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Youth Should Be Early 青春须早为 Episode 16 Recap

During Yao Jiaren’s live broadcast, Kong Hao was watching. Yao Jiaren said a few words to Kong Hao when she left the camera to apply makeup. The fans heard him and asked if Yao Jiaren was a boyfriend. Yao Jiaren quickly denied and said Kong Hao was. My brother pretended to deceive fans by pretending to have never been in a relationship. A few days later, Kong Hao took out a ring for Yao Jiaren during the live broadcast and finally pulled Yao Jiaren out of the live broadcast. Yao Jiaren happily ended the live broadcast on the spot and threw himself into Kong Hao’s arms.

Cheng Xin went home to pack her luggage, and formally ran away from home to live in Zheng’s house. She was in a bad mood and wanted Zheng Qian to accompany her, but Zheng Gan wrote a business plan and asked Mr. Huang to meet, and wanted Mr. Huang to give it to herself. Investment. After reading the plan, Mr. Huang admired Zheng Qian’s plan very much, but she wanted to return to the company to discuss investment matters with other shareholders.

After Zheng Qian and Manager Huang received news from Cheng Xin, they learned that Cheng Xin’s card had been stopped by Cheng Jianye. He couldn’t even pay for meals. Zheng Gan hurriedly comforted him and said that he had a good conversation with Huang. , Should be able to get investment, Cheng Xin’s mood has improved a lot.

After Cheng Xin lived in Zheng Gan’s house, he made a mess of Zheng Gan’s room. Jiang Jie specifically asked Zheng Gan to do housework and improve Cheng Xin’s ability to take care of himself in life. Zheng’s father also agreed, but Zheng Gan said that he was himself. I would rather do all the housework than teach my heart to do the housework, but Cheng Xin felt that Jiang Jie made sense, so he really asked Zheng Qian to teach him to do the housework.

As a result, Cheng Xin wiped the floor. Water, cooking, almost fried the kitchen, and finally made a bowl of fried noodles. The government and Jiang Jie came back and tasted the noodles made by Cheng Xin. In order not to discourage Cheng Xin, everyone encouraged Cheng Xin and said she was the first. It was already pretty good this time, and Cheng Xin was very happy.

Before Chu Yunfei met Zheng Qian and Mr. Huang to discuss matters, he deliberately told Cheng Jianye that Zheng Qian and Mr. Huang seemed to have business dealings, and Cheng Jianye called Mr. Huang. Cheng Xin went to see Chu Yunfei for a drink. Chu Yunfei wanted to persuade Cheng Xin and Cheng Jianye to have a good talk, but Cheng Xin saw that her favorite racing car, Ang, was about to make a comeback. She wanted to run a race in France.

Zheng Gan left Chu Yun and flew home. Zheng Gan said that when Mr. Huang’s investment funds arrived, he would take Cheng Xin to France to watch the game. Cheng Xin was very happy. When Zheng Qian and President Huang met the next day, President Huang said that they could add additional investment to Zheng Qian, but there was an additional condition that Zheng Qian and Cheng Xin had to break up, and President Huang confessed that the Cheng Group was putting pressure on her. Zheng Gan was a little helpless, saying that he would not give up Cheng Xin because of this.

As soon as Zheng Gan left, Chu Yunfei approached Zheng Gan and told him to give up Cheng Xin, saying that he could not give Cheng Xin the life that Cheng Xin wanted, Zheng Gan I don’t want to talk to Chu Yunfei anymore. After Zheng Qian went home, he told Cheng Xin that Mr. Huang had not invested in his own business plan. Cheng Xin was a little disappointed, so he said that he would come up with a solution for the ticket.

Cheng Xin went out early and returned late these days. Zheng Gan saw that she was dressed very formally when she went out. After going downstairs, she got in Chu Yunfei’s car. Zheng Gan followed them all the way to a hotel. As soon as they were about to knock on the door, Cheng Xin and Chu Yunfei came out. Cheng Xin told Zheng Qian that she was introduced by Chu Yunfei to be a hotel reviewer. She has rich travel experience and has stayed in many five-star hotels, so she will evaluate the hotel based on her personal experience. Planning to earn enough money to go to France from this job, Zheng Gan met Chu Yunfei after leaving. Chu Yunfei continued to persuade Zheng Gan to give up Cheng Xin, but Zheng Gan said that Chu Yunfei did not understand Cheng Xin at all and thanked him. Chu Yunfei introduced Cheng Xin’s work, and then left.

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