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The Eternal Love 3 双世宠妃3 Episode 20 Recap

Yun Xiu made an appointment with Mo Fengyang in the name of Qu Xiaotan. He wanted to explain his previous misunderstanding clearly. He didn’t sneak attack on Mo Fengyang, but wanted to give something away. But Mo Fengyang didn’t believe it, and accused Yun Xiu of not keeping his husband and way and going against the rules and regulations. Yun Xiu was so distressed that he came to Qu Xiaotan to complain. Mo Liancheng said that he had a way, but he asked Yun Xiu to tell him what happened on the night of the wedding. Under Qu Xiaotan’s intimidating eyes, Yun Xiu told Mo Liancheng the real situation on the night of the wedding.

Yun Xiu did not wait for the bed, nor did he want to wait for the bed. After Xiao Zhen left, he confessed with Qu Xiaotan that he already had Mo Fengyang in his heart, and the two reached a cooperation. Mo Liancheng hurriedly pulled Qu Xiaotan away. It turned out that Qu Xiaotan misunderstood him because of Xiao Zhen’s words. They were all designed by the emperor! Qu Xiaotan knew that Mo Liancheng was just a vigil, and quickly pulled him to check the wound. Qu Xiaotan said that he felt the Soul Calming Orb, and maybe Mo Liancheng had found the Lingyou Altar, so that the two of them had a way to go back. When the relationship between the two was strong, Yun Xiu ran to interrupt again and said that his matter had not been resolved yet.

With Mo Liancheng’s suggestion, Yun Xiu gave Mo Fengyang a bunch of flowers, but Mo Fengyang became even more angry because of this. Mo Liancheng stuffed flowers to Mo Fengyang, and asked her to make an apology to Yun Xiu first. Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng drank tea leisurely, while Yun Xiu waited hard for Mo Fengyang. Mo Fengyang finally came, and the two hurriedly hid. Mo Fengyang made an appointment with Yun Xiu for a drink, and Yun Xiu readily agreed. Yun Xiu thought he should prepare a valuable gift. He didn’t know what was right. Mo Liancheng told him two words, sincere.

Mo Fengyang and Yun Xiu meet for a drink, and answer all questions. Yun Xiu asked Mo Fengyang how it felt to meet him on the battlefield, and asked what kind of man she likes and what kind of love she yearns for. After learning that she likes elegant and gentle Dongyue men, Yun Xiu sighed and took out herself again.

The two of them drank one glass after another of the wine they prepared, and Mo Fengyang soon fell. Yun Xiu didn’t know whether she was pretending, and he carefully covered her with clothes, and teased the broken hair in her ears. Early the next morning, Yu Hao reported the situation of Yun Xiu and Mo Fengyang with two dark circles under his eyes and Qu Xiaotan and Mo Liancheng. They sighed deeply when they learned that they were only wearing a piece of clothing.

Qu Xiaotan asked Mo Liancheng what kind of woman he liked and what kind of love he longed for. Mo Liancheng had previously had no affection for women because of his amnesia, and had no longing for love. Until she met Qu Xiaotan, she let herself know that only by opening her heart can she get what she wants. The two of them kissed each other sweetly, and then went to sleep together. Mo Fengyang was a little upset when he recalled Yunxiu’s act of giving her clothes last night.

Mo Liancheng came to ask her how she was last night and heard that they were hugging each other. Mo Liancheng and Qu Xiaotan questioned what Yun Xiu’s sneak attack was all about. Yun Xiu explained that he and his brothers were lying in ambush by the river that day, and unexpectedly met Mo Fengyang spreading long hair by the river. I fell into it in an instant. Yun Xiu got Mo Fengyang’s personal items, and has never forgotten her since then.

After that day, Yun Xiu found that Mo Fengyang had a close relationship with him, just like another self in the world. However, the border defense situation was tense at that time. Until now the two countries negotiated, Yun Xiu made the decision to send things and the peace talks to Mo Fengyang, but was misunderstood as a sneak attack. After losing the battle, Yun Xiu was also deprived of his general name. No. sent to and kiss. Yun Xiu took out Mo Fengyang’s sword clasp, and Mo Liancheng immediately thought of a way.

Qu Xiaotan pulled Mo Fengyang out to admire the flowers. Yun Xiu deliberately dropped the sword buckle while pulling Mo Liancheng, and took the opportunity to explain the purpose of the pair of sword buckles and the peace talks with the secret of the box. Mo Fengyang realized that after seeing Angri’s peace talks, she was the one who blamed Yun Xiu. When Mo Fengyang asked Yun Xiu why he wanted to give his sword buckle, Qu Xiaotan blurted out quickly because of peace, singing and pulling Yun Xiu away with Mo Liancheng. Mo Fengyang thought they were weird.

Yun Xiu is still a messenger, so easily confessing that Mo Fengyang would look down on him. In order to win Mo Fengyang’s favor, Qu Xiaotan wanted to dress him as a Dongyue man, but Mo Liancheng did not agree, and the two quarreled. In the end, Yun Xiu chose to do what Qu Xiaotan said. In order to dress him up as a Dongyue man, Jing Xin and Yu Hao worked hard. Mo Liancheng’s Tucao eagle is about to become a peacock, and pleasing others is not more important than being yourself.

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