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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 17 Recap

Yao Jiaren was seen with the ring on her hand during the meeting with her colleagues. Yao Jiaren hurriedly showed off. One of her colleagues was jealous, and deliberately went to take a special lamp for detecting the authenticity of diamonds. As a result, the ring on Yao Jiaren’s hand was found It’s not a real diamond, it just looks like a diamond.

After they left, Yao Jiaren wanted to call and ask Kong Hao. Kong Hao was addicted to games and didn’t notice the phone. Yao Jiaren called Cheng Xin and Cheng Xin listened to her feelings. Not good, so let her come to the hotel where she works to chat. Yao Jiaren feels a little bit that Cheng Xin has begun to be self-reliant, Cheng Xin is a little proud, saying that she feels good to make money, but Yao Jiaren feels that Cheng Xin’s self-reliance is different from their self-reliance in order to survive. Cheng Xin is very firm.

Said that she would fight for Zheng Qian to the end, Yao Jiaren asked why she would forgive Zheng if she received a fake engagement diamond ring. Cheng Xin was very decisive, saying that she could live an ordinary life, but could not accept false romance, and she asked if she would Kong Hao bought a fake diamond ring for Yao Jiaren, but Yao Jiaren denied it because of face.

Zheng Gan deliberately got up early and went to the hotel to pick up Cheng Xin and go home from get off work. Cheng Xin was a little depressed. Although he started to make money, he still couldn’t make up enough money to go to France before the Lyon game. Zheng Gan comforted that he had participated. If the college student entrepreneurship competition can successfully raise funds, he will sponsor Cheng Xin to watch the competition in France. Cheng Xin is very happy, but unfortunately, Zheng Qian failed to get the spot and could not sponsor Cheng Xin. Cheng Xin was a little disappointed, but still comforted Zheng Gan by saying that she could go to the next game.

With that said, Cheng Xin still refused to give up, and began to calculate how much money she had. In order to make up enough money, Cheng Xin decided to put herself All brand-name bags are sold. When Cheng Xin thought of a way to pool the money, Chu Yunfei said that he had booked the air ticket for Cheng Xin and didn’t want her to leave regrets, so Cheng Xin said that the air ticket money should be borrowed from him. Cheng Xin was worried that Zheng Qian would mind, so he told Zheng Qian about the matter, but Zheng Gan wanted to realize Cheng Xin’s wish and let Cheng Xin go.

Cheng Xin went to the airport and found that Chu Yunfei was also at the airport. Chu Yunfei also said that he would also go to the game. When the two of them were waiting for the ticket check, Cheng Xin learned that Zheng Gan lost the investment of Mr. Huang because of Cheng Jianye, and she felt that Zheng Gan suffered. After being wronged, I decided not to go to France now.

When Mengxixi was washing clothes, remembering the smell of perfume on Yang Chenguang’s clothes last time, he picked up his clothes and smelled it again. Yang Chenguang saw some guilty conscience, but was angry with Mengxi, so that she would stop doubting herself.

When Kong Hao was on duty, he encountered Mo Xiaobao collecting the bills at a street restaurant. Kong Hao looked at Mo Xiaobao, who was so sad that he couldn’t get the money, so he offered to help him ask for the money. Mo Xiaobao sat down at the entrance of the store and said that if the boss didn’t pay the money, they would not leave.

Who knew that the boss’s mother suddenly sat next to Kong Hao and framed Kong Hao for beating others, and the boss also started acting. The quarrel drew passers-by onlookers. The passers-by filmed their video. The video was maliciously edited and posted on the Internet. Kong Hao was also complained. The team leader gave Kong Hao a pass and asked Kong Hao to write a copy for inspection. This video was seen by Kong Hao’s parents. Kong Hao thought that Kong Hao was really violent to the old lady, so he scolded Kong Hao.

Yao Jiaren also saw the video, but she didn’t comfort Kong Hao, and kept holding on to Kong Hao buying fake diamond rings. Kong Hao was really tired and turned around and left. Kong’s mother called Zheng Qian for help when she couldn’t find Kong Hao. Everyone found Kong Hao on the school football field. Kong Hao’s parents also rushed past, but Kong Hao refused to go home, only willing to go back with Yao Jiaren. Kong Mu was too angry, but Kong Hao was emotionally unstable and had to let him go first.

Zheng Gan followed Mo Xiaobao to the shop that owed the debt. Not long after Zheng Qian entered the store, he helped Mo Xiaobao get the account. Mo Xiaobao gave out 10,000 yuan to Zheng Gan, saying that he had something to ask him.

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