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Truth or Dare 花好月又圆 Episode 10 Recap

Qiaoyun opened his mouth and pointed out why Si Heng put down his sword angrily. Several people converged in the room. He Yizhi offered to take the initiative to help save Master Xiao Bao. Xiao Maruko told her several days of observation, and now he has found a convenient way out. Later, Xiao Wanzi took He Yizhi into the dungeon under the guise of delivering meals. Xiao Wanzi quibbled in front, and He Yizhi stunned people behind.

When everyone was resolved, Xiao Wanzi pretended to sleep in place, Xiaobao watched. When He Yizhi was overjoyed, the first thing he did when he went out was to show off to Mei Shiqing first, and then he left under He Yizhi’s persuasion. Mei Shiqing thought that there must be a spy in the Mei Mansion, and began to call people. After hearing that the two had left for a while, Mei Shiqing got up to answer Mei Shiqing. Mei Shiqing’s first reaction was to ask whether Xiaowanzi was injured. Xiao Wanzi shook his head and went out to see how He Yizhi and the others were responding.

As soon as He Yizhi got out of prison, He Yizhi ran around, causing He Yizhi to lose his direction, make a mistake in the door, and start to greet the cymbals indiscriminately. There was also a man in black who opened the door for the two of them. Hua did not ask any more, and walked out of Mei Mansion with Xiao Bao. On the other side, Wu Ye and others had accepted Nan Batian’s order to rescue Xiao Bao, but they were resting under the mountain, and had no intention of saving him.

He Yizhi came forward with a carriage, and Xiao Bao had already drunk at this time. The drug in the wine passed out. The fifth master saw through the panic in He Yizhi’s eyes and ordered the carriage to be cut off. Sure enough, he saw Xiaobao in the haystack, so he captured He Yizhi. Several people were about to kill Xiaobao and He Yizhi. Unexpectedly, Nan Xiang appeared at this time, called Wu Ye, accused him, and said that he wanted Nan Batian to be fair.

Xiao Wanzi pretended to be frightened by the bandits and attracted the attention of the Mei mansion. Si Heng ordered the city to be closed and searched. Mei Changyun also hurried back. Xiao Wanzi interceded for Mei Shiqing, but the second wife was there. The side was fanning the flames again, dispelling Mei Changyun’s idea of ​​forgiving Mei Shiqing. After the two left, Xiao Wanzi asked about his father’s safety, but he didn’t expect to speak up with Qiaoyun. Only then did Xiao Wanzi realize that the man in black he saw after walking out of the cell was not Qiuhua. There may be other spies, and the two suddenly got goose bumps.

When Lu Yingyao saw Nanxiang and his party hurriedly chased after him, He Yi explained to Lu Yingyao that he wanted to exchange terms, but who knew he met Wu Ye, but now he can only find another way. Nanba Tian held a banquet to celebrate Xiaobao’s safe return. After drinking for three rounds, Xiaobao secretly brought a plate of light dishes to Lu Yingyao. Xiaobao had long known that it was Lu Yingyao who had asked Nan Xiang to help him, but Lu Yingyao changed. He explained that he was afraid of being alone, not because he was worried about Xiaobao, Xiaobao answered, but still looked at Lu Yingyao’s expression and smiled secretly.

Xiao Maruko and Mei Shiqing analyzed the current situation. Xiao Maruko wanted to ask Mei Changyun to release Mei Shiqing, but Mei Shiqing was resolutely unwilling. Xiaowanzi was still unwilling to let the mystery exist, so she could only kneel at Mei Changyun’s door and ask. Mei Changyun originally thought Xiaowanzi could not suffer, but she did not expect Xiaowanzi to kneel all day and night when she saw Xiaowanzi and Mei Shiqing. So good, Mei Changyun was a little happy, and agreed to release Mei Shiqing.

Unexpectedly, when Mei Shiqing saw Xiaowanzi kneeling, the first sentence was still accusing Xiaowanzi. Xiaowanzi was a little unhappy. Mei Shiqing slapped her head, and hugged Xiaowanzi directly and sent it to the room to kneel and hurt her knee medicine. Xiao Wanzi looked at Mei Shiqing’s face seriously taking the medicine and couldn’t help reaching out to touch it. Unexpectedly, when Mei Shiqing looked up, the two looked at each other, Xiao Wanzi’s hand wanted to retract, but Mei Shiqing caught it…

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