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The Good Times 美好的日子 Episode 22 Recap

Bai Ruoxue said that he would do more to be good to his mother from now on. Qi Xiangqian was very grateful that he could marry such a daughter-in-law with a bad temper. He didn’t know what virtue he had accumulated in his previous life. In 1963, Bai Ruoxue gave birth to her and Qi Xiangqian’s third child, Qi Ziqiang. In the same year, Shengjie and Qiushi’s children were also born. The country’s economy improved that year. In that era of material shortage, everyone had hope in their hearts and passed these difficult days together.

Qi Ziqiang was about two years old and he was still walking unsteadily. Qi’s mother asked Bai Ruoxue to buy some bones and come back to make up for him. Qi Fendou and Kong Weixin do homework together, and Kong Weixin often helps her with tuition. When Yu Deshui bought a radio and came back, Cao De and Ling Se started their phonograph, but Yu Deshui complained about it. The children gathered at Deshui’s house to listen to the radio. Suddenly, the voices of Cao De and his family’s gramophone rang upstairs, and Yu Deshui also turned up the sound louder in annoyance. Kong Weixin volunteered to help tune the radio, saying that he would be a scientist in the future. When the children talked about what they would do when they grew up, Qi Fendou hadn’t figured it out yet. Liu Guiqin teased her to be a daughter-in-law when she grew up to Kong Weixin.

The director hopes that the troupe will arrange modern dramas. Bai Ruoxue confessed that she started her career by acting in traditional dramas and is not so sure about modern characters. The members assigned by the Provincial Opera School came, and Director Li and Bai Ruoxue went to the rehearsal room to take a look. Shi Min’s eyes and singing were very similar to those of Bai Ruoxue when she was young. Director Li was very satisfied, thinking that she would definitely become a pillar of the group in time. Cao Dehe asked Kong Weixin to go to the market to sell rabbit heads, or he would go there himself, Kong Weixin could only agree.

Seeing the opportunity to catch up, Qi Jianshe said that he wanted to go with Kong Weixin. He had been eyeing them a long time ago. Kong Weixin was afraid that others would know that the impact was not good, and Qi Jianshe had to follow him to sell rabbit heads, and threatened to tell He Feng about this to Qi Qiang, otherwise he would let him take the three yuan of his own to buy shares. Cao Dehe agreed and let Kong Weixin take Qi Jianshe to meet the world.

Shi Min was assigned to the troupe with Bai Ruoxue. She decided to become an actor because she had seen her performance when she was a child. She wanted to worship Bai Ruoxue as a teacher, but Bai Ruoxue tactfully refused. Kong Weixin and Qi Jianshe came to the market, and when they found a vacancy, Qi Jianshe began to solicit customers, because they could say that they quickly sold a few kilograms. Bai Ruoxue happened to come to the market to buy groceries, and was puzzled when he saw Qi Jianshe selling rabbit heads over there. Qi Xiangqian was playing basketball when he heard that Qi Jianshe couldn’t find it, so he dropped the ball and went to find someone.

Cao Dehe became anxious because Kong Weixin lost his child. Kong Weixin felt embarrassed. He was a dignified deputy chief of finance but ran to sell rabbit heads. The two were making a noise behind the door. Kong Weixin calmly finished his homework and came in. To be fair and to say that they are intrigued by profit, this is because they did not do the right thing. Cao Dehe and Kong Weixin are well aware of Qi Xiangqian’s temper, and want to explain clearly to him, Kong Weixin proposes to go with them. Qi Xiangqian blows his beard and stares with anger because Qi Jianshe won’t go home. Qi Jianshe was walking on the wall, and Zhao Yongping followed behind to persuade him to go home, but Qi Jianshe was very stubborn and refused to go back.

Qi Fendou yelled out a call from Brother Weixin. Qi Xiangqian was very angry when he heard that his parents were money bags, saying that Cao Dehe and Kong Weixin were staring at the money, and they just came down to hear Qi Xiangqian’s words. , Cao Dehe quarreled with him on the spot. Zhao Yongping asked Zhao Yonggang to find Qi Qiang, and he was here to watch Qi Jianshe. The family came to the tree in a mighty manner, Qi Xiangqian yelled and waited for him to come down to break his leg, and had to climb up the tree. Bai Ruoxue and Qi Mu were so anxious that they didn’t know what to do. Qi Xiangqian just stepped on Zhao Duofu up the wall, and then up the tree. Qi Jianjian fell from the tree when he was afraid. In the hospital, Qi Xiangqian and Qi Jianshe father and son broke a leg each, lying on the hospital bed looking at each other.

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