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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 11 Recap

Mei Shiqing caught Xiaowanzi’s retracted hand and gently placed it next to his face. Qiaoyun’s voice suddenly came, and Mei Shiqing quickly fled. Qiaoyun’s words reminded Xiao Maruko that rescuing the princess now is the main task. On the other hand, Si Heng talked about Xiao Er from the shop where Xiao Wanzi and the princess were exchanged, and the mysterious man in black who robbed the prison. Unfortunately Xiao Wanzi had forgotten the face of the mysterious person, but Mei Shiqing offered to take Xiao Wanzi out for a few days. To evoke the memory of Xiaowanzi.

Xiaowanzi happily followed Mei Shiqing on a trip, walking, Mei Shiqing was missing, Xiaowanzi had to search between the pavilions, Mei Changqing used the small balls as bait, and the man in black appeared and tried to take the knife. Assume Little Maruko, the Dark Man appears to confront the man in black. The man in black flies a knife to Xiao Maruko. In order to escape, Xiao Maruk accidentally rolls over and falls off the railing. The Dark Man flies up to save him, and Xiao Maruk is huddled in Dark Man.

In the middle, curiosity arose, and he reached out to uncover the face mask of the night spirit man, and the face of Mei Changqing appeared. Xiao Maruko asked Mei Shiqing how to pretend to be the Night Spirit Man, but Mei Shiqing could only tell the secrets that the two had exchanged in the Qingcheng Tower before, and only then did he confirm the identity of the Night Spirit Man. As for the man in black, now that the grass green snake has been killed, Mei Shiqing had to let Xiaowanzi ask for more blessings.

When Xiao Maruko learned that Mei Shiqing was the Night Spirit Man, she couldn’t help feeling a lot more pleasing to Mei Shiqing, and even started to show her favor to Mei Shiqing. Mei Shiqing proposed to bring Xiaowanzi to practice calligraphy, but Xiaowanzi took the initiative to show off his stunt of painted face and painted Si Heng with painted face. Mei Shiqing still resolutely taught Xiaowanzi to write, and then learn to write his own name. Why didn’t he want to, when he thought of the Night Spirit Man in front of him, Xiao Wanzi was also willing.

In the evening, Xiao Wanzi found that the mechanism on the bedside had moved, and he understood that the Night Spirit Man had been dispatched again. Xiao Wanzi followed Mei Shiqing to the Ruyi Tower and overheard the conversation with Mei Shiqing. A caravan was about to pass by Qinglong.

After learning that the bandit was about to be dispatched again, Mei Shiqing decided to seize the opportunity to dispatch. Xiaowanzi was discovered overhearing and was picked up by Mei Shiqing. Xiaowanzi couldn’t help asking about the relationship between Ah Ruan and Mei Shiqing. Mei Shiqing reminded himself that the relationship between Xiaowanzi and Xiaowanzi was just a contract. Burst the fantasy bubble of Xiaowanzi.

After Lu Yingyao and He Yizhi discussed the escape plan, Xiaobao was about to go down the mountain, and Lu Yingyao began to twist and practice for Xiaobao, and hoped that Xiaobao would not be injured. Xiaobao took this opportunity to take out the hairpin he bought for Lu Yingyao at the foot of the mountain, Lu Yingyao held it in his hand, and was deeply moved. Xiaobao set off to leave, but the annoying Nan Batian followed, Lu Yingyao still showed a look of fear.

The Night Spirit Man is Mei Shiqing, Xiao Wanzi now hates the Night Spirit Man together, and he is entangled with this relationship in his heart. I happened to meet Situ Lin on the street, Xiao Wanzi murmured his entanglement, Situ Lin used an example to enlighten him, Xiao Wanzi decided to cut the mess with a sharp knife.

Mei Shiqing told Mei Changyun of the information he had, but Mei Changyun thought that Mei Shiqing was very impatient and unsuitable for battle. Mei Shiqing was so angry that Xiao Wanzi walked in again. Speaking that the relationship between the two was indeed a contractual relationship, Xiao Wanzi decided to return all the cloak and bracelet she received, but Mei Shiqing is now I didn’t care about this, so I told Xiaowanzi to wait until he came back. Xiaowanzi had to ask Si Heng…

Xiaobao led people to stop Wang Biao’s motorcade, and the two sides went to war again. When the fight was stalemate, Eidolon suddenly appeared.

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