Ju was self-proclaimed divine power, the ancients couldn’t shake Bai Ju a point.

The next day, when the ancients started to read at Bai Jue’s request, both Zhiyang and Tianqi were shocked and looked at Bai Jue very much. Bai Jue knows that the ancient temperament is the most effective way of stimulating the general. He still remembers Zhi Yang’s phrase “being well-behaved, hardworking and studious”, so he exposed the shortness of the sun in front of Tianqi and brought up the romance of the year. Rhyme.

Antiquity received the order from Mozun Xuanyi. The Mozu made an appointment with Antiquity to Jiuyou Bank to discuss peace talks. This matter was also known by Zhiyang and his group. After some discussions, Zhiyang and Antiquity decided to go to Jiuyou. You and Xuanyi negotiated to avoid a big battle, but the ancient divine power was meagre, so Zhiyang had to let Bai Jue educate the ancients in three months, and then go to Jiuyou together.

Xuan Yi is the demon clan’s venerable, and even the ancestor god couldn’t beat it back then. The ancients knew that she was not Xuan Yi’s opponent. She went back to the Changyuan Hall to pack her luggage and ran away, but was bumped by Bai Jue. Bai Ju analyzed the current situation, and the ancients wanted to leave, he didn’t stop him, but Xuan Yi’s goal was the ancients, he let the ancients think clearly before deciding whether to leave the Changyuan Palace.

The ancients knew that she was herself, she would be followed by Xuan Yi as soon as she stepped out of the Hall of Changyuan, so she decided to learn art with Bai Jue. Tianqi feels distressed for the ancients, he is afraid that the ancients will be wronged by Bai Ju, but Zhiyang tells Tianqi that this time they are going to face the demons and Xuanyi, and after a thousand years, the ancients will face the chaos of chaos alone, she is the lord of chaos. Sooner or later, his successor will grow up.

Bai Ju took the ancients to the lower realm’s cultivation site, Watching Mountain. The ancients did not want to stay here, but Bai Ju set up a barrier around him, and the ancients could not leave at all, so they had to stay in Watching Mountain to practice. At night, the demons came to Watch Mountain. The ancients were so frightened by the demons that they had to hide behind Bai Ju. Bai Ju couldn’t help but reprimand the ancients. He never thought that the ancients would not even know the most basic moves, and decided Tomorrow Chenshi will help the ancients to open the divine vein.

The next day, the ancients were not awake before they were forcibly called by Bai Jue. Bai Jue told the ancients about magic and spiritual power. The Three Realms had no magical powers. Back then, Xuan Yi had the same chaotic law as the ancients, but Xuan Yi was dissatisfied with the ancestor god.

He was fighting for the position of the main god before he inherited the main god Lingyu, but when he was on the verge of defeat, he suddenly violated the law of heaven and forcibly absorbed the evil spirit from the soldiers of the god of death. That wave of evil energy was related to the chaos in his body. The forces merge and eventually become magic power that can swallow all things, and the people in the center of the lower realm who cherish evil thoughts also become subordinates of Xuan Yi by practicing this method, and at this point the demon clan is born.

After the ancestor god defeated Xuan Yi, he broke into the void and left. The last breath was born in the ancient times. Therefore, the ancient times became the head of the four true gods. Bai Jue taught the ancient times to be careful not to repeat the same mistakes of the mysterious. She will take over the Lord God’s order in the future. Should take the responsibility of the common people all over the world.

The ancient divine veins were not opened, Bai Jue helped the ancients to open the divine veins with external forces. Her spiritual power was greatly vented and she could not control herself. Bai Ju had to step forward to help the ancients regain the spiritual power, and therefore embraced the ancients, with an enchanting and ambiguous aura. It spread silently between the two. On the next day, Hong Ri gave Bai Jue’s order to teach Ancient Cultivation.

The ancients thought that Bai Jue was pretending to be sick. She broke into Bai Jue’s room and looked at Bai Jue whose pulse condition was weak. Only then did she realize that she had misunderstood Bai Jue. Later, when the ancients followed Hongri to practice, she learned from Hongri that Bai Jue was ill because she opened the divine veins for herself, so she took the initiative to follow Hongri to gather medicine and boiled medicated tea for Bai Jue to make up.

After Bai Ju drank the ancient herbal tea, he came to teach the ancient swordsmanship. The ancients didn’t know anything about swordsmanship. Bai Jue taught the ancients hand in hand, staring at the ancient swordsmanship. The two people got along in the eyes of Hong Sun. Hongri believes that although the two seem to be uncomfortable, they actually consider each other very well.

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