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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 18 Recap

Mo Xiaobao said that his parents gave him all these small debts. If Zheng Gan helped him get the account, he would divide him 20%, and Zheng Gan could use the money to open a studio. Zheng Gan all of a sudden Feeling moved, he followed Mo Xiaobao to various shops to owe money. Zheng Qianyi was good at asking for money, and it went smoothly.

When Meng Xixi and Cheng Xin talked about Yang Chenguang’s recent abnormal behavior while shopping, Cheng Xin worried that Yang Chenguang had someone outside. Meng Xixi chose to believe in Yang Chenguang. Cheng Xin reminded her to keep an eye on her. They were walking around, Zheng Gan He called Cheng Xin and said that he would invite everyone to dinner, and Cheng Xin pulled Meng Xixi over. Zheng Qian talked about his plan to open a studio. The studio’s name is Daydream Studio. Mo Xiaobao is very optimistic about Zheng Qian and also said that he would also use his money to invest in Zheng Qian’s studio.

After Mengxixi returned home, Yang Chenguang complained that Mengxixi came back late, and looked down on Zheng Gan’s entrepreneurship, and even wanted Mengxixi to stay away from Yao Jiaren. Mengxixi became a little angry, and Yang Chenguang quickly changed his face and explained that he was with Mengxi at home Xixi. The next day, when Mengxi was carrying a bunch of things home, I saw Yang Chenguang and Mr. Liu hugged downstairs. Mengxi was hit hard, and when she broke down, she called Cheng Xin, and the others learned about it. They all rushed to comfort Mengxue.

While everyone was comforting, Yang Chenguang called Mengxixi. Cheng Xin took the phone and scolded Yang Chenguang, saying that he would go to help Mengxixi pick up his luggage. After hanging up the phone, Yao Jiaren suggested that Mengxixi should not see you for a few days. Yang Chenguang was now living in his own home. Mo Xiaobao suggested that he could live in his own home, but Meng Xixi decided to live in Yao Jiaren’s house.

Cheng Xin saw that Mo Xiaobao was interested in Meng Xi, so she said that he was optimistic about him. Yang Chenguang went back to the company and told Mr. Liu that he had broken up, but Mr. Liu was indifferent and said that he was going to interview a new employee, Xiao K. If Yang Chenguang was okay, he could leave. Yang Chenguang was a little embarrassed and had to leave.

Zheng Qian went to a hotel to ask Manager Liu for an account, but Manager Liu refused to enter and refused to see Zheng Qian. By coincidence, Cheng Xin was invited by this hotel to do an evaluation, so he and Manager Liu picked up the hotel’s faults and deliberately said that he was Seeing that an acquaintance came to ask for the account, Manager Liu quickly called Zheng Qian and said that he would settle the payment for Zheng Qian in the past two days. The two had agreed to meet on the next day, but Manager Liu was called away by an engineering team. Zheng Gan followed Manager Liu to an abandoned warehouse. The engineering team urged Manager Liu to pay off, but Manager Liu kept shitting, but Zheng Qian liked it.

After finding this warehouse, I discussed with the manager, renting the warehouse to him, using the rent to cover the arrears, and helping Manager Liu solve the problem of the arrears of the engineering team. Manager Liu was very grateful to Zheng Qian and said that he would give him a satisfaction. lease contract. After solving the problem of the studio’s address, Zheng Gan couldn’t wait to take Cheng Xin to look at the warehouse and talked about his ideas.

After Meng Xixi and Yang Chenguang broke up, they prepared to live in a rented house, but he had no social experience and was deceived by the renting agency. Mo Xiaobao came to help Mengxixi when he learned of this incident. The incident hit the police station, Mo Xiao Bao was also beaten, but he succeeded in helping Mengxixi get the money back.

Cheng Xin looked at Mo Xiaobao and Mengxixi, and felt that the two would be successful. Cheng Xin deliberately matched the two and persuaded Mengxixi to live in these days. At Mo Xiaobao’s house, he could take care of Mo Xiaobao, but he was a little embarrassed to agree. Kong Hao was a little distressed that he was hacked by the entire network because of the maliciously edited video. Zheng Gan said that he had a way to help him.

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