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The Secret of Love (2021) 不能恋爱的秘密

The Secret of Love (2021)
Other Title: 不能恋爱的秘密, Bu Neng Lian Ai De Mi Mi, The Secret of Not Falling in Love, The secret of not being in love

Genres: Drama, Suspense, Romance
Tan You Ye
Wang Zi Xuan, Sun Man
Mango TV
Release Date: 
June 16, 2021 – Jul 17, 2021
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  • Liu Yi Chang as Li Jia Shang
  • Yuan Yu Xuan as Mu Xiao / Su Yi
  • Zhang Si Fan as Zheng He
  • Xu Xiao Nuo as Xia Xi Yang
  • Sun Xiao Lun as Luo Man Ni
  • Qian Zhe as Su Xiang Tai

Su Yi loses her memory after getting burnt in a fire accident. In the midst of searching for the truth and her memories, she meets Li Jia Cheng, whom has countless ties to the incident. Li Jia Cheng is considered a steel person with cold personality, having been born into a family that values money and power and without warmth. His destiny has been arranged from birth, work hard on the set target and be the successor of the Li group. The two of them are at odds in the beginning, but gradually form a tactical partnership of equal footing. Su Yi challenges his outlook and beliefs and allows him to break through all obstacles in the path of true love. Source: DramaWiki, sohu

The TV series “The Secret that Cannot Be in Love” is produced by Mango TV and produced by Mango TV. Tang Fan serves as chief producer, Wei Fanrong and Zhou Ke serve as producers, Wang Xiwen and Li Miao serve as executive producers, Tan Youye directs, Liu Yichang, An urban hanging love drama starring Yuan Yuxuan, Zhang Sifan, Xu Xiaonuo, Qian Zhe, and Sun Xiaolun. The drama tells the story of the heroine “Su Yi” (played by Yuan Yuxuan), who lost her memory and ruined her appearance.

In the process of searching for the hidden truth and losing her memory, she hides her identity close to the “Party A’s father” Li Jiashang (Liu Yichang) who is related to the accident. Played), the two flirted with each other during the investigation of the truth, and staged the story of workplace routines and anti-killing.

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